2 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional

Baking the best bread means baking real Sourdough Bread. NO KNEAD bread – video baking classes in your own home.
2 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional
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Teresa L Greenway


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2 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional

What you’ll learn

Amaze family and friends with a real loaf of crusty, holey sourdough bread.
Make and take care of your own sourdough starter.
Learn how to fold dough instead of kneading.
Understand fermentation, hydration, autolyse and other baking terms and how they apply to baking sourdough bread.
Have the resources necessary to leap into the amazing fun hobby of Old World Artisan bread baking.
Discover how to bake hearth loaves in your own home oven.
Rediscover how really great bread is supposed to taste and why it was originally called the staff of life.
Learn that real long fermented bread is more easily digested by those with gluten intolerance, diabetes and other digestive issues.
Bake a variety of different artisan sourdough breads.
Learn to bake a loaf with a crispy blistered crust and holey crumb.

2 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional


Just bring your desire for a great tasting, crusty, chewy loaf of sourdough bread and we’ll dive into the rest.


Edited: Course Updated September 2019Student Reviews: “This course and instructor are heaven sent….I joined this course after wanting to “do” sourdough for many, many years. I am so thrilled with the clarity and completeness of the content, as well as the ready presence and engaged feedback from the instructor Teresa L. Greenway. I highly recommend this course, and will be eagerly investigating any other offerings from this instructor. I am still working through the materials at my own pace, which is another benefit of using this teaching/learning platform.”And: “I am very excited to be taking these baking classes, there is nothing like sinking your teeth into a crusty loaf of Sourdough. Teresa is very knowledgeable, and has a passion for baking with sourdough. It is slow enough for a beginner, contains enough information to make a person a competent baker.”        Have you ever wondered how anyone can bake authentic sourdough bread? You know the kind of bread I’m talking about, with its crispy, crunchy crust, sour chewy crumb and amazing flavor. How do they do that? Well you can bake real sourdough bread in your own home oven, just like the pros do. I will show you how, step by step, it’s easy and fun. You will amaze your family and friends. No one will be able to bake a loaf like you can!By taking this baking course you will have a better understanding of How to mix and shape doughHow to handle sticky, wet doughLearn ways to get a crispy, blistered crustWhat one thing is absolutely necessary for a great crustHow to get large holey crumb How to develop dough without kneading itWhy measurements are importantHow to make your own sourdough starterWhat pre-ferments and motherdough are and how to use them.Learn to slash/score the doughHow to follow a formula.What baking equipment you might need for baking hearth loavesAnd lots more!You will get answers to questions like: How can I get those large holes in the crumb? How do I take care of a sourdough starter? Can I make the crust shiny? How can I get those blisters on the crust? Can I really bake professional sourdough in my own oven?        When you are finished with this baking course you will be able to mix, fold, proof, score, steam and bake a loaf of authentic sourdough bread.          You will have a better understanding of dough hydration, fermentation, gluten development, baker’s percent and where to find resources to join other home bakers who are passionate about home baking real sourdough too.          Best of all you will be able to astound your family and friends with an amazing loaf of real sourdough that you baked yourself, in your own home oven.          It will take two weeks to make your own stable sourdough starter or  you can purchase one online. While getting your starter going, you will learn a short history of sourdough and go over some of the basic techniques including hydration and measuring. Once your starter is stable, we will begin with an Alaskan sourdough and then branch out to wetter high hydration dough like Ciabatta and Tyra Loaf (which includes motherdough). After that we go on to Blistered Crust Sourdough and a mixed whole grain and white loaf called March Madness Sourdough.  We’ll even tackle a challenging 100% whole wheat loaf at 100% hydration and Chubby baguettes, which are featured on the course landing page. There are also some sourdough dessert formulas including Forbidden Sourdough Chocolate Cake and Ginger Cake. Several additional formulas and other resources for baking real artisan sourdough are included and I will be adding additional lectures and formulas in the future.This is a self paced course with no pressure and instructor support when you have any questions. Come on and join us!!


Section 1: Introduction – Let’s Cut to the Chase – The Basics

Lecture 1 Introduction – Hello!

Lecture 2 Make Your Own Sourdough Starter! It’s Easy!

Lecture 3 Follow Making Your Own Sourdough Starter by Video

Lecture 4 An Overview of the Technique of Sourdough Baking

Section 2: The Basics

Lecture 5 The Basics –

Lecture 6 Baking Equipment for the Home Baker

Lecture 7 About Measuring

Lecture 8 Some Common Ingredients Used for Sourdough Baking

Section 3: Let’s Bake Some Bread!

Lecture 9 Alaska Sourdough Formula

Lecture 10 Scaling the Ingredients and Mixing the Dough

Lecture 11 Bulk Ferment and Dough Folding

Lecture 12 Second Dough Folding

Lecture 13 Weigh and Shape the Dough

Lecture 14 Shaping and Retarding the Dough

Lecture 15 Final Proof

Lecture 16 Make Your Own Lame (Dough Scoring Tool)

Lecture 17 Scoring or Slashing Your Dough

Lecture 18 Baking with Steam – Roasting Pan Method

Lecture 19 Baking Your Masterpiece – First Loaf

Lecture 20 Baking Your Masterpiece – Next Loaf

Lecture 21 Finished Alaskan Sourdough Loaves

Lecture 22 Alternate Crust Technique – Glaze

Lecture 23 Hydration and Dough – What Does it Mean?

Lecture 24 Review of Sourdough Techniques and a HEADS UP!!!

Section 4: The Next Step – More Advanced Techniques

Lecture 25 Autolyse – What is That?

Lecture 26 Let’s Make Some Motherdough Pre-Ferment

Lecture 27 Let’s Bake with Motherdough – Tyra Loaf Formula

Lecture 28 Mixing the Dough – Tyra Loaf

Lecture 29 Bulk Ferment and Folding – Tyra Loaf

Lecture 30 Shaping the Dough – Tyra Loaf

Lecture 31 Scoring and Baking – Tyra Loaf

Lecture 32 Cleaning and Storing Bannetons

Lecture 33 Blistered Crust Sourdough Formula (Potato Water Sourdough)

Lecture 34 Mixing the Dough – Blistered Crust Sourdough

Lecture 35 Autolyse, Bulk Fermentation and Folding the Dough

Lecture 36 Blister Crust Shape the Dough

Lecture 37 Blister Crust Final Proof

Lecture 38 Blister Crust Sourdough – Baking the Bread

Section 5: High Hydration Dough – More Difficult Breads to Challenge You

Lecture 39 Ciabatta Bread – The Formula

Lecture 40 Ciabatta – Mixing the Dough

Lecture 41 Ciabatta Bread – Double Hydration

Lecture 42 Ciabatta Bread – Folding and Fermenting

Lecture 43 Ciabatta Bread – Shaping

Lecture 44 Ciabatta Bread – Baking the Bread

Lecture 45 Ciabatta Bread – Finished Loaves

Lecture 46 March Madness Sourdough – The Formula

Lecture 47 March Madness Sourdough – Mix the Dough

Lecture 48 March Madness Sourdough – Bulk Ferment and Folding

Lecture 49 March Madness Sourdough – Divide and Shape the Loaves.

Lecture 50 March Madness Sourdough – Final Proof

Lecture 51 March Madness Sourdough – Prepare and Bake Loaf 1

Lecture 52 March Madness Sourdough – Scoring and Baking Loaf 2

Lecture 53 March Madness Sourdough – Finished Loaves

Section 6: Using More Whole Grains

Lecture 54 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Formula

Lecture 55 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Mix the Dough

Lecture 56 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Bulk Ferment and Fold

Lecture 57 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough – Shape the Dough

Lecture 58 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough – Final Proof the Dough

Lecture 59 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough – Score and Bake

Lecture 60 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough – Score and Bake Loaf 2

Lecture 61 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough – Finished Loaves

Section 7: Chubby Baguettes – More Sourdough Fun!

Lecture 62 Chubby Baguette Formula

Lecture 63 Baguettes – Mix the Dough

Lecture 64 Baguettes – Autolyse and Fold

Lecture 65 Baguettes – Pre-shape the Dough

Lecture 66 Baguettes – Final Shaping

Lecture 67 Baguettes – Scoring

Lecture 68 Baguettes – Baking

Lecture 69 Finished Baguette Loaves

Section 8: Sourdough Desserts

Lecture 70 Formula for Forbidden Sourdough Chocolate Cake – It’s to Die For!

Lecture 71 Mixing the Batter for the Cake

Lecture 72 Mixing the Batter Part 2 and Bake

Lecture 73 Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting Formula

Lecture 74 Whipped Cream Chocolate Frosting and the Finished Cake

Lecture 75 Bake Up Some Sourdough Ginger Cake! Here’s the Formula.

Lecture 76 Sourdough Ginger Cake Part 1

Lecture 77 Ginger Cake Part 2

Lecture 78 Ginger Cake Part 3

Section 9: More Baking Information

Lecture 79 A Very Short History of Bread.

Lecture 80 Desired Dough Temperature for the Home Baker

Lecture 81 What Are Pre-Ferments?

Lecture 82 Baker’s Lingo or a Baker’s Glossary

Section 10: Completion and Resources

Lecture 83 Resource Section for All Downloads and Links

Lecture 84 Course Completion – Thank you!

Lecture 85 BONUS

This course is for the beginning or intermediate baker with basic baking knowledge and kitchen skills. It is also for the experienced baker who wishes to take a refresher on baking real sourdough.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 13m | 6.63 GB
Created by: Teresa L Greenway

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