100 Leetcode Challenge Coding Interview

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms, and prepare interviews for FAANG companies.
100 Leetcode Challenge Coding Interview
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100 Leetcode Challenge Coding Interview

What you’ll learn

Computer Science
Data Structure
Technical Interview
Coding Interveiw

100 Leetcode Challenge Coding Interview


Basic knowledge of Data Structure
Basic knowledge of one programming language


This course is for all those people who want to learn the basics of data structure and algorithms from the absolute beginner to the Intermediate level. We will use many examples to make the lectures very easy to understand and digest.You don’t really need to have prior knowledge of Data Structure or Algorithm, but a basic prior knowledge of any programming language will be helpful!After going through these 100 Leetcode questions, you will get your foot wet and start trying some “Medium” questions soon. The purpose of this course is to learn fast and give you the confidence to start working on Leetcode questions.Most of these LC questions are EASY level or MEDIUM level with a quick solution. You can get the most out of it by following along. Because Medium question is like few Easy questions combined together. A Hard question is a combination of a few Medium questions. In the future, I will try to make a Medium level of Leetcode for all of you!If you have any questions, please feel free to comment it below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions on me improving the videos and contents, please also let me know, so that I can make better videos in the future. I hope you have a wonderful learning experience here!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Code with me – First 100 Questions

Lecture 2 Symmetric Tree

Lecture 3 Invert Binary Tree

Lecture 4 Merge Two Binary Trees

Lecture 5 Two Sum (Brute Force)

Lecture 6 Two Sum (Hashmap version)

Lecture 7 Contains Duplicate

Lecture 8 Reverse Linked List

Lecture 9 Two Sum II

Lecture 10 Palindrome Linked List

Lecture 11 Valid Palindrome

Lecture 12 Pascal’s Triangle

Lecture 13 N-ary Tree Postorder Traversal

Lecture 14 Binary Tree Inorder Traversal

Lecture 15 N-ary Tree Preorder Treversal

Lecture 16 Palindrome Number

Lecture 17 Reverse Integer

Lecture 18 Minimum Add to Make Parentheses Valid

Lecture 19 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree

Lecture 20 Path Sum

Lecture 21 Binary Search

Lecture 22 Super hard question…

Lecture 23 Odd Even Linked List

Lecture 24 Firest Bad Version

Lecture 25 Backspace String Compare

Lecture 26 Number of Islands

Lecture 27 Linked List Cycle

Lecture 28 Nested List Weight Sum

Lecture 29 Reverse String

Lecture 30 Middle of the Linked List

Lecture 31 Merge Two Sorted Lists

Lecture 32 Robot Return to Origin

Lecture 33 Keys and Rooms

Lecture 34 Squares of a Sorted Array

Lecture 35 Container With Most Water

Lecture 36 3Sum Closest

Lecture 37 Find Largest Value in Each Row

Lecture 38 Binary Tree Pruning

Lecture 39 Hand of Straights

Lecture 40 Divide Array in Sets of K Consecutive Numbers

Lecture 41 Swap Nodes in Pairs

Lecture 42 Find Bottom Left Tree Value

Lecture 43 Partition List

Lecture 44 Binary Tree Right Side View

Lecture 45 Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List

Lecture 46 Jewels and Stones

Lecture 47 Sort List

Lecture 48 Search in a Binary Search Tree

Lecture 49 Peak Index in a Mountain Array

Lecture 50 Sum of Left Leaves

Lecture 51 Reverse Only Letters

Lecture 52 Range Sum of BST

Lecture 53 Univalued Binary Tree

Lecture 54 Distribute Coin In Binary Tree

Lecture 55 Check Completeness of A Binary Tree

Lecture 56 Number of Provinces

Lecture 57 Course Schedule

Lecture 58 Unique Email Addresses

Lecture 59 Unique Morse Code Words

Lecture 60 Sort Array By Parity

Lecture 61 Single Number

Lecture 62 Valid Sudoku

Lecture 63 Self Dividing Numbers

Lecture 64 Array Partition

Lecture 65 Add Two Numbers

Lecture 66 Valid Palindrome

Lecture 67 Convert Binary Search Tree To Sorted Doubly Linked List

Lecture 68 Sort Array By Parity II

Lecture 69 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock

Lecture 70 Transpose Matrix

Lecture 71 Rotate Image

Lecture 72 Spiral Matrix

Lecture 73 Reconstruct itinerary

Lecture 74 Spiral Matrix II

Lecture 75 Minimum Size Subarray Sum

Lecture 76 Word Subsets

Lecture 77 Search A 2D Matrix

Lecture 78 Fizz Buzz

Lecture 79 Rotate String

Lecture 80 Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In String

Lecture 81 Max Consecutive Ones

Lecture 82 License Key Formatting

Lecture 83 Remove Vowels From a String

Lecture 84 Reorder List

Lecture 85 Remove Nth Node From End of List

Lecture 86 Design Tic-Tac-Toe

Lecture 87 Most Common Word

Lecture 88 Next Greater Element I

Lecture 89 Next Greater Element II

Lecture 90 Next Greater Node In Linked List

Lecture 91 Rotate Array

Lecture 92 Sort Colors

Lecture 93 Fibonacci Number

Lecture 94 Min Cost Climbing Stairs

Lecture 95 Find Pivot Index

Lecture 96 Flipping An Image

Lecture 97 Max Consecutive Ones III

Lecture 98 Longest Palindrome

Lecture 99 Remove Linked List Elements

Lecture 100 Valid Parentheses

Lecture 101 Valid Anagram

Who is interested in crashing the technical interview,Who is interested in learning the algorithm,Who is interested in learning data structure

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