2022 New Google Ads AdWords Course From Beginner to PRO

Updated NOVEMBER 2022: Google Ads (AdWords) Step-by-Step Course to help you Succeed with Search, Display & Remarketing.
2022 New Google Ads AdWords Course From Beginner to PRO
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Simon Koss


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2022 New Google Ads AdWords Course From Beginner to PRO

What you’ll learn

Understand the Quality Score of Google Ads Search Campaigns
Discover the Right Audiences (based on Interests, Keywords, Remarketing) for your company to Target on Google Display Network
Create Professional Text Ads to Convert Maximum % of People who Search Online
Create Professional Image & Responsive Ads to Convert Maximum % of People who Browse Online
Make the Right Decisions on which options to choose in the platform
Choose the right bidding strategy to spend less and gain more
Create step by step Adwords Search Campaigns with 10/10 Quality Score and great ROI
Create step by step Google Ads Display Campaigns with high ROI
Create step by step Google Ads Remarketing Campaigns with high ROI

2022 New Google Ads AdWords Course From Beginner to PRO


NO experience with Google Ads required!
Basic Browser Skills
All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection!


** Updated November 2022 – ALL VIDEOS up to date – NEW GOOGLE ADS INTERFACE & DASHBOARD (more VIDEOS with your QUESTIONS). THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR BEGINNERSWe created a professional NEW Google AdWords Tutorial to help you succeed online if you are just starting. New Google Ads Tutorial is a 2022 success guide to help you create successful Google Ads Campaigns. You need no previous experience.In the complete New Google Ads Tutorial, you will find step by step the right settings to create Google Ads Search, Display & Remarketing Campaigns.We focus on the Performance Marketing aspect of Google Ads. We don’t want you just to learn Google Ads, we want you to succeed. There are hundreds of online tutorials that will describe all the available options inside Google Ads. We won’t do the same. We will guide you step by step on these options that really work. We want you to be successful. We want you to compete and win. For us, Google Ads Search Campaigns means campaigns with high ROI (Return On Investment), low Cost Per Click and high-Quality Score. For us, Google Ads Display Campaigns means campaigns with low Cost Per Click and high Return On Investment as well as branding campaigns that make people remember your brand. THIS COURSE IS DIFFERENT FOR 2 REASONSThis Google Ads Tutorial is different for two reasons. The first one is that we teach you what works because our job is to teach you, not to take you as a client. The second reason is that we focus on your questions to make that Tutorial even more productive. You ask, we create a video and upload it to this Google Ads Tutorial. You have unlimited access to our Google Ads Tutorial so you can come back anytime to check the new videos and make more questions. Our Google Ads Tutorial is alive; it evolves day by day as new methods are discovered, and new options start working and bringing results. We don’t teach just to teach; we want you to succeed. That’s why we focus only on what is working. EXLCUSIVE METHODOLOGY TO SUCCEEDWe have developed our exclusive methodology in various aspects of Google Ads to help you succeed. We use our extensive experience of more than 12 years of Adwords campaigns to explain to you simply what is working and how to do it. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to create your campaigns on your own. We are confident that, if you follow our steps, these campaigns will bring back measurable results making your client or your boss happier. After creating your campaign, you enter the testing or learning phase. This phase is the most challenging period for a Google Ads Campaign. Everything is new, and the results don’t come the first day. So we are here to help you in that phase too. Ask us, show us your results, ask for ideas, advertising, let us think about your Google Ads Campaigns. Don’t forget that we want you to succeed. In addition to the technical aspects analyzed in detail during the Google Ads Tutorial, we also dive into the secrets and strategies at each level of an Google Ads Campaign. We start with the proper implementation of various campaign settings (networks, locations, languages, ad schedule, bidding strategies) followed by the art and approach behind writing a successful text ad that sells. As well as adequately targeting our keywords using the 4 possible targeting options accordingly.GOOGLE PREMIER PARTNERThis Google Ads Tutorial is the only Google Ads Tutorial created by an instructor who is also a Google PREMIER Partner, which is a title given to only 3% of Google Partners worldwide. Even though we are Google Partners, in reality, we are your partner. We don’t work for Google; we work for you. We have insider info, we have experience, and we use all that to provide you with a Google Ads Tutorial that will help you achieve your goals. We don’t want to feed Google with your budgets; we want you to invest in Google Ads and get a high Return On Investment. That’s why we use Google Ads and all the other tools in our Digital Marketing Strategy. The Google Ads Tutorial is the most effective, straightforward & practical Tutorial on the market.That’s all for now; we are waiting for you in the inside. Don’t forget to ask. You ask, you learn. So let’s finish that text with our Tutorial’s motto: Learn. Apply. Grow.:-)


Section 1: Introduction to Google Ads (AdWords)

Lecture 1 We Help you Discover the Secret To Google Ads Success

Section 2: Google Ads Search & Quality Score

Lecture 2 Download Notes for Section 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Lecture 3 7 Advertising Spots – How to Get the 1st

Lecture 4 Quality Score = less Money & Better Ranking

Lecture 5 3 Success Factors for High Quality Score

Lecture 6 Google Ads 3 Level Tree: Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads

Section 3: Keyword Research for Google Ads Search

Lecture 7 3+1 ways to Target Keywords

Lecture 8 How to Use Keyword Planner

Lecture 9 How to Select the Right Keywords

Lecture 10 Keyword Planner Excel Google Ads

Section 4: Before you Begin – Open your Account

Lecture 11 How to create your account from scratch

Lecture 12 Switch to Expert Mode

Lecture 13 Google Ads & Payment Settings

Lecture 14 Direct Access to Billing Information

Section 5: NEW & OLD Version Google Ads Step by Step

Lecture 15 Select Goal & Type

Lecture 16 New or Old Version?

Section 6: NEW TEMPLATE (2022) – Step by Step Guide – Search Campaign

Lecture 17 Search Network Only – Target, Type, Name

Lecture 18 Budget & Bidding Strategy

Lecture 19 If Manual CPC is not there?

Lecture 20 Networks, Location & Language Settings

Lecture 21 More Settings – Start Date / Schedule

Lecture 22 Ad Group – Name, Keywords, CPC

Lecture 23 Create a Responsive Search Ad

Lecture 24 Extensions – Sitelinks, Callouts, Call

Lecture 25 Add More Keywords / Ad Groups

Lecture 26 Change Biding Strategy from Maximize Clicks to Manual CPC

Section 7: OLD TEMPLATE (2021) – Step by Step Guide – Search Campaign

Lecture 27 Search Network Only – Target, Type, Name

Lecture 28 Select Networks & Ad Schedule –

Lecture 29 Professional Accurate Location Targeting

Lecture 30 Advanced Location Settings

Lecture 31 Select Audiences (In Market & RLSA Options)

Lecture 32 Budget – Bidding – Ad Rotation

Lecture 33 Create Ad Groups & SKAGs

Lecture 34 Responsive Search Ads that Sell

Lecture 35 Responsive Search Ads & Pins

Lecture 36 Check Stats of Responsive Search Ads

Lecture 37 Create Also Text Ads

Lecture 38 Benefits & Tips

Lecture 39 Select the Right Ad Extensions to Increase Quality Score and CTR

Section 8: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads & Strategy

Lecture 40 How to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads

Lecture 41 Combine Dynamic Keywords & Landing Pages

Lecture 42 Exemple of Use of Dynamic Keywords & Landing Pages

Section 9: How to Create Call Only Ads

Lecture 43 Create Call Only Ads – Step by Step

Section 10: Examples of Successful Ads & How to Create Them

Lecture 44 Example for Dresses Ads in the US – Real Life Online Example

Lecture 45 Example for Insurance Companies

Lecture 46 Example for Hotel Companies

Lecture 47 Example for Dog Collar Company in Australia

Lecture 48 Example for Web Design Company in Canada

Lecture 49 Example for Educational Website in India & Egypt

Lecture 50 Example for your Own Company?

Section 11: Google Ads Search Analytics

Lecture 51 Check your Campaigns in 3X3 Levels

Lecture 52 How to Connect Google Adwords with Google Analytics

Lecture 53 Compare your Campaigns to find the best one

Lecture 54 Compare Campaigns Over Conversions

Lecture 55 Compare your Ad Sets to find the best one

Lecture 56 Compare Keywords & Related Search Terms

Lecture 57 Compare your Ads to find the best one

Lecture 58 Ad Comparison Report

Section 12: How to beat the competition with Google Ads Search in 7+1 steps

Lecture 59 Understand the competition metrics [step 1]

Lecture 60 How to check the Quality Score [step 2]

Lecture 61 Find the bid price for your keywords [step 3]

Lecture 62 Calculate the monthly budget you need for 1st spot & 100% impression share [4]

Lecture 63 Do you really need the 1st position? [step 5]

Lecture 64 Are you ready for a bid war? [step 6]

Lecture 65 Automated Rules: Get Informed by email when changes needed [step 7]

Lecture 66 Automated Rules: Make automatic changes to keep 1st spot [bonus]

Section 13: Introduction – Google Ads Display

Lecture 67 What is GDN and How it Works

Lecture 68 Target People based on Interests or Purchase Intentions

Lecture 69 Remarketing & Competition Targeting

Lecture 70 Demographics & Targeting Rich People

Lecture 71 Target Relevant Websites (Keywords / Topics)

Lecture 72 3 Levels of Adwords Display Campaigns

Lecture 73 Example of Google Ads Display Set up

Section 14: NEW TEMPLATE (2022)- Google Ads Display – Step by Step Guide to Create Campaign

Lecture 74 Step by Step Guide on How to Create your Success Campaign

Lecture 75 Smart Location Options (from just 1mile around you)

Lecture 76 Ad Rotation Choice – Don’t let Google decide

Lecture 77 Never forget to Schedule your Campaigns

Lecture 78 Networks, Devices, Start & End Date

Lecture 79 Budget & Bidding Options

Lecture 80 Targeting – 5 Options in Audiences

Lecture 81 Targeting Demographics with Income Choice

Lecture 82 Targeting Keywords & Relevant Content

Lecture 83 Targeting Topics & Specific Placements

Lecture 84 The Magic Button

Lecture 85 Create a Responsive Display Ad

Lecture 86 Image Ads (top 3 sizes)

Section 15: OLD TEMPLATE (2021) – Google Ads Display – Step by Step Guide to Create Campaign

Lecture 87 Step by Step Guide on How to Create your Success Campaign

Lecture 88 Clever Ways to Target the Location (from just 1mile around you)

Lecture 89 Advanced Location Options

Lecture 90 5 bidding options and only 1 is the right one

Lecture 91 Advanced Options that Save You Money

Lecture 92 Target Affinity In Market and Custom Audiences

Lecture 93 Target Advanced Demographics

Lecture 94 3 Content Targeting Options

Lecture 95 Is Targeting expansion a trap?

Lecture 96 Create Image & Responsive Ads

Lecture 97 Success Example Demo – Step by Step a Full Display Campaign

Lecture 98 How to copy paste ads

Lecture 99 Our complete Google Ads Display Strategy

Section 16: Create Remarketing Campaigns in 3 Easy Steps

Lecture 100 Install the Pixel to let Google Record your Visitors

Lecture 101 Create Audiences to Target the Right People Based on Their Visit

Lecture 102 Step by Step Guide to Create your Remarketing Campaign

Lecture 103 Advanced Targeting – Target & Exclude Audiences

Lecture 104 Remarketing Lists Requirements

Section 17: How to Create a Shopping Campaign

Lecture 105 Guide to Create a Shopping Campaign

Lecture 106 How to Optimize a Shopping Campaign

Lecture 107 Google Shopping Campaign for Specific Products

Section 18: True View Ads (YouTube Advertising)

Lecture 108 Create YouTube Ads – Step by Step Guide

Lecture 109 YouTube ads Success Metrics

Lecture 110 Advanced 3 Level Ads Comparison

Section 19: Performance Ads Using Google Analytics Data

Lecture 111 Our Professional Methodology to Find the Right Audience based on Interests

Lecture 112 Acquisition: The most important traffic data

Lecture 113 Adwords Campaign Performance: Check the ROI of your campaigns

Lecture 114 Find the keywords that spent your money

Section 20: Certification Training – Practice Exams

Section 21: For Agencies

Lecture 115 How to handle multiple Google Ads Accounts

Section 22: Answers to your Questions! We are here to help you!

Lecture 116 Google Ads & Digital Marketing Glossary

Lecture 117 Just Started & I want to Spend More

Lecture 118 New / Old Adwords & Repeated Information

Lecture 119 New / Old Adwords & Keyword Planner

Lecture 120 Strategy to Target 50 different Locations

Lecture 121 Avg. Position is gone in Google Ads, how to check our position now?

Lecture 122 What to do if I get traffic, but no sales?

Lecture 123 How to import emails & phone numbers from a CSV file to Google Ads?

Lecture 124 What is the difference between Standard Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing?

Lecture 125 How to Exclude Mobile App Ads on the Latest Google Ads Settings

Lecture 126 Manual or Automated Bid Strategies?

Lecture 127 Create Audiences to Target the Right People Based on Their Interests

Lecture 128 How to find competitor’s ad spending

Lecture 129 What can I do to see Exact Google search volume data in Keyword Planner?

Lecture 130 How do I delete my first test campaign in Google Ads?

Lecture 131 How to use AdWords for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Lecture 132 How to link your Google Analytics and Google Ads manager account?

Lecture 133 How else can I Measure Conversions if I don’t have Access to my Website’s HTML?

Lecture 134 How to Connect Analytics Audiences to Display Remarketing

Lecture 135 Setup Extension in the Ad Group Level

Lecture 136 How Time Zones work in Google Ads?

Lecture 137 ”Your ad isn’t scheduled to run right now”

Lecture 138 Unable to Track Conversion and Analytics Stats

Lecture 139 How Google’s Ad Approval Process Works?

Lecture 140 What is the difference between Responsive Ads and Product Listing Ads?

Lecture 141 What can I do if my Ads are Below Average (Quality Score)

Lecture 142 Is Manual CPC the best bidding strategy in Google Ads?

Lecture 143 Should I invest in Dynamic Search Ads?

Lecture 144 Targeting or Observation Mode in Google Ads, what is the difference?

Lecture 145 How to Use Campaign Status Filters (enabled, paused, deleted)

Lecture 146 How to create a google ads account using a domain email?

Lecture 147 Should I “Enable Enhanced CPC to help increase conversions in campaigns currentl

Lecture 148 Please ask! We can help you more!

Anyone who wants to master Google Ads Search, Display & Remarketing Campaigns,Small Business Owners who want to create their Google Ads campaigns by their own,Entrepreneurs who want learn about the options they have or they want to control the results of their marketing team,Marketing professionals who want a step by step guide on how to create successful Google Ads campaigns with high ROI,Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills to find a new job,Beginners and more advanced Google Ads users who want a professional tested step by step guide to achieve great results

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 54m | 6.24 GB
Created by: Simon Koss

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