2023 Leadership Team ManagementDeveloping People Skills

Leadership & Team Development: Change Management Skills for Business Administration & Office Professionals
2023 Leadership Team ManagementDeveloping People Skills
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2023 Leadership Team ManagementDeveloping People Skills

What you’ll learn

Uncover the Essence of Leadership: Dive deep into the foundations and evolution of leadership concepts
Leadership vs. Management: Understand the intricate differences and where the two concepts overlap.
Mastering Leadership Styles: Explore diverse leadership styles and discover which resonates with you.
Phoenix Tech – A Transformational Journey: Analyze a real-world case study showcasing effective leadership in action.
Harness the Power of Delegation: Grasp the significance of delegation and its crucial role in leadership.
Strategies for Effective Delegation: Learn the art of discerning what, when, and whom to delegate.
Life after Delegating: Understand the transformation that occurs once tasks are efficiently delegated.
Conflict Resolution Toolkit: Decode the anatomy of conflicts and master strategies to resolve them with empathy.
Building a Conflict-Resilient Culture: Develop insights to foster a culture that thrives amidst challenges.
Effective Leadership Communication: Elevate your verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills tailored for leaders.
Active Listening: Master a key leadership skill that amplifies your understanding and rapport.
Leading Teams with Vision: Delve into the intricacies of team formation, performance optimization, and embracing diversity.
The Digital Era – Leading Virtual Teams: Equip yourself with skills to lead teams in an increasingly virtual world.
Crisis Management Blueprint: Learn the art of managing, anticipating, and communicating during crises.
Post-Crisis Growth: Understand the importance of reflection and growth after navigating through a crisis.
Emotional Intelligence – The Leadership Pillar: Discover why emotional intelligence is paramount for effective leadership.
Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence: Adopt strategies to enhance your EQ for better leadership outcomes.
Empathy in Leadership: Understand how empathy forms the core of emotional intelligence and its role in effective leadership.
Witness Emotional Intelligence in Action: Dive into a case study showcasing the power of EQ in leadership scenarios.
Course Conclusion: Summarize and integrate the plethora of leadership insights, readying you for real-world challenges.

2023 Leadership Team ManagementDeveloping People Skills


To enroll in our Leadership Course, participants should come with an open mind, ready to reflect and evolve in their understanding of leadership. While the course is designed for all proficiency levels, a basic grasp of workplace dynamics can enhance the learning experience. A computer or smartphone with a reliable internet connection is essential to access the course materials. Though not mandatory, individuals with prior management or team-leading experience might find certain concepts immediately applicable. Additionally, a commitment to completing all modules, a willingness to engage in discussions, and an intermediate proficiency in English will ensure a fruitful learning journey.


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, effective leadership is more crucial than ever. This comprehensive course offers an immersive dive into the nuances and intricacies of leadership, empowering you to lead with vision, empathy, and effectiveness.Course Highlights:Understanding Leadership Fundamentals: Start your journey with a deep dive into what leadership truly means. Explore its evolution over time and dissect the distinctions between leadership and management.Styles and Adaptability: Leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all. Explore various leadership styles, analyzing their merits and applications, underscored by the real-world case study of Phoenix Tech’s transformation.The Art of Delegation: Discover the immense power of effective delegation. Learn not just the ‘how,’ but the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘when’ of delegation, ensuring efficiency, trust, and growth in your team.Conflict Navigation: Equip yourself with the skills to identify, understand, and resolve conflicts. From understanding its roots to fostering a resilient culture and managing virtual team conflicts, master the art of turning challenges into opportunities.Communicate Like a Leader: Delve into the nuances of leadership communication. Hone your verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills and understand the pivotal role of active listening. A case study on communication breakdown further solidifies the lessons.Team Dynamics & Leadership: Understand the leader’s role in molding high-performing teams. Promote diversity, lead virtual teams, and ensure inclusion for a holistic team environment.Leadership in the Face of Crisis: Crisis situations test true leadership. Learn to manage, anticipate, and communicate during tumultuous times, all while growing and reflecting post-crisis.Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Emotional intelligence is a keystone of effective leadership. Dive deep into understanding and boosting your EQ, with a focus on empathy as its heart. Real-world applications are brought to life through a compelling case study.Conclusion: As the course culminates, integrate your newfound insights, forging your path to become a dynamic leader ready to face the multifaceted challenges of the modern world.


Section 1: What is Leadership?

Lecture 1 Defining Leadership

Lecture 2 The Evolution of Leadership

Lecture 3 Recipe for Leadership

Lecture 4 Untangling the Threads: Leadership vs. Management

Section 2: Leadership Styles

Lecture 5 Different Styles of Leadership

Lecture 6 Case Study: The Phoenix Tech Turnaround

Section 3: Delegation

Lecture 7 The Importance of Delegation in Leadership

Lecture 8 Understanding What, Who & When to Delegate

Lecture 9 A Comprehensive Guide to Delegation Part 1

Lecture 10 A Comprehensive Guide to Delegation Part 2

Lecture 11 Life Post Delegation

Section 4: Navigating Workplace Conflicts: Effective Resolution Strategies

Lecture 12 The Anatomy of Conflict: Understanding its Roots and Impact

Lecture 13 Recognizing Conflict Styles: Know Your Approach

Lecture 14 Navigating through Conflict: Empathy and Active Listening

Lecture 15 Mastering Conflict Resolution Strategies

Lecture 16 Maintaining Relationships Post-Conflict

Lecture 17 Fostering a Conflict-Resilient Culture

Lecture 18 Resolving Conflict in Virtual Teams

Lecture 19 Case Study: Poor resolution and A well-managed conflict.

Section 5: Leadership Communication

Lecture 20 The Power of Effective Communication in Leadership

Lecture 21 Types of Leadership Communication: Verbal, Non-verbal & Written

Lecture 22 Active Listening: A Key Leadership Skill

Lecture 23 Navigating Difficult Conversations as a Leader

Lecture 24 Case Study: A Communication Breakdown

Section 6: Building and Leading Teams

Lecture 25 The Leader’s Role in Team Formation

Lecture 26 Leading High-Performing Teams

Lecture 27 Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Teams

Lecture 28 Leading a Virtual Team

Section 7: Leadership in Crisis

Lecture 29 Crisis Management and Leadership

Lecture 30 Anticipating and Preparing for Crises

Lecture 31 Communicating During Crises

Lecture 32 Learning from Crises: Post-Crisis Reflection and Growth

Lecture 33 Case Study: Leadership Under Fire

Section 8: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 34 Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 35 Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

Lecture 36 Strategies to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 37 Empathy: The Heart of Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 38 Case Study: Emotional Intelligence in Action

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 39 Conclusion

This course is tailor-made for individuals at various stages of their leadership journey, from budding managers eager to lay a strong foundational understanding of leadership dynamics, to seasoned professionals aiming to refine and expand their leadership toolkit. It’s an invaluable resource for those navigating the complexities of team management, aspiring to lead with emotional intelligence, or seeking effective conflict resolution and communication strategies. Moreover, anyone interested in fostering a robust, inclusive, and conflict-resilient team culture, be it in traditional or virtual settings, will find this course particularly beneficial.

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