2022 Cyber Security Guidelines for Organizational Users

ISO 27001 Cyber Security Guidelines to stay Safe & Secure online for Users in Office, Working-From-Home or Roaming Users
2022 Cyber Security Guidelines for Organizational Users
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2022 Cyber Security Guidelines for Organizational Users

What you’ll learn

Learn all Security Guidelines for various channels to avoid Hacking and Compromise of Data, Accounts and Assets.
Get an idea of the ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System Security Framework
Instantly Learn how to stay Safe on the Internet and do not fall prey to Hacks and Avoid Account Compromise
Get guidelines to handle Company Data, Personal Data, Company Assets, Accounts and Credentials

2022 Cyber Security Guidelines for Organizational Users


Interest to know basics of ISO 27001 ISMS Framework
Interest to know about Cyber Security & Data Protection


This Course starts with a brief discussion on recent Security incidents that have occurred globally, will give an idea how these attacks are unfolded and how exactly a User lands himself in various scenarios leading to Account /Data / Asset or Process compromise.This Course is built on the skeleton of ISO/IEC -27001 Information Security Management System framework which constitutes of various process for Data Protection, Asset Management, Physical Access and Business Continuity Protocols.  This Course is designed for the Organizational Users (IT & Non-IT Employees) working from Office, Remotely working from Home & Employees working through various locations who may be constantly on move as a part of their duties. This course provides Security Guidelines to protect the Company Data, Accounts & Credentials and Physical Assets which they use to access Company Data and Resources. Upon successful completion, the Users will be more aware of how to use Company resources like Email, Laptop, Company Data etc. and avoid falling prey to various Security Attack and compromises. This course can be also treated as Human Resources Training that can be offered to New joiners during the Induction to make them aware of the Company security Policies and make them aware of the ISO 27001 ISMS Framework guidelines. Few Ratings Here *****Very well made slide, especially it will be of great help to entry and mid level professional to get the overall insight and help to learn new terminology….Excellent course worth spending 1.5 hours *****I am working in Security Domain and participated in multiple compliance exercise. I can tell from my experience this is the most detailed explanation I have ever found.. Super recommended for everyone.. *****Very informative and useful for organization users/anyone who is using web *****The course content and delivery of the same is extremely good and of great value. Really helpful *****very good


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to ISO/ISEC 27001 Security Guidelines for Organization Users

Lecture 2 Course Topics & Agenda

Section 2: Recent Global Security Hacks and Incidents

Lecture 3 Extent of Damage for a Hack

Lecture 4 Supply Chain Attack

Lecture 5 Scams and Frauds Exploiting Current Affairs

Lecture 6 Phone Call Frauds

Lecture 7 Insider Threats

Lecture 8 Bitcoin Mining Hacks

Lecture 9 Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB)

Lecture 10 Dark Web Brief

Section 3: Email Account Hack Check

Lecture 11 Check If your email is Hacked / Pawned

Lecture 12 Oh no !! Pawned – What happens next?

Lecture 13 Sample Phishing Emails & How Hacking Unfolds

Section 4: What is ISO/IEC 27001 ?

Lecture 14 ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS ~ Brief

Section 5: Stay Safe over the Web

Lecture 15 Safe Web Browsing Guidelines

Lecture 16 Safe Email Usage Guidelines

Section 6: Password Management

Lecture 17 Password Management Guidelines

Section 7: Have a Clean Chit

Lecture 18 Clear Desk and Clear Screen Guidelines

Section 8: Physical Access and Security

Lecture 19 Physical Access Guidelines

Lecture 20 Visitor Management Guidelines

Section 9: Data Protection & Privacy

Lecture 21 CIA – Confidentiality – Integrity – Accountability Triad

Lecture 22 Company & Personal Data Protection Guidelines

Section 10: Asset Management

Lecture 23 Asset Management Guidelines

Section 11: Course Wrap Up

Lecture 24 Thank You

All Organizational (IT & Non-IT) Users,Employees working from Home in this COVID-19 Pandemic scenario.,Employees – On the Move or Remote Employees or Travelling Employees.,Employees working from Office Locations

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 23m | 530.19 MB
Created by: Amit Upadhyay

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