200 PLSQL Interview Questions

Prepare for an PL/SQL Developer Interview with these 200+ Real World PL/SQL Questions and Practical Answers
200 PLSQL Interview Questions
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200 PLSQL Interview Questions

What you’ll learn

Students will be able refresh their PL/SQL knowledge and will be in a position to answer the most commonly asked PL/SQL Interview questions.

200 PLSQL Interview Questions


Students need to have enough knowledge in PL/SQL before starting this course.
Have a notebook and pen in your hand to take the notes of important points


Are you ready for your PL/SQL Developer Interview?
I have about 15+ years of experience in the Database world and have Interviewed 100’s of PL/SQL Developers in my 15+ years span.

Learning how to answer the PL/SQL interview questions is a powerful skill which can make the difference between getting hired or not.

I have used all my experience to put together this 200+ Real World PL/SQL Questions and Practical Answers.
I want to help each one of you to succeed in the PL/SQL Job Interview. As part of this, I am providing an opportunity to conduct a Mock Interview to each one of my students.
Become confident and ready to answer the most common PL/SQL interview questions asked during any PL/SQL Developer interview using the points and tips presented in this course.

Nowadays the competition for one job is quite high, many candidates for the same position, so if you want to get hired you cannot afford not being prepared to present yourself as the best fit candidate.
How to answer to the interview questions is one of the area where you can prepare the best, especially when it comes to the most common PL/SQL interview questions because this questions are asked during all job interviews.
By the end of this course, you will know all the great secrets to answer the most common PL/SQL interview questions during any job interview. We will analyse each question and make sure you include in your answer just what is important to present yourself as the best fit candidate.

Are you ready to prepare the best 200+ answers to the most common PL/SQL interview questions?
Take this course and join other 14000+ happy students who learnt to nail any job interview!
See you inside the course!


Lecture 1 Welcome!!!!

Lecture 2 How to make best use of the program.

Lecture 3 Mock Interview!!!

Section 1: Basic PL/SQL Interview Questions

Lecture 4 Basic Interview Questions

Section 2: PL/SQL Interview Questions on Procedures,Functions and Packages

Lecture 5 Procedures, Functions and Packages Part 1

Lecture 6 Procedures, Functions and Packages Part 2

Lecture 7 Procedures, Functions and Packages Part 3

Lecture 8 Procedures, Functions and Packages Part 4

Lecture 9 Procedures, Functions and Packages Part 5

Lecture 10 Overloading

Section 3: PL/SQL Interview questions on Dynamic SQL

Lecture 11 Dynamic SQL Part 1

Lecture 12 Dynamic SQL Part 2

Section 4: PL/SQL Interview Questions for Cursors

Lecture 13 Cursors Part 1

Lecture 14 Cursors Part 2

Lecture 15 Cursors Part 3

Section 5: PL/SQL Interview Questions for Collections

Lecture 16 Collections Part 1

Lecture 17 Collections Part 2

Section 6: PL/SQL Interview Questions for Exceptions

Lecture 18 Exceptions Part 1

Lecture 19 Exceptions Part 2

Lecture 20 Exceptions Part 3

Section 7: PL/SQL Interview questions for Triggers

Lecture 21 Triggers Part 1

Lecture 22 Triggers Part 2

Section 8: PL/SQL Interview questions on Bulk Processing

Lecture 23 Bulk Processing

This course is meant for PL/SQL Developers who are preparing for a PL/SQL Developer job interview,This course is not meant for Students who want to learn PL/SQL.

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Created by: Amarnath Reddy

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