2023 Mobile App Marketing App Store Optimization ASO

ASO Growth hacking for mobile app & game marketing ( iOS and Android). App Store Optimization ASO and digital marketing
2023 Mobile App Marketing App Store Optimization ASO
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Darius Mora: Best-Selling for Marketing & AI


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2023 Mobile App Marketing App Store Optimization ASO

What you’ll learn

This mobile app marketing masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to promote your app to millions of users. The simple, step-by-step, over-the-shoulder instructions will cover all important topics like App Store Optimisation, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Universal App Campaigns, Search Ads and much more.
App Store Optimisation and how to get tons of downloads for free
How to get featured in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using ASO
Difference between SEO vs. ASO and how to create the right strategy
How to create amazing app icons, screenshots and videos that convert users
Case study: how to launch and get thousands of pre-orders
How to take advantage of the amazing A.A.R.R.R. model
How to monetise your app and choose the right pricing strategy
How to get free users with proper marketing
How to scale your app and use paid marketing with ASO
How to grow your social media profiles and get free influencers
How to avoid un-installs and increase “retention”

2023 Mobile App Marketing App Store Optimization ASO


Have an idea for an app
OR be currently building an app
OR have already launched an app


“These lessons are clear and Straight to the point! He really knows the app market and how to be successful! I Already feel i know what my strategy will be for my business.” – Derrick Dandin”Wow amazing course! Great flow, not a discombobulated mess like some of the other app courses. Taking copious notes!” – Matt Menster”As a mobile app developer, I can create amazing apps, but I had no idea how to market the app. Darius really know what he’s doing. He walks you step by step so that you know what you are doing. Highly recommend.” – Lubomir Klucka”I really was not expecting to learn so much about app marketing! Darius is definitely knowledgeable on the topic, and I cannot wait to use all the tools he talked about and to apply all the strategies he explained!” – Vess Gueorguieva________________________________________________________________This course is designed for people who are in the process of launching an app or have already done so and want to get more users in order to generate more revenue with ASO. I’m not just a theoretical teacher, I am currently growing a massive app business AND consulting other people who are launching their apps and want to get more quality users. My consulting rate is too high if you’re just starting out which is why I have created this affordable course. What you can expect: 1. I will give you the 2019 strategies and trends that are moving the app business right now.2. I will show you step-by-step as I launch a new app and offer an over-the-shoulder view of everything I am doing and how you can do the same3. You will get me personally to give you a free audit of your app set-up, strategy, ASO, acquisition, pricing, monetisation and more. Bonus: 1. How to get featured on the App Store or Play Store (it’s not as easy as filling out the /promo form)2. How to get influencers for free and get free promotion3. How to raise capital for your app if you want to create a “real” company, not just a lifestyle business Why this course is different: 1. We are going to be REVENUE-FOCUSED with ASO. It’s easy to get a lot of install (that are worthless in dollar value), but we will dive deep into strategies, techniques and tips on generating AND growing your revenue. 2. This is the most up-to-date course. it was all recorded in 2019 and I go back at least once a week to update the content and record new videos based on the latest strategies that work. 3. This is the most comprehensive course about app marketing you will find online. I have recorded everything I know from my 8+ years of app marketing experience. REMEMBER: there is a 30-day money back guarantee. No risk. You can go through the entire course and if you don’t like it, simply get your money back. No questions asked.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 What you will learn

Lecture 3 How to use this course

Lecture 4 Meet your instructor

Lecture 5 Bonus: Continue learning with me

Lecture 6 Bonus: Discount code for my #1 best-selling course

Lecture 7 What’s next

Section 2: ASO Fundamentals

Lecture 8 Introduction

Lecture 9 ASO vs. SEO

Lecture 10 What really is ASO?

Lecture 11 How to easily & quickly get the perfect icon

Lecture 12 What screenshots convert best to installs?

Lecture 13 What are the ultimate Android screenshots?

Lecture 14 How to get incredible screenshots?

Lecture 15 How to level up with App Store videos

Lecture 16 Metadata & keywords for more installs

Lecture 17 Next step

Section 3: Metadata for ASO

Lecture 18 Introduction

Lecture 19 How to create the ultimate Title (iOS)

Lecture 20 Craft a Subtitle that will get you more installs (iOS)

Lecture 21 How to optimise your Keyword Field (iOS)

Lecture 22 The ultimate App Store description (iOS)

Lecture 23 Other iOS metadata pieces

Lecture 24 The perfect Android Title

Lecture 25 Short Description to get more installs

Lecture 26 The ideal Long Description (Android)

Lecture 27 Get AI to do the work for you

Lecture 28 Keywords vs. Keyphrases

Lecture 29 Next step

Section 4: Advanced ASO

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 How to analyse keywords

Lecture 32 ASO ranking factors you need to know

Lecture 33 How to be #1 on any keyword

Lecture 34 How to find the perfect keyword for your app or game

Lecture 35 How to find the perfect keyword for your app or game (continued)

Lecture 36 Use App Store Version Experiments to become #1 (iOS)

Lecture 37 Use Play Store Experiments to become #1 (Android)

Lecture 38 Next step

Section 5: ASO like a PRO

Lecture 39 Localise your app or game and get more global installs

Lecture 40 How to get amazing Ratings & Reviews

Lecture 41 How to get feared and become the App or Game Of The Day

Lecture 42 Use Live events to get more free marketing (iOS)

Lecture 43 The hidden traffic from WatchOS and WearOS

Lecture 44 Get the edge by harnessing tablet ASO

Lecture 45 How App Clips lead to more revenue (iOS)

Lecture 46 Next step

Section 6: How To Get Free Marketing

Lecture 47 Introduction

Lecture 48 Short-format, vertical video (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels)

Lecture 49 Long-format, horizontal video (YouTube)

Lecture 50 Text-based (LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, Blogs)

Lecture 51 Audio-based (Podcasts)

Lecture 52 Group based (Reddit, Facebook)

Lecture 53 PR-based

Lecture 54 Next step

Section 7: Scale your business by building a money-printing machine with paid marketing

Lecture 55 Introduction

Lecture 56 How to get low-cost, top-performing content for your ads

Lecture 57 How to solve the Attribution problem

Lecture 58 My Four-Step-Testing-System

Lecture 59 How to hardness the adverting power of Google (Android & iOS)

Lecture 60 Easiest advertising tool: Search Ads (iOS)

Lecture 61 How billion-dollar companies are created through Facebook & Instagram ads

Lecture 62 Become an industry leader on TikTok

Lecture 63 Bonus Interview: paid marketing vs. organic growth

Lecture 64 Bonus Interview: Acquire companies, not just users

Lecture 65 Bonus Interview: Acquire companies, not just users (continued)

Lecture 66 Bonus Interview: Acquire companies, not just users (continued)

Lecture 67 Next steps

Section 8: Bonus interviews

Lecture 68 Bonus Interview: Grow your app with TikTok

Lecture 69 AMA (Ask Me Anything) with SubClub

Lecture 70 Live review of apps with App Masters

Lecture 71 Live review of apps with App Masters (2)

Lecture 72 How much should you pay for app install on Facebook Ads?

Section 9: Congratulations

Lecture 73 What you learned and what to do next

Anyone who is thinking about launching an app,OR anyone who is currently launching an app,OR anyone who has already launched but want to do better

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 1m | 12.43 GB
Created by: Darius Mora: Best-Selling for Marketing & AI

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