7 Principles of Effective Feedback

Learn the invaluable skill of giving powerful feedback to others. For managers, sales professionals, and others.
7 Principles of Effective Feedback
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7 Principles of Effective Feedback

What you’ll learn

Understand the psychology behind feedback to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence
Apply 7 Principles of Effective Feedback to give the right feedback at the right time
Apply feedback structures like FBI to deliver negative feedback appropriately, and CRC to deliver balanced feedback
Reduce anxiety and discomfort around feedback

7 Principles of Effective Feedback


An open mind and a drive to grow to become a better, more effective person and leader.


Giving feedback causing you trouble? Don’t worry, it can be a real challenge for us all.First, congratulations on your interest to learn the invaluable skill of giving feedback. This makes you a rare individual – few people are willing and growth-orientated enough to take time for such things.The principles taught in this course are used by top leaders (such as Simon Sinek and Sheila Heen) and World Class public speaking coaches. Understand the principles, and become a more influential and confident leader, manager or sales professional, or whichever other relevant position you hold.Course Outcomes:- Deliver effective feedback to influence others positively- Understand when and how to give positive or negative feedback- Experience the freedom of giving feedback to others without anxiety- Understand your unique personal style of giving and receiving feedback- Overcome your insecurities, and seek feedback without fear- Develop a culture of feedback in your team or organisationYou will learn:- 7 Principles of Effective Feedback- Psychology of Feedback- FBI and CRC Structures- Skills Analysis- 100/100 Concept- Receiving feedbackBecome a priceless asset to your organisation as you build a culture of feedback, leading by example. Discover aspects of yourself you were not aware of, and how the way you like to receive feedback affects how you give it. Learn how to give feedback in a way which builds people up, and develops trusting and strong relationships.You’ll leave this course with an understanding of others which will grow and develop over the years to come.


Section 1: 7 Principles of Effective Feedback

Lecture 1 Introduction, Course Structure, and Starting Exercises

Lecture 2 Psychology of Feedback

Lecture 3 7 Principles of Effective Feedback

Lecture 4 Skills Analysis and Structuring

Lecture 5 Communication Style

Lecture 6 Receiving Feedback

Lecture 7 Final Recap

Managers & salespeople as well as coaches, teachers, and anyone else.

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Created by: Lewis Foggie

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