5 Day BreathWork Level 1 for Anxiety Depression Relief

Transformational breath-work practices for peace, clarity, joy.
5 Day BreathWork Level 1 for Anxiety Depression Relief
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5 Day BreathWork Level 1 for Anxiety Depression Relief

What you’ll learn

5 Powerful Transformational Breath-work Practices
Education on the importance of correct breathing
Why just breath-work alone can create lasting healing
There’s nothing wrong with you, you just haven’t learned the tools to live a calm and joyous life

5 Day BreathWork Level 1 for Anxiety Depression Relief




Breathing is a necessity of life that usually occurs without much thought. When you breathe in, blood cells receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a waste product that’s carried back through your body and exhaled.Improper breathing can upset the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and contribute to anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, and other physical and emotional disturbances.When people are anxious, they tend to take rapid, shallow breaths that come directly from the chest. This type of breathing, called thoracic or chest breathing, causes an upset in the body’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, resulting in increased heart rate, dizziness, muscle tension, and other physical sensations. Your blood is not being properly oxygenated, and this may signal a stress response that contributes to anxiety and panic attacks.The 11 breath-work techniques taught in this course, on the other hand, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is part of the peripheral nervous system responsible for regulating heartbeat, blood flow, breathing, and digestion.In this course you’ll learn how to use breathing exercises to help integrate trauma and relieve feelings of anxiety and stress. You will move through an 11 day journey learning and practicing 11 different breath-work practices, each with their own potent transformational abilities that are proven to bring you quick relief that lasts.


Section 1: Day 1 – Introduction & Left Nostril Breathing

Lecture 1 Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2 Lecture 3: Left Nostril Breathing

Section 2: Day 2

Lecture 3 Belly Breathing/Diaphragmatic Breathing

Section 3: Day 3

Lecture 4 5: 7: 8 Breathing

Section 4: Day 4

Lecture 5 Humming Breath

Section 5: Day 5

Lecture 6 Pursed Lips Breath

Anyone interested in learning how breath-work can transform your life.

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Created by: Jolie Wilson

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