AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Full Course

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AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Full Course

AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Full Course

Note : This course will continuously get updated to add new modules in Azure.

Cloud is a moving target and hence any content that is obsolete will removed and new content will be appended right here.

The idea is to make this a full blown Azure course that includes all the aspects of Azure infrastructure including , VM creating, managing networks, Azure AD , monitoring, Security, app deployment, Load balancer , WAF, Autoscaling etc.

This course goes through all of the “Nit and Grit ” needed to take and pass the Microsoft certification exam, and Remember, Its not about just passing the exam.

Its about excelling in your job in Azure.

So you will get pointers to what is exactly done in real life with Azure GUI , PS and Azure CLI.

I had published a course for Microsoft in past and They have all loved what they learnt in that course.

AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Full Course

What you’ll learn

Manage Azure subscriptions and resources.
Implement and manage Azure storage.
Deploy and manage Azure virtual machines.
Configure and manage Azure virtual networks.
Manage Azure identities.


General knowledge of IT architecture.
Basics of Cloud Computing.

What people are saying about 70-533 course :

Paulo de Sousa Ribeiro : The course is excellent.

Beginning with the distribution of the topics of the exam 70-533 (starting with VNETs, ​​which is the basics for understanding the other topics of the course) – explaining all of them in a simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

It was the best course I’ve done so far.

Santosh Kumar : Cant get simpler than this.

explained very well….Thanks

Alex : Very nice course. It takes student in the journey through Azure from A-Z.

All the most important Azure service offerings are explained very well.

In my opinion after the course student will have possibility to expand his/her knowledge about azure in conscious way.Good job, thanks!

The course would be updated with following modules shortly :

Data Protection : Dec 15th 2019

Network Traffic Management : Dec 21st 2019

Azure Active Directory : Dec 22nd 2019

Securing Identities : Dec 22nd 2019

Governance & Compliance : Dec 29th 2019

Data Services : Dec 31st 2019

I wish you all a happy learning and as always I am happy to help and answer your questions.

Stay tuned and I will keep you posted when I have new materials uploaded to this course.

Thank You.

Who this course is for:

IT professionals who want to become Azure administrators
IT professionals preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-103 exam

Course information :

Created by Anand Nednur | Published 12/2019.
Duration: 7.5 hours | 129 Lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 2.3 GB.
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub.

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AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Full Course.

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