A Business Managers Complete Guide to SalesForce CRM

Improve collaboration, elevate proficiency and facilitate more productive business relationships in your organization.
A Business Managers Complete Guide to SalesForce CRM
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A Business Managers Complete Guide to SalesForce CRM

What you’ll learn

Become a Salesforce.com power user, fluent in key terminology and proficient in the functionality.
Learn how to integrate outlook emails, contacts, appointments and keep synchronized.
Effectively use Chatter; post, follow and make comments improving communication and collaboration with co-workers.
Plan out sales stages and strategies in Salesforce.com.
Filter and sort Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and other lists with ease.
Learn the fundamentals of Views, Reports Dashboards.
Identify coaching opportunities and best practices for the Sales Manager role.

A Business Managers Complete Guide to SalesForce CRM


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This course will teach you how to create a customer-focused business that will keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.You’ll master how to use SalesForce to improve your company’s customer service, whether you operate a service-based or product-based business.By learning the ins and outs of this valuable customer relationship management program, your sales and service teams will be at the top of their game.Learn How to Effectively Use SalesForce to Manage Customer RelationsManage Leads and Track Opportunities to Increase SalesCreate Reports, Collaborate, and Manage a Sales TeamConnect to Social Networks and Improve Customer SatisfactionBoost Customer Satisfaction and Sales in Any Business by Using SalesForceWith a customer relationship management (CRM) program like Salesforce, you’ll have the tools necessary to encourage and maintain customer loyalty, and this could lead to increased profits.Throughout this course, you’ll master how to use this in-demand software to reduce costs and increase profitability every day.Topics covered include planning and tracking activities, collaborating with coworkers, and managing leads.You’ll also learn how to effectively track sales opportunities, run reports and create dashboards, and connect SalesForce to your social networks.Contents and OverviewThis course starts off with an introduction to SalesForce, so it’s ideal even for complete beginners.You’ll be guided through the interface and learn how to plan and track activities, as well as use the Chatter feature to collaborate with co-workers.You’ll also learn how to integrate SalesForce with Microsoft Outlook so you can sync emails, contacts, tasks, and appointments to easily share them with colleagues.In addition to easy collaboration, you can also use SalesForce to generate sales, so you’ll learn how to manage leads, work with accounts and contacts, and track sales opportunities.To track your progress, you’ll learn about Views, Reports, and Dashboards. You’ll create standard and custom reports using the report builder, and you’ll use your report data to create a dashboard.You’ll even cover how to connect SalesForce to your social networks so you can maintain contact with customers there as well.And you’ll tackle how to create custom views, configure preferences, and import data to make SalesForce work for your specific needs.Finally, you’ll learn how to manage a successful sales team by using the tools available in Salesforce. You’ll be able to run team meetings and become the best sales manager possible.Regardless of your prior experience with SalesForce, you’ll be proficient in the software by the time you complete this course. Completing this course will help you keep track of your customers’ feedback, figure out ways to meet customer needs more effectively, and increase sales through improved customer satisfaction, regardless of what industry you work in.


Section 1: Getting to Know Salesforce.com

Lecture 1 Understanding CRM Concepts

Lecture 2 Navigating the User Interface and Finding Records

Lecture 3 Planning and Tracking Your Activities

Lecture 4 Using Salesforce.com with Microsoft Outlook

Lecture 5 Collaborating with Chatter for Salesforce.com

Lecture 6 Getting More Help

Section 2: Using Salesforce.com for Sales

Lecture 7 Managing Leads

Lecture 8 Working With Accounts and Contacts

Lecture 9 Tracking Sales Opportunities

Lecture 10 Collaborating on Account and Opportunity Management

Lecture 11 Managing Your Day with Salesforce

Section 3: Working with Reports and Dashboards

Lecture 12 Understanding Reports and Dashboards

Lecture 13 Running Existing Reports

Lecture 14 Customizing Existing Reports

Lecture 15 Using the Report Builder – the Basics

Lecture 16 Creating Dashboards – the Basics

Section 4: Accelerating Success – Going Deeper with Salesforce.com

Lecture 17 Connecting Salesforce.com to Your Social Networks

Lecture 18 Importing Accounts and Contacts

Lecture 19 Importing Leads and Improving Data with Data.com

Lecture 20 Creating Custom Views

Lecture 21 Configuring Salesforce to Your Preferences

Section 5: Managing a Sales Team with Salesforce.com

Lecture 22 Planning the Sales Cycle

Lecture 23 Running Sales Team Meetings with Salesforce

Lecture 24 Collaborating with Your Sales Team

Lecture 25 Identifying Coaching Opportunities

Lecture 26 Accelerating Success: Best Practices for the Sales Manager

Section 6: eBook – Teach Yourself VISUALLY Salesforce.com

Lecture 27 Part 1: Teach Yourself VISUALLY SalesForce.com eBook

Lecture 28 Part 2: Teach Yourself VISUALLY SalesForce.com eBook

Lecture 29 Part 3: Teach Yourself VISUALLY SalesForce.com eBook

Lecture 30 Part 4: Teach Yourself VISUALLY SalesForce.com eBook

Salesforce.com users from Beginner to Management,Sales Professionals and Account Managers required to effectively manage sales processes and relationships using Salesforce.com.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 9m | 2.31 GB
Created by: John Wiley & Sons

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