CCNP Security Cisco Identify Services Engine SISE 300-715

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    CCNP Security Cisco Identify Services Engine SISE 300-715

    CCNP Security Cisco Identify Services Engine SISE 300-715 CCNP Security Cisco Identify Services Engine SISE 300-715

    8+ Hours of Video Instruction

    CCNP Security Management (SISE) 300-715 Complete Video Course focuses on implementing and configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine for preparation for the SISE 300-715 certification, and providing the necessary skills for real-world deployment scenarios.

    CCNP Security Cisco Identify Services Engine SISE 300-715


    CCNP Security Management (SISE) 300-715 Complete Video Course focuses on a blend of the real-world experience and best practices mixed with the requirements for the CCNP SISE 300-715 exam.

    The goal of the course is to not only cover the objectives for the SISE 300-715, but also provide a solid learning resource for mastering key concepts regarding planning and delivering a Cisco ISE solution.

    Topics include how to develop an ISE architecture; what to consider during the crawl, walk, and run phases of a deployment; and how to support a mature ISE deployment.

    The course walks you through a successful deployment and elaborates on how to avoid common pitfalls.

    The course includes many examples and demos of how to configure the technology, so the viewer can follow along with their own lab to master each concept.

    Topics Include:

    Module 1: ISE Fundamentals
    Module 2: Policies
    Module 3: Device Identification and Onboarding
    Module 4: Compliance and Network Device Control

    About the Instructors

    Joseph Muniz is an architect at Cisco Systems and a security researcher.

    He has extensive experience in designing security solutions and architectures for the top Fortune 500 corporations and the U.S.

    government. Joseph’s current role gives him visibility into the latest trends in cybersecurity, from both leading vendors and customers.

    Examples of Joseph’s research include his RSA talk titled Social Media Deception, which has been quoted by many sources (search for Emily Williams Social Engineering), as well as his articles in PenTest Magazine regarding various security topics.

    Joseph runs The Security Blogger website, a popular resource for security, hacking, and product implementation.

    He is the author and contributor of several publications covering various penetration testing and security topics.

    Joseph has been involved with planning and delivering Cisco NAC appliance and Identity Services Engine deployments for more than 10 years for various types of customers around the world. You can follow Joseph at and @SecureBlogger @SecureBlogger.

    Kevin Tigges is a consulting security engineer at Cisco Systems focusing on large enterprise accounts.

    He has more than 25 years of experience in small and large enterprises designing network and security solutions.

    Kevin worked in the healthcare industry for a number of years and enjoys focusing on helping other healthcare customers understand how Cisco ISE can provide a secure access platform.

    Kevin has deployed ISE as a customer and has a deep understanding of considerations and caveats of a successful deployment.

    In his spare time, he enjoys time with his wife of 28 years, his 2 boys, being outside, and target archery.

    Skill Level

    Learn How To

    Understand ISE architecture, node types, and deployment models
    Understand the fundamentals of network access control and the Cisco ISE offering
    Be able to develop ISE policies for users, guests, BYOD, and headless devices
    Develop deployment strategies for ISE with various third party integrations
    Prepare for the SISE 300-715 certification exam

    Who Should Take This Course

    This course is designed for anybody interested in learning about access control best practices and how to use Cisco Identity Services Engine.

    This includes those looking to study for the SISE 300-715 exam, as well as those responsible for an organization’s security, looking to deploy network access control using Cisco ISE.

    Course Requirements

    Students should have a basic understanding of how networks function including routing and switching concepts.

    Experience with designing and deploying networks is a plus.

    A basic understand of security requirements is also beneficial.

    Lesson Descriptions

    Module 1,

    “ISE fundamentals,” introduces the ISE key concepts you will need to know before moving on to other topics.

    In this course, we will cover the requirements for the SISE exam as well as recommendations and best practices we have learned from deploying ISE for various customers.

    By the end of this module, you should have a general understanding of Cisco ISE core concepts as well as know how to develop a plan to deploy each phase of an ISE engagement.

    Module 2,

    “Policies,” moves into the specifics of how the solution works.

    This module reviews how to build ISE policies, which includes managing identities of users and devices.

    Policies are the essential backbone of an ISE deployment, so having a good understanding of the different types of policies and components is essential to a successful implementation.

    Module 3,

    “Device Identification and Onboarding,” will look at three important deployment concepts that are usually encountered during an ISE deployment.

    First, guest access is covered, and then onto profiling, which is how to fingerprint devices. The module rounds out with BYOD.

    Module 4,

    “Compliance and Network Device Control,” dives into endpoint compliance, and adding and managing network access devices.

    Another term for endpoint compliance is posture, which tends to be part of the later phases of an ISE deployment.

    ISE uses NADs or network devices to enforce policies, so it is important to understand how to add and manage NADs to successfully deploy a ISE solution.

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