3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya

Start your 3D Animation Journey and Learn the Core Fundamentals with these Easy to Follow Exercises and Projects in Maya
3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya
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3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya

What you’ll learn

You will feel comfortable with Maya interface and know how to navigate in the scene, use different shortcuts and tools to animate and make your work faster
You will learn the fundamental principles of animation and know how to apply them to simple objects to create believable motion
You will know how to convey emotion of your character through clear posing by using the line of action and silhouette
Animate a bouncing ball with different timing and spacing that way expressing the weight, material and mood of the object
Create a simple vanilla walk cycle which works as a base for all the other types of animation pieces
Animate a more complex walk cycle by adding some props to you character and using constraints

3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya


No need to have any previous experience with 3D animation or Maya.
You should have Autodesk Maya installed to be able to follow along with this course.


Start your 3D animation journey with CGBLAST and take your first steps towards a career in the film and games industry!If you’re curious about the 3D world and would like to learn how to bring different objects or characters to life, but don’t know where to start, this 3D animation course for beginners will teach you how to animate from scratch. No prior knowledge is needed.In these classes you will learn how to use Autodesk Maya software and how to set up a professional workflow for animating. Our main objective is to introduce you to 12 principles of animation throughout different tasks and projects which will help you build a solid foundation in 3D animation.How is this course structured?Our 3d animation course has been divided into 9 bigger sections, and each of them you should be able to complete within one week.At the beginning of the course we are focusing on short and simple animation tasks which will help you get familiarized with the Maya software and its toolset.As you move forward with each section we go over the theory of a new animation principle and gradually create more complex animations.Finally, once you’ve covered the majority of the fundamental principles of animation and feel comfortable with Maya’s tools, we move onto character animation and create the most intricate animation pieces of the course: a change in character emotion, a ‘vanilla’ walk cycle and a more personalized walk cycle.


Section 1: Introduction to Maya & Animation Tools

Lecture 1 Maya Interface & Timeline

Lecture 2 Maya Interface & Keyframes

Lecture 3 Maya Interface & Graph Editor

Lecture 4 Maya Interface & Object Speed

Section 2: Introduction to Maya & Rig

Lecture 5 3D Rig: Bones, Controls

Lecture 6 Maya Interface & Scene Improvement

Lecture 7 Airplane Flight: Root Control Animation

Lecture 8 Airplane Flight: Propeller Animation

Section 3: Principles of Animation: Posing

Lecture 9 Posing: Line of Action, Silhouette

Lecture 10 Rig Overview

Lecture 11 Posing the Character: Part I

Lecture 12 Posing the Character: Part II

Section 4: Principles of Animation: Timing & Spacing, Ease In & Ease Out

Lecture 13 Timing & Spacing

Lecture 14 Ease In & Ease Out

Lecture 15 Simple Ball Bounce

Lecture 16 Complete Ball Bounce

Section 5: Principles of Animation: Squash & Stretch, Anticipation

Lecture 17 Squash & Stretch

Lecture 18 Improving the Ball Bounce

Lecture 19 Anticipation Theory

Lecture 20 Anticipation Jump

Section 6: Principles of Animation: Overlapping Action & Follow Through, Arcs

Lecture 21 Overlapping Action & Follow Through, Arcs

Lecture 22 Grass Wave

Lecture 23 Arm Swing

Lecture 24 Character Turn: Key Poses

Lecture 25 Character Turn: Adding Overlap

Section 7: Principles of Animation: Overview

Lecture 26 Workflow Overview

Lecture 27 Pose Analysis

Lecture 28 Mood Change: Key Poses

Lecture 29 Mood Change: Breakdown Poses

Lecture 30 Mood Change: Inbetweens

Lecture 31 Mood Change: Final Polish

Section 8: Vanilla Walk Cycle

Lecture 32 Walk Cycle Theory

Lecture 33 Contact Poses

Lecture 34 Breakdown Poses

Lecture 35 Adding More Flexibility

Lecture 36 Arm Movement

Lecture 37 Leg Movement & Final Polish

Section 9: Working with Constraints: Walk Cycle with an Object

Lecture 38 Introduction & Rig Overview

Lecture 39 Hand Driven Prop Constraint

Lecture 40 Prop Driven Hand Constraint

Lecture 41 Prop to Both Hands Constraint

Lecture 42 Walk Cycle: Key Poses

Lecture 43 Walk Cycle: Timing Adjustments & Final Polish

This course is for anyone who wants to know how to use Autodesk Maya software and how to set up a professional workflow for animating.,This course was designed for beginners that want to learn how to animate from scratch and lay a solid foundation for future work.,This course is meant for anyone that wishes to take their first steps towards a career in the film and games industry.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 48m | 2.67 GB
Created by: CG BLAST

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