3 Months to Financial Freedom with AI

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to earn online. Quit your job by following our simple approach.
3 Months to Financial Freedom with AI
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3 Months to Financial Freedom with AI

What you’ll learn

Leverage A.I to earn significant income online
Cash in before the A.I window closes Seize an opportunity bigger than buying Bitcoin in 2011 or knowing SEO in the 90’s
No getting behind a camera or selling over the phone. This A.I course is designed for introverts
How to develop a bulletproof mindset
Finding the perfect niche for you
Creating a beautiful online brand that has authority
The inside track on how to use the A.I tools that are going to take the world by storm in 2023 (Not just ChatGPT)
No fluff. We encourage our students to focus on the tasks that will give them the highest ROI and the quickest route to financial freedom.

3 Months to Financial Freedom with AI


Internet access
Anyone can take this course and be successful with our strategies if they put in the work up front


Imagine waking up in a new destination every day, working from your laptop, and earning passive income from an online business. Think azure waters, catching a sunset with a cold margarita in hand and knowing you have financial freedom. The constructs of your boss, your desk, the commute and cold winters do not have to be your reality. We want to give you all the tools to quit your job and make your first $10k+ per month online. Why now is the time for A.IWe are blessed. For generations, escaping the rat-race was an almost insurmountable task. Now, with nothing but an internet connection, people all over the world are able to forge a life of abundance, freedom to travel and financial independence.It’s exactly what we did, and I want you to join us on this journey.Since the explosion of the internet, more millionaires than you can count have made fortunes from eCommerce, SEO and dropshipping models. More recently from cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse.We are at the very beginning of another shift in technology that will dwarf all of these. Artificial intelligence might be the largest step forward in our existence since man walked on the moon. It has the power to change pretty much everything.We are just a few months in, and it is truly in its infancy.A.I is for everyoneRight now, people are figuring out how to monetize the technology while the rest of the world tries to catch up. They will in the months to come, but right now there is an opportunity to leverage A.I to make money in ways (and at a speed) that was just not possible before.Anyone can adopt this approach and start earning within a matter of weeks. In three months, it’s completely viable to be earning $10k per month so you can quit your job.This course is for everyone. You do not need technical skills, SEO or the ability to code. Our course is not a deep dive into understanding of how machine learning works. You do not need to have large sums of money to invest either. Our model allows our students to bootstrap on an incredibly small budget.A.I course outlineOur course will cover everything from setting a realistic timeline for you to achieve financial freedom, developing the right mindset, picking the perfect niche, creating a strong brand, building an online presence while mastering the A.I tools you will need to succeed.We give you the skills, and you give 90 days. 90 days of hard work, minimal distractions and deep focus to change your life forever.Do not let A.I be another opportunity missedWe passed on things like crypto and NFTs then read article-after-article a year later about how people made fortunes. We did not let the opportunity of A.I pass us by, and it was the greatest decision of our lives.Of course, you are completely free to make your own decisions, but this is not climbing a ladder from the bottom and competing against people that have been doing something for years.You are on the cutting edge. You are in completely the right place at the right time where action will yield an outsized return on your investment.As the days tick by, the window of opportunity will close.Invest a little in yourself today, and change the rest of your life.


Section 1: Getting started with A.I

Lecture 1 A message from the founders

Lecture 2 Welcome, and what A.I could mean for you.

Lecture 3 Your mindset

Section 2: The agency model

Lecture 4 Your core services

Lecture 5 Niche selection and branding

Lecture 6 Your website

Section 3: Integrating artificial intelligence

Lecture 7 How A.I can help us

Lecture 8 The cost of business

Section 4: The tech stack

Lecture 9 Your toolkit part 1

Lecture 10 Your toolkit part 2

Section 5: Getting clients

Lecture 11 Perfecting your pitch

Lecture 12 Your pricing

Section 6: Final thoughts

Lecture 13 Final thoughts, and thankyou

Lecture 14 Glossary of course material

Section 7: Bonus

Lecture 15 Bonus Lecture

Those that want to quit their job, work from a laptop anywhere in the world and build passive income

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Created by: Sam and Lauren

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