2 Lines Forex Strategy

Most easiest way to win the forex market
2 Lines Forex Strategy
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2 Lines Forex Strategy

What you’ll learn

Simplest Forex Trading Strategy
How the market works?
How the good trade looks like?
How to be in the profits always?
How to convert losing trades into profits?

2 Lines Forex Strategy


Must need to understand English language.
You must need to have basic information of how to use mt4 and place a trade etc.


This course is designed for everyone who is struggling with Forex market. In this course, you are going to learn most simple strategy in which we just use 2 lines on the naked chart and place our pending order trades. In this strategy, you are going to learn at least 1:2 (risk:reward) which mean if we risk 1%, we are going to make at least 2%.This course covers the major part of main Forex strategy and the money management. The money management part includes a special secret which even converts lost trades into winning trades.You will learn:1- How to get the overall view of the market structure and understand what actually the market is doing?2- How to check and mark the strong levels?3- How to mark the potential zones or points where the potential profits are expected?4- How to be winning the market maximum times by using the strong money management.5- How to convert your even lost trades into winning trades?In short, this is all in 1 course for those who are finding a nice strategy to win the Forex market.I can guarantee that after mastering this method, you are going to be successful in this market.You do not need thousands of dollars to invest to be able to successful. Just use your already invested amount with this strategy, keep progressing slowly and at the end, you will find yourself doing Forex trading full time.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Drawing major level.

Lecture 2 Understanding the Market.

Lecture 3 Getting the chart ready for Trading.

Section 2: Getting started with Main Strategy…

Lecture 4 Drawing 2 lines…

Lecture 5 Completing the strategy with examples…

Lecture 6 Converting the losing trades into winning trades…

Everyone (Beginner to Professional)

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Created by: Hamza Saeed

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