2023 Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Version 75

Become a growth hacker! This course is used by teams at PayPal®, IBM®, Citibank® & many other successful organizations!
2023 Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Version 75
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2023 Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Version 75

What you’ll learn

Integrate the data-driven and adaptive culture of Growth Hacking to improve digital marketing results.
Track, analyze, and leverage traffic and product usage data using Google Analytics.
Design customer action funnels and calculate per-user LTV / CAC.
Tell better stories and write marketing content to improve conversion rates.
Grow social media audiences using bots and organic techniques.
Segment email lists and automate email marketing communications.

2023 Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Version 75


Students need to have solid online navigation skills and an understanding of what these concepts are (e.g. SEO, social media, email marketing, online advertising). They don’t need to be experts in these areas, but the course does not include “101” type introductory lectures on these web technologies.


Become a certified growth hacker! Join a network of more than 45,000 alumni and teams from top firms, like PayPal®, IBM®, Accenture®, and others in the world’s bestselling growth hacking course!Grow your digital marketing results faster through the power of growth hacking! In this industry-leading course, you’ll discover the extraordinary benefits of digital metrics, including lean analytics, web traffic, digital conversion funnels, and LTV and CAC calculations. You’ll also gain access to cutting edge info about inbound marketing, email marketing, SEO, paid acquisition, public relations, viral marketing, and much more!You can now earn your Eazl Growth Hacker certificate by completing 100% of this course. Eazl will customize, host, and issue your certificate so that you can impress clients and employers with your knowledge and commitment to building growth hacking skills!Introducing…The Digital Marketing Toolkit for the Connected Economy    Want to have huge success in modern digital marketing? With this remarkable course at your fingertips, you can hone the much-needed skills to attract and retain customers through any online channel. By leveraging the advantages of growth hacking, you can:     Compete head-to-head with even the biggest firms in Silicon ValleyBuild your business with secrets unknown to most entrepreneursQualify for more prestigious and higher-paying digital marketing jobsImprove your outcomes with content marketing, social media, and SEODiscover the real potential of email marketing, viral marketing and public relationsLead digital marketing teams to massive increases in conversion ratesMultiply your results with growth hacking applied across numerous channelsThe demand for digital marketing experts is increasing every day, and one of the key factors of success is keeping up with the latest trends. This growth hacking course puts you in the driver’s seat with the most relevant, most effective information available.     And no boring power point slides, ever! This flagship course was developed in partnership with leading instructional designers. The course is exceptionally well-crafted, allowing you to learn growth hacking concepts and apply them immediately. You’ll also enjoy the beautifully animated learning modules, developed by Eazl’s own animation team.   Growth Hacking – The Secret Key to Digital Marketing Mastery    Ready to get feedback quicker – and make changes faster – to supercharge your digital marketing results? You’ve got all the strategies you need in this growth hacking course.     In the first part of the course, you’ll gain essential “big picture” skills, including developing your customer personas, interviewing your target markets, and analyzing your “buyer center” (i.e. the individuals in your target market with the most purchasing power).     Next, you’ll learn how to analyze your results. With any growth hacking effort, you always want to know what’s working, where it’s working, and what needs to be changed. For this, you need digital marketing tools like web traffic analysis and lean analytics.    Lastly, you’ll discover highly effective tools to bring boatloads of new customers – ones with money to spend – into your online eco-system. This includes the concepts of digital conversion funnels, lifetime customer value (LTV), and customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Develop a User-Centric Approach to Digital Marketing   You’ll start by learning what growth hacking is and then move on to building your digital analytics skills. We’ll take your Google Analytics skills to the next level by teaching you how to use these advanced tools with real data from the Google Merchandise Store. Then, you’ll learn how to develop marketing personas and user segments–using online research methods (like Facebook Audience Insights) and the person-to-person interviewing methods used by companies like IDEO and Apple in Silicon Valley. Then, you’ll learn how to work with Pirate Metrics and marketing funnels so that you can guide potential customers through each step… from awareness to revenue to referrals.In the second half of the course, you’ll discover how to create digital marketing materials that target the unique wants and needs of your customer. This might seem like a given, right? In fact, it’s a much rarer skill than you might think, and absolutely crucial for maximizing sales. No growth hacking course is complete without this must-know info! Then you’ll get a crash course in both online SEO and in content marketing, allowing you create relevant and memorable content that’s designed to be discoverable on the web. The email marketing section will introduce you to automated strategies for email. You’ll also develop the ability to use email platforms to manage your subscriber lists.In the later parts of the course, you’ll learn how to estimate and use both Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)–two critical metrics for building a digital marketing engine. The course wraps up with a section on paid acquisition (like PPC Ads and social media ads) so that you can bring traffic into the “top of your funnel” on-demand.Also, this is version 7 of this course! That’s right–the Eazl team has updated this course 6 times since it launched. If you look at the content upgrade journal below, you’ll see that it gets better and better–and you only have to enroll once to get lifetime access… including all the future upgrades!Since giving you the most possible value is so important to us, Eazl is offering this course with our 30-day guarantee. If you’re not totally wowed by the content, feel free to ask for a refund. We will give you one immediately, no questions asked. Sound good?


Section 1: Let’s Put You On the Rocketship! Welcome to Growth Hacking 7.5 — New for 2023!

Lecture 1 [Beginner] What is Growth Hacking?

Lecture 2 Howdy! Welcome to Growth Hacking 2023 (Version 7.5)

Lecture 3 [Intermediate] How to Launch and Manage a Growth Team

Lecture 4 Access All Eazl 2023 Growth Hacking Templates, Guides, and Special Resources

Lecture 5 [Expert Interview] 4 Takeaways on Growth from Sean Ellis, the OG Growth Hacker

Section 2: How to Get Insights from Google Analytics & Apply them to Marketing Funnels

Lecture 6 Be Data Driven! Let’s Learn about GA4 and the 2023 Analytics Landscape

Lecture 7 [Beginner] How to Measure Traffic Volume and Visitor Interest

Lecture 8 [Beginner] How to Measure Engagement and Actions Taken

Lecture 9 [Intermediate] Source/Medium and Good Traffic (Essential Skill)

Lecture 10 [Expert Interview] Roberto from Google on Why GA4 is a Major Shift in Analytics

Lecture 11 Pirate Metrics! Let’s Expand Your View of Funnels

Lecture 12 [Intermediate] An Introduction to Digital Funnels and Conversion Points

Section 3: Accelerate Growth by Developing Personas & Focusing on Specific User Segments

Lecture 13 What if Your Focus was So Clear You Found Growth Hacks in Your Dreams?

Lecture 14 [Beginner] The Fundamentals of Segmentation for Growth Hackers

Lecture 15 [Expert Interview] Thomas Paris from MAD Kings on Segments and Acquisition

Lecture 16 [Intermediate] How to Build Personas and Needs Maps through Customer Interviews

Lecture 17 [Expert Interview] Alen Faljic from IDEO on Soft Data and Design Thinking

Lecture 18 What are the Building Blocks of a Growth Hacking Campaign?

Lecture 19 [Beginner] Three Growth Marketing Concepts We’ll Use Throughout the Course

Lecture 20 [B2C Case Study] Three Growth Levers Used to Grow a Hair Care Brand in the US

Section 4: Use Data to Learn Strategies and Run Your Growth Team

Lecture 21 You Don’t Need to Know Everything when You Have Data

Lecture 22 [Analyze Data] The Fundamentals of Lean Analytics (Beginner)

Lecture 23 [Focus on the Inputs] Find and Measure Your Leading Variables (Intermediate)

Lecture 24 SideBYSide: How to Build & Share Dynamic Analytics Reports w/ Google Data Studio

Lecture 25 [Prioritize Growth Ideas] How to Use the ICE System in Growth Hacking (Beginner)

Lecture 26 [Expert Interview] Tips on Starting a Growth Team w/ Pedro (GrowthHackers.com)

Lecture 27 [Work as a Team] 5 Hats: The Five Skills Needed to Hack Growth (Intermediate)

Lecture 28 Practicum: How to Brainstorm and Rank Growth Hacking Experiment Ideas

Section 5: Language/Market Fit: Content Creation, Email Marketing, and SEO

Lecture 29 What’s language/market fit?

Lecture 30 [Intermediate] Hacking Acquisition: The 8 Seconds Rule and Channel Testing

Lecture 31 Shelby Stephens from GrowthMatch Introduces the Concept of a Need Narrative

Lecture 32 Exercise: Create a Need Narrative with the Guide from GrowthMatch

Lecture 33 [Beginner] Write Better Copy for Your Emails, Blogs, Websites, etc.

Lecture 34 [Beginner] Send More Effective Marketing Emails

Lecture 35 [Intermediate] Three Advanced Email Marketing Implementations

Lecture 36 [Intermediate] Try These Methods to Increase Email List Signups

Lecture 37 SideBYSide: How to Use Email Marketing in Today’s Marketplace

Lecture 38 [Beginner] Five Must-know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Practices

Lecture 39 [Intermediate] The Five-Point SEO Checklist for Content Marketing

Lecture 40 [Expert Interview] Dave Shanley on Content Creation and SEO for Growth Marketing

Lecture 41 Practicum: Content Marketing Hacks with Matthew Guay (formerly @ Zapier)

Lecture 42 [Advanced] How do UTM codes help track the performance of content & ads?

Lecture 43 [Advanced] SideBYSide: Append UTM Codes to a Link

Lecture 44 [Expert Interview] Katie from Rebrandly on Link Management for Growth Marketers

Section 6: Landing Pages and UX: Where should you drive your traffic?

Lecture 45 What’s the Language Spoken by 65% of the Global Population?

Lecture 46 [Beginner] The Fundamentals of User Experience (UX)

Lecture 47 [Beginner] How to Design a Killer Landing Page

Lecture 48 [Beginner] SideBYSide: How to Use Hotjar to Record and Review User Behavior

Lecture 49 [Expert Interview] Brian Taylor from Amazon on UX and When to Use A/B Testing

Lecture 50 [Intermediate] Try these Five Methods to Increase Conversions

Section 7: TOFU: Top-of-the-Funnel Marketing

Lecture 51 Imagine Yourself Managing Your Own Digital Airport

Lecture 52 [Beginner] Paid Traffic: The Structure, Channels, and Metrics of Online Ads

Lecture 53 [Beginner] Paid Traffic: The Fundamentals of Setting Up Search (or “CPC”) Ads

Lecture 54 [Beginner] Paid Traffic: Audiences & the Basics of Social Media Ads vs. PPC

Lecture 55 [Expert Interview] Jack Paxton on iOS 15, COVID & Paid Traffic in 2023

Lecture 56 [Expert Interview] B2B Lead Generation through LinkedIn® with Gabe Villimizar

Lecture 57 [Expert Interview] Bob Green on Paid Leads and Qualification Systems

Lecture 58 [Practicum] Maja’s 3-part System to Generating B2B Leads Organically

Section 8: Growth’s Financial Equation: LTV, CAC, and Reverse Engineering Marketing Funnels

Lecture 59 Could Lifetime Customer Value Be the Most Important Marketing Metric?

Lecture 60 [Intermediate] How to Estimate Lifetime Customer Value and Acquisition Cost

Lecture 61 [Advanced] Place a Value at Each Point of Conversion in Your Funnel

Lecture 62 [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Estimate LTV and CAC of Different Personas (See Link)

Lecture 63 [Advanced] Real-world Cases of Data Privacy Laws Increasing CAC

Section 9: How to Go Viral? Social Media and Public Relations

Lecture 64 How to Mix Social Media and Public Relations to Expand Your Audience

Lecture 65 [Intermediate] What Factors Increase the “Viral Effect” of Content?

Lecture 66 [Intermediate] …but What Really Makes a Piece of Content “Go Viral?”

Lecture 67 [Expert Interview] Joy Schoffler from Leverage PR on Working the Media

Lecture 68 [Intermediate] No Money for a Publicist? Here are Some DIY Publicity Hacks

Section 10: Growth Hacking Retention: Acquisition is Expensive. Retention is Not.

Lecture 69 Where the Fun and Money Is (or Mr. Steve’s 100th Birthday Party)

Lecture 70 [Intermediate] The Fundamentals of Remarketing Based on User Behavior

Lecture 71 [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Build Audiences Who Engaged on Facebook or Instagram

Lecture 72 [Expert Interview] Simon Belak on Segmenting and Lifetime Customer Value

Lecture 73 [Advanced] SideBYSide: Let’s Target of Cart Abandoners and Engaged Traffic on FB

Lecture 74 [Intermediate] How to Define and Growth Hack Your Retention Cohorts

Lecture 75 Practicum: Using Online Communities and Customer Journey Mapping for Retention

Section 11: [Careers in Growth] 3 Growth Hacking Career Paths: Product, Consulting, and CRO

Lecture 76 A Short Introduction to the New Section on Careers in Growth Hacking

Lecture 77 [Expert Takeaways] Jeremy Epperson & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Lecture 78 [Expert Takeaways] Wes Bush on Specializing in Product-led Growth

Lecture 79 [Expert Takeaways] Chris Out on Building a Growth Agency via Your Personal Brand

Lecture 80 [Expert Takeaways] Maja Voje on How to Be Successful with Consulting Clients

Lecture 81 [Expert Takeaways] Sean Ellis’ Advice on Starting a Career in Growth Hacking

Section 12: Get Your 2023 Growth Hacking Certificate | Content Upgrade Journal

Lecture 82 Request Your 2023 Growth Hacking Certificate (after completing 100%)

Lecture 83 Your Course is Frequently Updated! Here’s the Upgrade Log Since 2015.

The course is ideal for people looking to grow an existing organization’s user or customer base, develop the skills necessary to launch a career in digital marketing, or seeking to add a digital component to their existing marketing skillset.

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Udemy | English | 7h 56m | 6.76 GB
Created by: Davis Jones

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