2 Hour Design Sprints

Learn how to solve problems and design products in just 2 hours vs. 5 days using Figma FigJam
2 Hour Design Sprints
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Teresa Cain | #1 Bestselling Author | Executive MBA | MS in Innovation


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2 Hour Design Sprints

What you’ll learn

Understand the value and advantages of 2 hour design sprints
Learn when to use 2 hour vs 5 day design sprints
Become an expert on Figma FigJam for design sprints
Learn how to validate roadmap features quicker and get stakeholder buy-in
Learn how to conduct a 2 hour design sprint as a product manager, researcher, designer or engineer
Learn how to accelerate solutions for your clients using Agile methods

2 Hour Design Sprints


Passion for solving problems faster and more efficiently


Requirements:You’ll need an account with Figma FigJam. A free plan is available.No previous design sprint, design thinking, UX research or UX Design/UI Design experience is needed. No previous Figma FigJam skills or design experience required. No previous experience conducting or participating in design sprints. Description:Hi, I’m Teresa Cain, an award winning author, speaker and expert on design sprints and wasn’t to introduce you to concept of 2 hour design sprints. Many organizations have based their own design thinking process from Stanford’s Design Thinking Method or using Google and Jake Knapp’s 5 Day process from the book “Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days”. However, 5 day design sprints have had its challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic including the ability to conduct a remote design sprint using the same process effectively, loss of productive time and the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in one room. The adaptation of technology firms to 2 hour design sprints teaches organizations, product managers, researchers and designers how to adapt to a 2 hour process derived from design thinking and design sprint methods to increase the frequency and speed of solving small and medium problems whether virtual or in-person, while still using the 5 day design sprint method to solve large or complex problems. I spent over 36 months teaching, testing and implementing this concept at organizations and conferences around the world, and released a #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release book in Business Technology Innovation on Amazon called Solving Problems in 2 Hours: How to Brainstorm and Create Solutions with Two Hour Design Sprints on what I learned and how organizations can succeed using shorter design sprint methods. I created an on-demand training in Udemy for UX researchers, product managers, designers or any organization looking to keep their roadmap on track or get ahead of competitors by using problem solving techniques that allow you to solution and implement features faster. 2 hour design sprints can help teams deliver value driven features to clients faster by simplifying traditional methods. Learn how 2 hour design sprints can help you accelerate your product roadmap today. Learn:The benefits of a 2 hour design sprintWhen to use 2 hour design vs 5 day design sprintsHow to execute a 2 hour design sprint using Figma FigJamHow to solve problems at your organization using 2 hour design sprintsHow to moderate a 2 hour design sprint as a product manager, researcher, designer or engineerHow to validate roadmap features quicker and get stakeholder buy-inHow to train your team to run design sprints in Figma FigJamWhat’s Included:Receive the tools and a step-by-step instruction on running your own 2 hour design sprint:Over 90 minutes of Training Videos2 hour design sprint templateDemonstration on how to setup and conduct a 2 hour design sprintResources, tips and tools Who this Course is for:Anyone who wants to start using Figma FigJam as a collaborative whiteboard tool for workshopsAnyone who writes user stories or requirements for a backlogAnyone who wants to solve problems for their customers or usersAnyone who conducts user research or usability testingAnyone who is in the field of user experience, product manager and UI UX DesignAimed at those who have not conducted design sprints, conducted design sprints, or would like to use a new method to accelerate user feedback and integrated design methods


Section 1: Benefits of 2 Hour Design Sprints vs. 5 Day Design Sprints

Lecture 1 Welcome & Introduction

Lecture 2 Design Thinking vs. Design Sprints

Lecture 3 Evolution of the Design Sprint

Lecture 4 5 Day Design Sprint Challenges

Lecture 5 5 Day Design Sprint Schedule

Lecture 6 2 Hour Design Sprint Schedule

Lecture 7 When to use a 5 Day vs. 2 Hour Design Sprint

Section 2: 2 Hour Design Sprint Method

Lecture 8 A Hybrid Methodology

Lecture 9 Stage 1 Empathize with Customers

Lecture 10 Stage 2 Explore the Problem

Lecture 11 Stage 3 Ideate Solutions

Lecture 12 After the 2 Hour Design Sprint

Section 3: 2 Hour Design Sprint Prep

Lecture 13 Define User Personas

Lecture 14 Create a Stakeholder List

Section 4: Using Figma FigJam to Setup Your 2 Hour Design Sprint Whiteboard

Lecture 15 Figma FigJam 2 Hour Design Sprint Template

Lecture 16 Getting Started with Figma FigJam

Lecture 17 Pre-Work Before the 2 Hour Design Sprint

Lecture 18 Agenda, Problem Statement, Goals, Personas and Parking Lot

Lecture 19 Stage 1 Empathize with Customers

Lecture 20 Stage 2 Explore the Problem

Lecture 21 Stage 3 Ideate Solutions

Lecture 22 Post-Work After the 2 Hour Design Sprint

Section 5: 2 Hour Design Sprint Post-Workshop Use Cases

Lecture 23 Use Case 1: Redesigning Home Screen Screen Navigation

Section 6: Final Takeaways

Lecture 24 Schedule & Conduct Your 2 Hour Design Sprint!

Lecture 25 Key Takeaways

Product Managers,User Experience Designers,UX Researchers,Design Managers,Scrum Masters,Start-up founders,Entrepreneurs,Business Professionals

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 49m | 945.97 MB
Created by: Teresa Cain | #1 Bestselling Author | Executive MBA | MS in Innovation

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