Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews

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    Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews

    Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews

    Learn to implement real world algorithms in JavaScript and ace your technical interviews

    What you’ll learn

    Learn to quickly implement popular data structures and algorithms
    Crack technical interview easily with real world problem solving techniques
    Understand the core concepts behind Algorithms
    Learn to create real world implementation in JavaScript

    Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews


    Basic knolwedge of JavaScript is required to complete the course


    The most important tool that you can arm yourself with as a programmer is coding algorithms. Algorithms are the building blocks of coding, which means in order to write any program successfully you would need to write your own algorithm.

    As each program grows, you cannot physically write every code for every bit of your website or your program, which is where these algorithms come handy. They are basically a set of rules that you give to the computer to help them solve certain problems. They not only simplify your life as a coder, but also help your computer perform tasks faster and efficiently.

    Starting your journey as a programmer with the right tools in hand is important and this is why we have created this beginners guide to coding algorithms to help you maximize your potential as a programmer.

    In this course, you will start at the very beginning and understand what exactly algorithms are, why they are important, the different types of coding algorithms, how to write algorithms, and even how to implement them into your JavaScript code.

    That’s not all, we will also help you crack the most common interview questions that are asked during a technical round.

    This extensive coding algorithms course aims to help you start at the very beginning and break down the complex programming principles into simple and easy to understand segments. While we cover theory extensively, we do not simply stop there. We also focus on the implementation of the different algorithms, which means that in addition to understanding how to write the code, you will also see the code in action.

    The course will cover various topics such as an overview of Algorithms, how to ace a technical interview on algorithms, different sorting algorithms (Quick sort, Merge Sort, Shell Sort, Heap Sort, etc.), different search algorithms (Linear, Binary), Advance Algorithms (Palindrome, Armstrong and Fibonnaci Sequence), String Manipulation, Trees, Graphs and so much more!

    So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and become a professional programmer!

    Who this course is for:

    Software developers who want to learn implementation of popular algorithms will greatly beneft from this course
    Anyone appearing for job Interviews will also find this course very useful

    Course information :

    h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080 | ENGLISH, aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16 | 6h 02 mn | 536.3 MB
    Instructor: Samy Eduonix

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