2023 Professional Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

Get Your Lean 6 Sigma White Belt Certification With Ease By Enrolling In This Course
2023 Professional Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification
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2023 Professional Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

What you’ll learn

What is Six Sigma?
What is Lean?
Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Language
Lean Six Sigma History
Lean Six Sigma Core Beliefs
Lean Six Sigma Big Concepts for the Organization
DMAIC: Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge
Levels of Certifications and Roles
Seven Basic Quality Tools
Case Studies

2023 Professional Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification


There Are No Requirements Necessary To Enroll. I Only Ask To Come Open-Minded And Ready To Learn.


————————————————–*** WHY IS THIS COURSE CONSIDERED A TOP-RATED AND BEST-SELLING FOR THE LEAN SIX SIGMA CATEGORY ON UDEMY? *** *** SEE BELOW WHAT STUDENTS ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS COURSE! ***————————————————–5***** Star RatingEasy to follow through, not complicated long explanations. Concise and no time wasting-Albert N5***** Star RatingThis is very powerful for those who need to build a solid background in Six Sigma!I extremely enjoyed learning this course.I strongly recommend it to other students! Overall, this is top-notch. You have a 5-star rating from me so far. Great job!-Syed P5***** Star RatingWell, from my side this course is a big thumbs up to everyone out there looking for making a career in the field of Six Sigma. The tutor is a very easy-to-go person in terms of teaching and it’s really worth your time and money. This journey is really engaging and I loved it.-Leah R————————————————–COMPLETE COURSE DESCRIPTION:————————————————–Hi! I am ROBERT PYRE, an engineer, a professional in manufacturing, and a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. I will be your instructor in this series of lectures on Lean Six Sigma – to guide you on how the philosophy delivers breakthroughs in your work or business.Lean Six Sigma is a body of knowledge – a large umbrella of concepts, methodology, and tools with varying levels of complexity and understanding. But don’t be scared or lose your enthusiasm. We will begin with the basics. The goal of this course is to introduce you to the core concepts and build the foundation.What is Lean Six Sigma? Who is it for? What is its methodology? How will the business benefit from it?  You will be able to answer those questions as we go along the lessons.Lean Six Sigma is a combination of Lean and Six Sigma. Lean focuses on the reduction of waste in the processes through standard work while Six Sigma aims to reduce the variations through analytical and statistical tools. Their combined objectives make Lean Six Sigma a powerful discipline in improving performance across different industries or operations.Why Six Sigma? Six Sigma level means 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Achieving this quality standard is one of the answers to increasing the value of a product or service to delight the ever-growing expectations of the customers.This is virtually zero defect – no more rejects in the manufacturing line or lost luggage for every thousand opportunities.How does Six Sigma feel? If you are traveling in a plane, there is almost zero probability of major disaster. You will arrive at your destination safely with utmost certainty.Six Sigma is twenty-thousand times better than the 3-sigma level! And in a highly competitive landscape of business, this is beneficial. How can this be achieved?Six Sigma is more than just a statistical concept. It is a process improvement methodology to understand and reduce the variations that cause defects. Six Sigma is based on deterministic reasoning. This philosophy is generally illustrated by Y equals f of X, where Y is the output, X is the input and the function is the process or transformation that relates the Y and X. In simpler terms, the outputs or the effect or the problem happens because of the changes in the inputs or the causes.In this course, we will LEARN about:- What is Six Sigma?- What is Lean?- Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Language,- History of Lean Six Sigma,- Lean Six Sigma Core Beliefs,- Lean Six Sigma Big Ideas for Organization,- and much more.At the end of the course, you will be able to understand:- DMAIC: Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge,- Levels of Certification and Roles,- Seven Popular Quality Tools,- And everything you need to get your professional white belt certificationWe will also learn to understand these concepts by looking at case studies to strengthen these theoretical concepts.The ideal student for this course is either a beginner who wants to get certified in lean six sigma, a student who wants to learn, or a professional who wants to expand on their current skills.There are no requirements necessary to enroll. I only ask you to come open-minded and ready to learn.Feel free to take a look at the course description and I look forward to seeing you inside. Thank you!!————————————————–


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course

Section 2: What is Lean Six Sigma

Lecture 2 What is Six Sigma?

Lecture 3 Activities Introduction

Lecture 4 What is Lean?

Lecture 5 Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Language

Lecture 6 Lean Six Sigma History

Lecture 7 Lean Six Sigma Core Beliefs

Section 3: Lean Six Sigma Big Concepts For Organization

Lecture 8 Lean Six Sigma Big Concepts for the Organization (Part 1)

Lecture 9 Lean Six Sigma Big Concepts for the Organization (Part 2)

Section 4: DMAIC: Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge

Lecture 10 DMAIC: Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge

Section 5: Levels of Certifications and Roles

Lecture 11 Levels of Certifications and Roles

Section 6: Seven Basic Quality Tools

Lecture 12 Seven Basic Quality Tools

Section 7: Case Studies

Lecture 13 Case Stuidies

Section 8: Lean Six Sigma White Belt Exam

Section 9: Summary

Lecture 14 Summary

The Ideal Student For This Course Is Anyone Who Wants To Learn About Lean Six Sigma Or An Existing Professional Who Wants To Expand On Their Current Skills.

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