A Complete Guide to Building Your Network by Keith Ferrazzi

Learn how to develop the strong personal relationships that you’ll need to achieve your goals.
A Complete Guide to Building Your Network by Keith Ferrazzi
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Keith Ferrazzi


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A Complete Guide to Building Your Network by Keith Ferrazzi

What you’ll learn

Learn what a personal network is and how it benefits you, both professionally and personally.
Develop deeper, stronger, more mutually beneficial relationships.
Create a strategy for maintaining these relationships.

A Complete Guide to Building Your Network by Keith Ferrazzi


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Personal networks are the linchpin to achieving success. Without a strong, deep and diverse network you’re limiting your opportunities to learn, grow and expand the breadth of your experience and expertise.This course will teach you how to be better at creating a personal network, through casting a wide, but purposeful net to build the relationships you’ll need to achieve your goals and how to take care of those relationships for mutual success. You’ll also learn valuable skills to prioritizing and maintaining these relationships like how to create a relationship action plan, warming a cold call, how to develop and broadcast a brand and, more than anything, how to stay interesting.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Relationships are Everything

Lecture 3 The Mindsets You’ll Need

Section 2: The Mind Set: Don’t Keep Score/Generosity

Lecture 4 How to Not Keep Score And Lead With Generosity

Lecture 5 How to be Generous

Lecture 6 Challenge

Section 3: The Mind Set: What’s Your Mission?

Lecture 7 Find Your Passion

Lecture 8 Goals

Lecture 9 Build Your Relationship Action Plan

Lecture 10 Challenge

Section 4: The Mind Set: Take Names

Lecture 11 Making Lists

Lecture 12 Create a Personal “Board of Advisors”

Lecture 13 Prioritizing Your List

Lecture 14 Challenge

Section 5: The Mind Set: Build it Before You Need It

Lecture 15 Challenge

Lecture 16 Network Constantly

Lecture 17 Building Your Personal Network

Section 6: The Mind Set: The Genius of Audacity

Lecture 18 Genius of Audacity

Lecture 19 Putting Audacity Into Practice

Lecture 20 Challenge

Section 7: The Skill Set: Warming the Cold Call

Lecture 21 What Are Cold Calls?

Lecture 22 Managing Cold Calls

Lecture 23 Challenge

Section 8: The Skill Set: Do Your Homework

Lecture 24 Information is Power

Lecture 25 Gathering Information

Lecture 26 Challenge

Section 9: The Skill Set: The Gatekeeper

Lecture 27 The Importance of the Gatekeeper

Lecture 28 Making the Gatekeeper Your Ally

Lecture 29 Challenge

Section 10: The Skill Set: Leverage Your Passions

Lecture 30 Why You Should Leverage Your Passions

Lecture 31 Putting it Into Practice

Lecture 32 Challenge

Section 11: The Skill Set: Making Your Small Talk Matter

Lecture 33 Small Talk Doesn’t Mean Meaningless

Lecture 34 Developing Your Small Talk Skills

Lecture 35 Challenge

Section 12: The Skill Set: Follow Up…Or Fail

Lecture 36 Why Follow Up?

Lecture 37 How Do You Follow Up?

Lecture 38 Challenge

Section 13: The Skill Set: Ping All The Time

Lecture 39 Pinging

Lecture 40 Develop Your Pinging Strategy

Lecture 41 Challenge

Section 14: The Skill Set: Build and Broadcast Your Brand

Lecture 42 Why Build Your Brand

Lecture 43 Defining Your Brand

Lecture 44 Create Content

Lecture 45 Challenge

Lecture 46 Manage the Media

Lecture 47 Challenge

Section 15: Connecting in the Digital Age

Lecture 48 Tap the Fringe

Lecture 49 Challenge

Lecture 50 Be Vulnerable and Authentic Online

Lecture 51 Challenge

Section 16: Make it Your Life: Connect with Connectors

Lecture 52 Focus on Connecting with Super-Connectors

Lecture 53 Different Types of Connectors

Lecture 54 Challenge

Section 17: Make it Your Life: Be a Conference Commando

Lecture 55 What is a Conference Commando?

Lecture 56 How to be a Conference Commando

Lecture 57 Challenge

Section 18: Make it Your Life: Expand Your Circle

Lecture 58 Embrace Partners and Weak Ties

Lecture 59 Share Your Network

Lecture 60 Challenge

Section 19: Give Back: Find Mentors, Find Mentees. Repeat.

Lecture 61 Why mentor?

Lecture 62 How to mentor

Lecture 63 Challenge

Section 20: Give Back: Be Interesting

Lecture 64 Become an Expert

Lecture 65 Have a Unique Point of View

Lecture 66 Challenge

Section 21: Give Back: Balance is BS

Lecture 67 Balance is a Myth

Lecture 68 More People, More Balance

Lecture 69 Challenge

Section 22: Conclusion

Lecture 70 Teach it to Others

Lecture 71 Challenge

Lecture 72 What’s Next?

This course is for anyone just starting out in their professional lives.,This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to have better professional relationships.,This course is for anyone that needs help with creating a network of friends, colleagues and mentors to help you achieve your goals.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 3m | 1.71 GB
Created by: Keith Ferrazzi

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