2023 Spring smoothie challenge

Re-boot and Re-fresh into spring with four weeks of healthy, energizing smoothies!
2023 Spring smoothie challenge
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Janne De Jong


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2023 Spring smoothie challenge

What you’ll learn

Start off the spring 2023 with more energy and joy!
Re-boot and re-fresh you system in a fun way!
Learn how to mix and blend ingredients to create health and energy!
Learn the nutrition behind a healthy smoothie – easy and understandable!

2023 Spring smoothie challenge


A blender
No other requirements, you will learn everything needed!
All recipes will be included
Prep lists included, to take straight to the grocery store


Welcome to a colorful, fun smoothie challenge!This program teaches you how to shift from sugar-bomb smoothies to healthy, tasty smoothies for longevity, well-being and vitamin-boosts!Healthy smoothies are perfect as a breakfast alternative, a top up before working out, super for giving kids their vitamins, fibers and good fats in a package they actually like, great for after school meals for teens and of course: The go-to choice for people with busy lifestyles.The program consists of four weeks of smoothie making, teachign you everything you need to know to keep building your smoothie habit. It is a complete program where you learn how to combine and design colorful, tasty and healthy smoothies full of greens, fresh fruits, fibers, seeds, vegetables and superfoods for long-lasting energy and no unhealthy blood sugar peaks! For each week we will add more stuff, ending in week four with the healthiest and greatest smoothies! Everything is prepared for you: Weekly programs with motivational videoes, recipes and shopping lists. All you have to do is blend!Course outline:Week 1 – Basic healthy smoothiesWeek 2 – All about anti-oxidantsWeek 3 – Adding healthy seeds and oilsWeek 4 – Green smoothie weekJoin us for a playful program with possibilities to connect to other participants in Facebook and Instagram.


Section 1: Week 0 – Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The basic equipment

Lecture 3 Prepping

Lecture 4 Ingredients we will use

Lecture 5 Find your way through the course

Lecture 6 One additional challenge!

Section 2: Week 1 – Getting started with smoothies

Lecture 7 Introduction to the week

Lecture 8 The smoothies you will make this week!

Section 3: Week 2 – Antioxidants smoothies

Lecture 9 Introduction to the week

Lecture 10 The smoothies you will make this week!

Section 4: Week 3 – Healthy fat and fibers

Lecture 11 Introduction to the week

Lecture 12 The smoothies you will make this week!

Section 5: Week 4 – Green smoothies

Lecture 13 Introduction to the week

Lecture 14 The smoothies you will make this week!

Lecture 15 End notes from Janne

Lecture 16 Resources

People and families looking to re-boot, re-fresh and re-energize in a fun way!,No need to change all your habits, just add a smoothie a day and see how things start to change!,The smoothies are kid-friendly, fun to make and with great colors!,Do you already blend smoothies? Learn to upgrade your smoothies from sugar bombs to health bombs (without loosing taste)!,Learn the nutrition theory behind healthy smoothies to be able to compose your own,A complete program to follow, six weeks with one easy smoothie recipe a day

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 1.10 GB
Created by: Janne De Jong

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