2022 Salesforce Flows The Complete Guide to Lightning Flows

11x Certified Architect and Developer teaches you the Salesforce Flow skills that quadrupled my salary
2022 Salesforce Flows The Complete Guide to Lightning Flows
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Nick Frates


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Last updated 9/2022



2022 Salesforce Flows The Complete Guide to Lightning Flows

What you’ll learn

Salesforce Flows – How to use Salesforce Flows to build automation
Salesforce Certified Administrator – Understand Process Automation section of exam
Higher Salary – How to use Flows to increase your value to your company
Embed Salesforce Flows – How to Embed a Flow in a Utility Item
Send Email – Sending emails from Salesforce Flow
Scheduled Flows – Scheduling flows to run on a nightly basis
Loops & More – Using loops, decisions, assignments, get, create, and update elements
Debug – Using the flow debug tool
Screen Flows – Working with screen flows
How to use Data Loader with a flow to perform mass updates
Leveraging formulas to control output
..and more!

2022 Salesforce Flows The Complete Guide to Lightning Flows


Ground Up – No experience with Salesforce Flows required
Dev Org – We will help you set up your Salesforce Developer environment
Aspiring Admin – In the process of studying for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam
Salesforce Professional = Current Salesforce professional


Tenured Instructor – I’m an 11x Certified Architect and Developer with over 5 years of experience, and I’m here to guide you to becoming a Salesforce Flow Ninja.“Hell of a course! Nick really went all in. This is the best course on Salesforce Flows (So far).” – Samsudeen A.Earn More – In 2017 I was earning $30,000 a year. Three years later, at the height of a global pandemic, I earned over $150,000 (the most I had ever earned in one year). I don’t say that to impress you, but to impress upon you the career possibilities that Salesforce Flows can unlock. And I’m not special – I know with the right training YOU can also achieve your career goals in the Salesforce ecosystem. Let me show you the key Salesforce skill that made it possible.”I’ve been looking for something exactly like this!! Well done for putting this together and sharing with all of us. Nick goes into amazing detail, explaining exactly what is happening and why, which is the most important at the beginning when you’re trying to make sense of how Flow works. I couldn’t recommend this course enough!” – Edita B.For $20 you can acquire the same Salesforce Flow skills that are now being taught to Fortune 500 companies for $1000 per session.Learn Fast – Your colleagues will be blown away by how talented you are with Salesforce Flows. In this course we’ll cover all the Salesforce Flow concepts you need to know to go from zero to hero using the Salesforce Flow Builder. “This was an exceptional course, that had a great pace and most important a great teacher. Well done Nick…my hat comes off for you. Your hard work in creating this course did come through. I hope to see more Salesforce Udemy courses from you in the near future. Your student – Neil.” – Neil M.Get Certified – You will quickly master automation knowledge essential for Salesforce Certification exams. We’ll cover topics that will help you pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, and Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exams.The time is now – If you’re at all familiar with the Salesforce platform you’ve heard of Salesforce Flows. Starting in the Winter ‘23 release, all automation must be built with Salesforce Flows. Which means the time to learn Salesforce Flows is now.We’ll cover:Using Get, Create, and Update data elementsUsing logical operators such as Decisions, Assignments, and Collection FiltersUsing LoopsScheduled Salesforce FlowsBefore Save FlowsRecord Triggered FlowsScreen FlowsUsing formulas in flowsSending emails with flowsProper Salesforce Flow debugging and testingEmbedding flows in utility navigation ItemsLaunching flows from a ButtonUsing flows with Data LoaderBuilding call scripts with Salesforce FlowsPlatform Event Triggered FlowsSalesforce Flow Architecture …and more!Who I am – I’m an 11x Certified Salesforce Administrator, Developer, & Architect. I’m also a featured success story on David Liu’s SFDC99 blog. I’ve been using Salesforce Flows for 5+ years and currently work as a Salesforce Consultant for Financial Service Companies. In this course I’ll take you by the hand and guide you, step-by-step, through 10 real world Salesforce Flow projects to help you master Salesforce Flows.If you are:Studying to become a Salesforce Certified AdministratorStudying to become a Salesforce Certified Platform App BuilderStudying to become a Salesforce Certified Advanced AdministratorAre a Salesforce Administrator who needs to build automationAre a Salesforce Developer who needs to understand what other Salesforce Administrators have builtA Salesforce professional who’s heard of Salesforce Flows and now wants to learn moreLooking to earn a higher salary as a Salesforce ProfessionalLooking to charge higher rates as a Salesforce ConsultantThen this course is designed for you!“This is by far the BEST Flow Builder tutorial I have seen! Great job, Nick and thank you!!!” – Kadir S.The promise – My goal is to deliver a 100-to-1 return in value on your purchase so that you can get a raise at your job, level up your career, help your clients in a new way, learn about Salesforce Flows to get certified, and master the core automation tool of the Salesforce Platform. “Awesome Experience. I would highly recommend everyone to take this course.” – Abhishek C.Join the Salesforce Tribe of Mentors – After you enroll in the course, you will also be invited to join an exclusive group of Salesforce professionals so you can build your network and continue your Salesforce journey.“Really loved the sessions. Clearly explained and easy to understand.” – Manoj K.Continuous updates – This course will be routinely updated in the future to stay up to date with the latest Salesforce release. Buy now and master Salesforce flows for a lifetime.


Section 1: Salesforce Flows: The Complete Guide to Lightning Flows – Introduction

Lecture 1 Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder – Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Salesforce Tribe of Mentors LinkedIn Group

Section 2: Getting Started: Creating a Salesforce Developer Org

Lecture 3 Setting Up Your Developer Org

Section 3: Salesforce Flow Challenge #1 – Intro to Lightning Flow Builder

Lecture 4 Salesforce Flows: 1-1 Introduction

Lecture 5 Salesforce Flows: 1-2 Create User Records in Salesforce Lightning

Lecture 6 Salesforce Flows: 1-3 Create a New field in Salesforce Lightning

Lecture 7 Salesforce Flows: 1-4 Challenge Overview

Lecture 8 Salesforce Flows: 1-5 First Glance at the Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder

Lecture 9 Salesforce Flows: 1-6 Salesforce Flow Data Elements

Lecture 10 Salesforce Flows: 1-7 Salesforce Flow Debugging

Lecture 11 Salesforce Flows: 1-8 Conclusion to First Salesforce Flows Challenge

Section 4: Salesforce Flow Challenge #2 – Record Triggered Flows

Lecture 12 Salesforce Flows: 2-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 13 Salesforce Flows: 2-2 Complete prework in standard Salesforce Lightning UI

Lecture 14 Salesforce Flows: 2-3 Build a Record Triggered Lightning Flow

Lecture 15 Salesforce Flows: 2-4 Salesforce Flow Decision Elements & Debugging

Lecture 16 Salesforce Flows: 2-5 Debugging our Salesforce Flow pt. 2

Lecture 17 Salesforce Flows: 2-6 Conclusion

Section 5: Salesforce Flow Challenge #3 – Build a Screen Flow

Lecture 18 Salesforce Flows: 3-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 19 Salesforce Flows: 3-2 Building our First Screen Flow

Lecture 20 Salesforce Flows: 3-3 Screen Flow Continued

Lecture 21 Salesforce Flows: 3-4 Activate our Flow!

Lecture 22 Salesforce Flows: 3-5 Flow Challenge Summary

Section 6: Salesforce Flow Challenge #4 – Loops & Assignments in Lightning Flow Builder

Lecture 23 Salesforce Flows: 4-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 24 Salesforce Flows: 4-2 Setting up a Collection Variable

Lecture 25 Salesforce Flows: 4-3 Building the Loop

Lecture 26 Salesforce Flows: 4-4 Testing, Success!

Lecture 27 Salesforce Flows: 4-5 Putting it All Together

Section 7: Salesforce Flow Challenge #5 – Using Scheduled Salesforce Flows

Lecture 28 Salesforce Flows: 5-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 29 Salesforce Flows: 5-2 Building a Salesforce Scheduled Flow

Lecture 30 Salesforce Flows: 5-3 Advanced Filtering and Debugging

Lecture 31 Salesforce Flows: 5-4 Process Automation User, Validate the Flow Ran

Lecture 32 Salesforce Flows: 5-5 Putting it All Together

Section 8: Salesforce Flow Challenge #6 – Platform Events, Data Loader, & Salesforce Flows

Lecture 33 Salesforce Flows: 6-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 34 Salesforce Flows: 6-2 Salesforce Platform Event Overview

Lecture 35 Salesforce Flows: 6-3 Salesforce Data Loader Overview

Lecture 36 Salesforce Flows: 6-4 Build Platform Event Triggered Flow

Lecture 37 Salesforce Flows: 6-5 Debug Platform Event Triggered Flow

Lecture 38 Salesforce Flows: 6-6 Using Salesforce Data Loader

Lecture 39 Salesforce Flows: 6-7 Build Record Triggered Flow

Lecture 40 Salesforce Flows: 6-8 Putting it all together

Section 9: Salesforce Flow Challenge #7 – Scheduled Paths & Sending Emails with Flows

Lecture 41 Salesforce Flows: 7-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 42 Salesforce Flows: 7-2 Using Scheduled Paths in Salesforce Flows

Lecture 43 Salesforce Flows: 7-3 Send Email Action in Salesforce Flows

Lecture 44 Salesforce Flows: 7-4 Log the Flow Email with the Email Message object

Lecture 45 Salesforce Flows: 7-5 Business Date Formula in our Follow up Task

Lecture 46 Salesforce Flows: 7-6 Debugging our Salesforce Flow

Lecture 47 Salesforce Flows: 7-7 One Additional Decision Element

Lecture 48 Salesforce Flows: 7-8 Putting it All Together

Section 10: Salesforce Flow Challenge #8 – Collection Filters & Flow Builder Excellence

Lecture 49 Salesforce Flows: 8-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 50 Salesforce Flows: 8-2 Create LEX Page, Path, RecordType and finish other prework

Lecture 51 Salesforce Flows: 8-3 Salesforce UI Walk through, Begin Building our Flow

Lecture 52 Salesforce Flows: 8-4 Build Our Collection Sort, Build our Loop, Use A Decision

Lecture 53 Salesforce Flows: 8-5 Debug our Collection Sort Flow

Lecture 54 Salesforce Flows: 8-6 Build our Screen Flow and launch it with a button

Lecture 55 Salesforce Flows: 8-7 Debug Screen Flow, Create Analytics and List Views

Lecture 56 Salesforce Flows: 8-8 Flow Trigger Explorer & Trigger Order Execution

Lecture 57 Salesforce Flows: 8-9 Putting it all together

Section 11: Salesforce Flow Challenge #9 – Build a Refund Screen Flow

Lecture 58 Salesforce Flows: 9-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 59 Salesforce Flows: 9-2 Prework – Build Custom Object in Salesforce UI

Lecture 60 Salesforce Flows: 9-3 Install Open Source Lightning Flow Components

Lecture 61 Salesforce Flows: 9-4 Start Our Salesforce Screen Flow with Get Elements

Lecture 62 Salesforce Flows: 9-5 Use A Custom Lightning Component to Show Flow Buttons

Lecture 63 Salesforce Flows: 9-6 Data Table, Conditional Visibility, and Record Choice Set

Lecture 64 Salesforce Flows: 9-7 Duplicate the Refund Screen in our Screen Flow

Lecture 65 Salesforce Flows: 9-8 Use A Create Element to Create the Refund

Lecture 66 Salesforce Flows: 9-9 Build a Screen to Upload Files into Salesforce

Lecture 67 Salesforce Flows: 9-10 Duplicate our Upload Functionality, Assign Queue as Owner

Lecture 68 Salesforce Flows: 9-11 Follow Best Practice & Debug our Screen Flow

Lecture 69 Salesforce Flows: 9-12 Challenge 9 Conclusion

Section 12: Salesforce Flow Challenge #10 – Build a Phone Survey

Lecture 70 LECTURE 10 NOTE

Lecture 71 Salesforce Flows: 10-1 Challenge Introduction

Lecture 72 Salesforce Flows: 10-2 Prework

Lecture 73 Salesforce Flows: 10-3 Building our First Screen Flow Screen

Lecture 74 Salesforce Flows: 10-4 Add our Screen Flow to Lightning Record Page

Lecture 75 Salesforce Flows: 10-5 Adding Display Text and Creating our Survey

Lecture 76 Salesforce Flows: 10-6 Send an Email with Salesforce Flow

Lecture 77 Salesforce Flows: 10-7 Testing!

Lecture 78 Salesforce Flows: 10-8 Putting it all together

Section 13: BONUS Salesforce Flow Viewer Request: Using Flows to Rollup Opportunity Amounts

Lecture 79 Bonus Section Overview

Lecture 80 Salesforce Flows: Exercise Overview

Lecture 81 Salesforce Flows: What is the correct roll up amount?

Lecture 82 Salesforce Flows: Build A Roll Up Summary Flow

Lecture 83 Salesforce Flows: Flow Rollup Lecture Summary

Section 14: BONUS Salesforce Flow Viewer Request – Use a Screen Flow to Search and Update

Lecture 84 Use a Salesforce Screen Flow to Find and Update Contacts

Section 15: BONUS: Salesforce Flow Viewer Request – Schedule Birthday Emails with Flow

Lecture 85 Scheduled Flows: Send Birthday Email with Salesforce Flow

Section 16: BONUS: Job Offer – Salesforce Consultant

Lecture 86 Apply to become a Salesforce Consultant

Section 17: Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder: Farewell!

Lecture 87 Goodbye!

Getting Salesforce Certified – Students studying for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam,Salesforce App Builders – Students studying for the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam,Salesforce Advanced Admins – Students studying for the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam,Salesforce Administrators – Current Salesforce admins tasked with building automation,Salesforce Developers – Developers who need to understand the limits of Salesforce Flows,Salesforce Consultants – Consultants looking to charge higher rates,Salesforce Team leaders – Professionals looking to earn a higher salary

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 37m | 3.89 GB
Created by: Nick Frates

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