15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Balance Challenge

Improve your balance, proprioception, body awareness, focus and concentration in 15 minutes a day.
15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Balance Challenge
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Abi Carver


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15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Balance Challenge

What you’ll learn

Improve balance and proprioception (the sense of where your body is in space).
Increase your body control and accuracy of movement.
Enhance your coordination.
Increase your body awareness.
Strengthen your feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips.
Stabilize your core.
Improve your posture.
Reduce your risk of injury.
Build your determination and perseverance.
Enhance your focus and concentration.
Quiet and sharpen your mind.

15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Balance Challenge


This course is suitable for beginner/intermediate yogis and is not appropriate if you are suffering from injury.


Do you struggle with your balance? Are you looking to take your yoga to the next level? Do you want to incorporate fun and challenging, bitesize yoga sessions into your day?In this 15-day online yoga course, world-renowned yoga instructor, founder of Yoga 15, and athlete Abi Carver, teaches you the poses and sequences you need to improve your balance and body awareness skills.In yoga, we train balance with one-legged standing poses, arm balances and advanced twists. We hold these postures for 2-3 breaths each and sequence them together into dynamic flows. In this course, you will learn them all, so that you too can be a Balancing Master!!The benefits of balance training:Our daily lives are increasingly complex, and training balance can help in many ways beyond the physical. Studies have shown that balance training can lead to benefits for your brain as well!Balance training strengthens networks in the brain that control mental efficiency, improving concentration, focus and alertness.Enhances coordination, body control and agility by speeding up neuromuscular communication.Improves the ability of the muscles to react quickly and precisely.Improves the integration of sensorimotor control from visual, proprioceptive, vestibular, and motor inputs.Demands full concentration and the dropping of extraneous thoughts, which quiets the mind.Requires determination and perseverance, which builds mental resilience.Advantages of training balance with yoga:Yoga offers a variety of complex movements and poses to incorporate into your balance training.In yoga, we practice static-hold as well as dynamic-flow balance sequences.Practicing barefoot enhances the effectiveness of the mechanoreceptors in your feet. These mechanoreceptors pick up subtle sensations as your balance shifts, making your movements more accurate and precise.In yoga, we practice drishti or ‘focused gaze’ in balance poses. Using the drishti, much like the breath, enhances concentration and focus.Practicing balancing sequences increases your confidence to try more difficult poses and take on new challenges.Testimonials“Really like this course, I can feel how I ve improved on balance! It’s not my first with Abi and I love her lessons! Totally recommend it” Lucía Pérez De La Rubia“Skill of the instructor, thought that went into ho to shoot the videos & the clarity of the narration are all superior to most other available yoga/Pilates courses” Murray Hofmeyr Craib“This was my first yoga course and Abi made the experience so delightful that I enrolled at all the other courses she delivers. I always read the handouts carefully and find them very helpful.” Khadija Jafarova”Me gusto mucho, empieza fácil y le va subiendo de intensidad, en general muy muy bueno. I like it so much, In the begin it was easy, but it continues growing in difficult.” N Cárdenas”Another amazing course by Abi. Having completed the other yoga courses in the series, the balance challenge is the most difficult. I’m seeing improvements in my strength and balance as I move through the course. I can’t wait to go back and restart the course to continuously push my body. Highly recommend this to beginners. I like Abi’s approach to teaching yoga, with simple names for the poses and emphasis on the muscles you’re working on, no frills. Keep up with the excellent, excellent work Abi!” Adelyn”This was my first yoga course and Abi made the experience so delightful that I enrolled at all the other courses she delivers. I always read the handouts carefully and find them very helpful. HOW TO CREATE A YOGA HABIT is not only about yoga but any other habit we wish to develop in us. The instructions are very clear and the pace of the lessons are just right to feel challenged and at the same time enjoy the new movements and become stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed. I’ve recommended it to all my friends.” Khadija Jafarova


Section 1: Body Control

Lecture 1 Balancing Foundations

Lecture 2 Core Stability

Lecture 3 Body Control

Section 2: Mental Focus

Lecture 4 Neuromuscular Coordination

Lecture 5 Correct Alignment

Lecture 6 Balance Training

Section 3: Playing With Gravity

Lecture 7 Meditative Balance

Lecture 8 Balance Rotations

Lecture 9 Transitional Balance

Section 4: Strength And Stability

Lecture 10 Joint Strength

Lecture 11 Balance Skills

Lecture 12 Stabilisation

Section 5: Precision And Agility

Lecture 13 Mental Efficiency

Lecture 14 Agility

Lecture 15 Eyes Closed

Men and women hoping to take their yoga and balance skills to the next level.,Unsuitable if you are suffering from injury.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 45m | 4.80 GB
Created by: Abi Carver

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