50 Informatica Interview Scenarios Solved

Informatica Scenarios Practically Solved with explanation.
50 Informatica Interview Scenarios Solved
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50 Informatica Interview Scenarios Solved

What you’ll learn

You will be able to crack interviews, answer the scenario based questions in interviews and approaches to solve given scenarios
Example: Divide the data in two half & load in two separate table

50 Informatica Interview Scenarios Solved


Understanding of Informatica ETL Tool


These are 50 Informatica ETL Scenario based solution which will help learners to enhance and be more confident on this technology. Professionals can implement these on their laptops and understand the logic written which will help them to grow technically and also enhance broader vision when a problem statement comes in front of them.Informatica ETL Tool is widely used in many MNCs and having a sound knowledge in ETL Tool will help them to be on top of their toes in industry.


Section 1: Informatica ETL Interview Scenarios

Lecture 1 Scnr_1_Converting_Column_to_Rows

Lecture 2 Scnr_2_Split_NonKey_Columns

Lecture 3 Scnr_3_Generating_SeqNo_Using_Exp_Trnfn

Lecture 4 Scnr_4_Separating_Dup_NonDup_Records

Lecture 5 Scnr_5_SplittingRecords_Cyclic_Orderof_10

Lecture 6 Scnr_6_Concatenating_Values

Lecture 7 Scnr_7_Cumulative_Sum_Salary

Lecture 8 Scnr_8_Adding_Previous_Row_Salary_Only

Lecture 9 Scnr_9_Generating_Filename_Dynamically

Lecture 10 Scnr_10_Removing_Dollar_Sign

Lecture 11 Scnr_11_Unique_City_Distance

Lecture 12 Scnr_12_Using_Mapping_Parameter_in_ParamFile

Lecture 13 Scnr_13_Sending_Data_One_After_Another_in_Three_Tbls

Lecture 14 Scnr_14_Count_No_of_Vowels_Consonants

Lecture 15 Scnr_15_Removing_Special_Char

Lecture 16 Scnr_16_Days_Difference_2_Days

Lecture 17 Scnr_17_Date_Difference_in_Hrs

Lecture 18 Scnr_18_Adding_Days_to_Date

Lecture 19 Scnr_19_Display_Emp_Joined_in_Curr_Month_&_Year

Lecture 20 Scnr_20_Extracting_FNAME_MNAME_LNAME

Lecture 21 Scnr_21_Convert_Number_Value_to_Date

Lecture 22 Scnr_22_Checking_Hiredate_Column

Lecture 23 Scnr_23_Separating_H_D_F

Lecture 24 Scnr_24_Dup_NonDup_in_2_Method

Lecture 25 Scnr_25_Previous_Row_Salary_Current_Row

Lecture 26 Scnr_26_Next_Row_Sal_Curr_Row

Lecture 27 Scnr_27_Sum_of_Sal_Repeat_On_All_Rows

Lecture 28 Scnr_28_Concatenate_Values_Per_ID_Column

Lecture 29 Scnr_29_Concatenate_All_Values

Lecture 30 Scnr_30_Concatenate_Values_ID_Column_Only

Lecture 31 Scnr_31_Slit_Half_Records_Into_Separate_Table

Lecture 32 Scnr_32_Except_Last_5_Records

Lecture 33 Scnr_33_Split_Odd_Even_Records

Lecture 34 Scnr_34_Use_Mapping_Parameter_In_Paramfile

Lecture 35 Scnr_35_Generate_Seq_via_SQL_Transf

Lecture 36 Scnr_36_Generate_FF_Dynamically_Deptno

Lecture 37 Scnr_37_Load_Mutliple_Files_In_Single_File

Lecture 38 Scnr_38_First_Last_Record_Same_Table

Lecture 39 Scnr_39_Firt_Last_Record_With_One_Agg_Trsnf

Lecture 40 Scnr_40_Replace_Dollar_With_Rupee_Sign

Lecture 41 Scnr_41_Top_3_Sal_Records_Without_Rank_Trsnf

Lecture 42 Scnr_42_Extracting_Every_5th_Row

Lecture 43 Scnr_43_First_3_Records

Lecture 44 Scnr_44_Last_3_Records

Lecture 45 Scnr_45_Run_3rd_Session_After_3_Runs_Only

Lecture 46 Scnr_46_Divide_Records_In_2_Half_Using_MV_WV

Lecture 47 Scnr_47_Load_Data_Based_On_Runs

Lecture 48 Scnr_48_Creating_Email_Id_From_Diff_Columns

Lecture 49 Scnr_49_Breaking_Emailid_In_Diff_Columns

Lecture 50 Scnr_50_Returning_Multiple_Values_Via_Unconn_Lkp

Anyone who wants to learn Informatica ETL and get Practical Hands on Interview Scenarios

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