2022 Master Microsoft Office POWERPOINT AZ AnimationPPT

Learn MS Office Power Point Presentation (PPT) 365 From Beginner To Advanced | PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016
2022 Master Microsoft Office POWERPOINT AZ AnimationPPT
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2022 Master Microsoft Office POWERPOINT AZ AnimationPPT

What you’ll learn

Learn and Design Amazing PowerPoint Slides that wow your customers or colleagues!!
Build PowerPoint Projects to take you to the next level
Short cuts that will save you time
Think out of box with amazing animation possibilities inside PowerPoint
Turn a boring presentation into a sensational one
Use of every tool
Understand When Why and How to use PowerPoint to create amazing designs
Learn how to become a master or a guru of PowerPoint Software.
Essentials of an awesome design and how to be a Boss at designing your own content
Create Templates that sell
Be the best version of yourself at PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2013
PowerPoint 2019
PowerPoint 2016
PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint 365

2022 Master Microsoft Office POWERPOINT AZ AnimationPPT


There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this course. I only ask you to come open minded and ready to learn.
A PC, a keyboard, and a mouse
Open-mindedness to learn new things
Any version of PowerPoint software
Both Windows and Mac Users are also welcome to take this course


Why this course is considered as a TOP RATED and BEST SELLING course for PowerPoint on Udemy?See what students are talking about this course:5***** Star RatingI thoroughly enjoyed this course – I would consider myself pretty well versed in PPT, but I really did learn a lot of little tips and tricks that I had not known. I have to say – I, myself, am somewhat of a goofball and I absolutely loved that the teacher got a little nutty at the end with the funky music, etc. He had me laughing pretty darn hard by the end. Honestly, 12 hours of PPT – even if you love it – will do that to you. It was a great course, much more than I expected honestly. I didn’t realize how many features in PPT that I wasn’t using. Will look into other courses by this teacher. —D Rheault5***** Star RatingHis choruses straight to the point he does not leave out any detail this is the first time in years that I’ve enjoyed taking a class his voice is clear and straight to the point and I believe I will enjoy taking some more of his courses leader. So my word to him is just to keep making these courses you’re a great instructor. And thank you. In case I did not say I am 77 years old again thank you.—Ray f. Kurts5***** Star RatingI am an active 80-year old that enjoys creating PowerPoint presentations for my church and staying abreast of the latest technology. I did not realize how exciting it would be to learn new technology and tools at my age. Your teaching style keeps me engaged and looking forward to each lesson. Taking your course has proven that continuous growth, learning, and development is a source of inspiration at any age.—Viola Edwards5***** Star RatingI am just in the middle of section 2, but I can definitely say that the instruction is clear and I’m enjoying every moment.—Ayala Ben-Nun5***** Star RatingThis course is quite impressive and i think those who are interested in learning Powerpoint must join this. They are teaching everything from basics and in a very systematic manner which makes it look aesthetic.—Sakshi Chaturvedi5***** Star RatingA course that is simple and explains everything on the features on PowerPoint, easy to follow. Definitely, will learn something new….—Kenny Lieu5***** Star RatingThis is really amazing, the instructor is very knowledgeable and explains everything in a great way. I am grateful to have purchased this course.—Bol Wurok5***** Star RatingVery detailed and comprehensive course, it teaches you about each and every option/feature in the PowerPoint. —Youssef Fawaz5***** Star RatingI have used PowerPoint for some time, so don’t think of myself as a beginner but have learned useful things that I can put into practice. No problem understanding instructor.—Bill Grimmett5***** Star RatingThe instructor is very pleasant. He gives clear instructions with demonstrations as we go. Very well done.—Rohn Waldrep5***** Star RatingThe last coffee break episode was too awesome and the dance of trainer as well. 😀 😀 —Lakhan Khandagale5***** Star RatingI really like the way the instructor explained each function so clearly. Appreciate it—Ajit Singh5***** Star RatingAwesome learning by Udemy—Sagar savariya5***** Star RatingI have really learned a great deal from this course and I will recommend it for everyone who wants to learn PowerPoint presentations —Samuel Ofori5***** Star RatingIt was a very nice & Interesting course, I came to know about new things thank you very much—Hiren Bhambri5***** Star RatingVery informative, detailed, and well explained. Great job! I learned a lot! Looking forward to more tutorials from you Sir! Thank you very much! God bless and stay safe. —Charlene Garcia5***** Star Rating It is a perfect match for me.—Mazuba Sills Hamakowa5***** Star RatingNice course—Utkarsh5***** Star RatingI learned so many new things in this course.—Rakesh Rane5***** Star RatingVery helpful, thank you.—Vilma Rucinskaite5***** Star RatingIt was so good. —Shadi MebarezFull Course Description:This online PowerPoint course will teach you how to use PowerPoint the right way. Let’s learn every tool and every function inside PowerPoint and make presentations that impress! So, let’s do this!This PowerPoint course is designed to teach you all the tricks and tips you need to pull up your game in making awesome presentations.Master Every Tool in PowerPoint to Create Extraordinary Presentations!While there are plenty of PowerPoint courses that focus on specific styles or how to use tools, it’s hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for beginner to advanced users and discusses every tool.This course is designed for all levels of users who want to improve their skills, make impressive presentations and turn their Business proposals into a reality – especially great for college students and business professionals.Improve Your Presentation Styles, Acquire Clients, And Make More MoneyRegardless of what your level of experience is or what professional field you are in, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to take your Presentation skills to the next level.Whether you prefer being more visual or using more animations, a great presenter knows how to compose a slide, animate it, and edit it. By honing these skills, you can sell your ideas so you can turn your passion into a career. This course shows you how to turn your ideas into visual slides that will gather the attention you need.Unlike other PowerPoint classes that are more limited in scope, this complete course teaches you how to take your epiphanies and create an impression!Contents and OverviewThis course is divided into 4 major sections:1. All you need to know – Every tool demystified2. The Basics3. Universal Design Essentials4. Business Presentation TemplatesWho are the Instructors?Your instructor, Faizan MD, is a Microsoft Certified Educator!With over 12 years of teaching and training experience, he is here to help you learn! This 11hrs+ course sums his 12 years of learning. Imagine the value every hour holds for you. So, don’t wait and get started right away!We have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your purchase, we will refund your course – no questions asked! – though this will never be needed… but yea?We can’t wait to see you in the course!Enroll now, and Let’s see you on the Inside!Faizan MD, from MagineSolutions.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Creating A New Document

Lecture 3 Important Tips For This Course!!

Section 2: PowerPoint: Home Tab

Lecture 4 PowerPoint: Home Tab | The Clipboard

Lecture 5 Take a Look….

Lecture 6 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Slides

Lecture 7 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Fonts

Lecture 8 How are you liking this course so far?

Lecture 9 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Paragraphs Part 1

Lecture 10 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Paragraphs Part 2

Lecture 11 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Drawing Part 1

Lecture 12 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Drawing Part 2

Lecture 13 PowerPoint: Home Tab | Editing

Lecture 14 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 3: PowerPoint: Insert Tab

Lecture 15 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Tables 1

Lecture 16 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table 2 Style Options

Lecture 17 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table 3 Style

Lecture 18 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Tables 4 Draw Tables

Lecture 19 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table Layout

Lecture 20 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table Cell Size

Lecture 21 Course Check-in

Lecture 22 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Layout Alignment

Lecture 23 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table Size

Lecture 24 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Picture Remove Background

Lecture 25 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Remove BackGround Advanced

Lecture 26 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Colors and Corrections

Lecture 27 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Adjust Color Advanced

Lecture 28 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Screen Shot

Lecture 29 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Photo Album

Lecture 30 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Smart Art Part 1

Lecture 31 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Smart Art Part 2

Lecture 32 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Charts

Lecture 33 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Chart Styles

Lecture 34 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Chart Tables

Lecture 35 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Charts Changing Type

Lecture 36 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Chart Tool Format Section

Lecture 37 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Power Tool

Lecture 38 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Comments

Lecture 39 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Text Box

Lecture 40 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Header – Footer – Slide Number – Date – Time

Lecture 41 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Equation

Lecture 42 PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Pen Tool

Lecture 43 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 4: PowerPoint: Design Tab

Lecture 44 PowerPoint: Design Tab

Section 5: PowerPoint: Transitions Tab

Lecture 45 PowerPoint: Transitions Tab

Section 6: PowerPoint: Animations Tab

Lecture 46 PowerPoint: Animations Tab | Entrance

Lecture 47 PowerPoint: Animations Tab | Emphasis

Lecture 48 PowerPoint: Animations Tab | Exit

Section 7: PowerPoint: SlideShow Tab

Lecture 49 PowerPoint: SlideShow Tab

Lecture 50 PowerPoint: SlideShow Tab | SetUp

Section 8: PowerPoint: Review Tab

Lecture 51 PowerPoint: Review Tab

Lecture 52 PowerPoint: Review Tab | Accessibility and Insights

Lecture 53 PowerPoint: Review Tab | Languages

Lecture 54 PowerPoint: Review Tab | Compare

Lecture 55 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 9: PowerPoint: View Tab

Lecture 56 PowerPoint: View Tab | Normal and Outline View

Lecture 57 PowerPoint: View Tab | Slide Sorter

Lecture 58 PowerPoint: View Tab | Notes and Reading View

Lecture 59 PowerPoint: View Tab | More Details

Lecture 60 PowerPoint: View Tab | Master Slide Overview

Lecture 61 PowerPoint: View Tab | Master Slide Notes And Hangouts

Lecture 62 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 10: Essentials Of PowerPoint

Lecture 63 PowerPoint: Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

Lecture 64 PowerPoint: File Tab

Lecture 65 PowerPoint: Tabs and Ribbons

Lecture 66 PowerPoint: Slide Tab

Lecture 67 PowerPoint: Status Bar

Lecture 68 PowerPoint: Aspect Ratio

Lecture 69 PowerPoint: Modifiers

Lecture 70 PowerPoint: Drawing Shapes

Lecture 71 PowerPoint: Copy Cat (Format painter)

Lecture 72 PowerPoint: Editing Vertices

Lecture 73 PowerPoint: Color Schemes

Lecture 74 PowerPoint: Fonts

Lecture 75 PowerPoint: Never Forget Again

Lecture 76 PowerPoint: Show Less Mean More

Lecture 77 PowerPoint: Bonus Lecture!!

Lecture 78 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 11: Universal Design Essentials (Part 1)

Lecture 79 PowerPoint: Create | Design | Animation

Lecture 80 PowerPoint: Title Slide | Creation and Design

Lecture 81 PowerPoint: Title Slide | Animation

Lecture 82 PowerPoint: Title Colors

Lecture 83 PowerPoint: Shape and Color Alignment

Lecture 84 PowerPoint: PNG vs Vectors

Lecture 85 PowerPoint: Company Intro – Creation and Design

Lecture 86 PowerPoint: Company Intro Animation

Lecture 87 PowerPoint: Company Intro Animation Continued…

Lecture 88 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 12: Universal Design Essentials (Part 2)

Lecture 89 PowerPoint: Portfolio

Lecture 90 PowerPoint: Portfolio Animation

Lecture 91 PowerPoint: Stages (Design and Animations)

Lecture 92 PowerPoint: Timeline

Lecture 93 PowerPoint: Timeline Animation

Lecture 94 PowerPoint: Timeline Vertical

Lecture 95 PowerPoint: Timeline Vertical Animation

Lecture 96 PowerPoint: Coffee Break

Lecture 97 PowerPoint: Coffee Break Audio

Lecture 98 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 13: PowerPoint: Business Design Templates

Lecture 99 Powerpoint: Title Page For Business Presentation

Lecture 100 PowerPoint: Title Page Variation

Lecture 101 PowerPoint: Our Team Designs

Lecture 102 PowerPoint: Sell Your Packages

Lecture 103 PowerPoint: Sell Your Packages Better

Lecture 104 PowerPoint: Business Objectives

Lecture 105 PowerPoint: Our Team Audio

Lecture 106 PowerPoint: Our Team Revamped

Lecture 107 Our Team Reloaded

Lecture 108 PowerPoint: SWOT Analysis

Lecture 109 PowerPoint: Image Layout

Lecture 110 Course Check-in – How are you liking this course so far?

Section 14: Conclusion

Lecture 111 Design And Animations Made Easy! Add-on Lecture!

Lecture 112 Course Check-in

Lecture 113 Bonus Lecture

Everyone wanting to be better at their professional lives!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 18m | 9.76 GB
Created by: Magine Solutions Team

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