KPOP Girl Crush concept Dances

Get to learn some amazing K-POP dances full of powerful girl crush moves!
KPOP Girl Crush concept Dances
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KPOP Girl Crush concept Dances

What you’ll learn

Girl Crush concept K-POP dances
Tips for Improving Dance Performance
Build your confidence, improve your body coordination and control
Enhance your overall physical fitness

KPOP Girl Crush concept Dances


Basic Dance Movements


Welcome to K-POP Girl Crush concept Dances course with NROUND.The K-POP Girl Crush concept Dances course is designed to teach dancers of all levels how to perform powerful and stylish choreography to some of the most popular girl crush songs in the K-Pop industry. This course features four popular songs: Red Velvet – IRENE SEULGI’s “Monster”, VIVZ X Kep1er’s “Purr Purr”, and EverGlow’s “Dun Dun” and “First”.Throughout the course, you will learn a variety of dance moves, ranging from sharp and powerful movements to fluid and graceful steps, all of which perfectly embody the girl crush concept. The course is designed to challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone, while still being accessible to dancers of all levels.The instructors will guide you through each dance step-by-step, breaking down the choreography and providing helpful tips to improve your technique and style. They will also provide guidance on how to infuse your own personality and interpretation into the dance to make it truly your own.By the end of the course, you will have learned four complete dances, each with its own unique style and feel. You will have gained a deeper understanding of the girl crush concept and how to embody it in your dancing. Whether you’re a fan of K-Pop, a seasoned dancer, or a beginner, the K-POP Girl Crush concept Dances course is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, have fun, and learn some amazing dance moves.The course “K-POP Girl Crush concept Dances” is recommend to anyone who loves K-Pop and wants to learn how to dance like their favorite girl groups. The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive, and the choreography is challenging but fun. So if you’re ready to unleash your inner girl crush, this course is definitely for you!Regenerate response


Section 1: Red Velvet (Irene & Seulgi) Monster

Lecture 1 Monster Tutorial

Lecture 2 Monster Teaching


Lecture 3 DUN DUN Tutorial

Lecture 4 DUN DUN Teaching

Section 3: EVERGLOW – First

Lecture 5 First Tutorial

Lecture 6 First Teaching

Section 4: VIVIZ X Kep1er – PURR

Lecture 7 PURR Tutorial

Lecture 8 Purr Teaching

Dancers who have an interest in K-POP

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Created by: NROUND VT3

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