A Comprehensive Guide to Export Mangement

Learn about Key Skills, Business Plan, Market reasearch, Product positioning, Documents , Pricing, Shipping, Inco terms
A Comprehensive Guide to Export Mangement
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A Comprehensive Guide to Export Mangement

What you’ll learn

Learn export management principles: Understand export types, regulations, documentation, and trade laws.
Develop export strategies: Analyze markets, select targets, position products, price and enter markets.
Acquire export skills: Identify buyers, negotiate contracts, handle logistics, and customs clearance.
Understand export finance: Implement pricing, payment methods, and manage currency risks.
Explore international marketing: Build brand, advertise, and promote products for different markets.
Assess and mitigate risks: Evaluate political, economic, and cultural risks, and implement mitigation strategies.
Export documentation, Incoterms, Freight forwarding
Contacting and communicating with potential buyers

A Comprehensive Guide to Export Mangement




Welcome to this comprehensive Udemy course on Export Management! If you are looking to expand your business into new markets and increase your revenue, exporting can be a great way to achieve that. However, the world of exporting can be complex and challenging, with various legal, logistical, and financial considerations to take into account. That’s where this course comes in.With over 15 years of experience in a multinational corporation and as a business and life coach, I am well-equipped to guide you through the entire process of export management. From market research and product selection to documentation and legal requirements, from sales and marketing to shipping and logistics, and from pricing and payment to post-sale support, this course covers all the essential aspects of exporting.Through a combination of video lectures, case studies, and practical exercises, you will learn how to develop a successful export strategy, select the right markets and products, comply with regulations and paperwork, market your products effectively, handle shipping and logistics, set pricing and payment terms, and provide excellent customer service. Whether you are a small business owner looking to expand globally or a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your export skills, this course is for you.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Export Management

Lecture 3 Key Characteristics

Lecture 4 Export Business Plan

Lecture 5 Export Readiness Self Assessment

Lecture 6 Preliminary question and Sample Element of Export Business Plan

Section 2: Market Research and Product Selection

Lecture 7 Understanding market demand for your product

Lecture 8 Product positioning and differentiation

Lecture 9 Market research methodologies

Lecture 10 Market research tool – Demo 1

Lecture 11 Market research tool – Demo 2

Lecture 12 Market research tool – Demo 3

Section 3: Marketing and Social Media

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 About domain

Lecture 15 Finding Domain

Lecture 16 Tips on Creating website

Lecture 17 Social Media Marketing – Introduction

Lecture 18 Facebook Marketing- Introduction

Lecture 19 Facebook Marketing- Best Prcactices

Lecture 20 Instagram Marketing- Best practices

Lecture 21 Youtube Marketing Tips

Lecture 22 Linkedin Marketing Tips

Lecture 23 Generic Marketing Tips

Section 4: Finding Buyer

Lecture 24 1. Importance of finding buyers for exports

Lecture 25 Methods for finding potential Buyer

Lecture 26 Trade Fairs

Lecture 27 Screening Potential Buyer

Lecture 28 Networking and Contacting with Buyer

Section 5: Documentation and Legal Requirements

Lecture 29 Understanding the various export documents required

Lecture 30 Overview of Incoterms and their significance

Lecture 31 Import and export regulations and compliance

Lecture 32 Overview of trade agreements and tariffs

Lecture 33 Understanding intellectual property rights for exports

Section 6: Shipping and Logistics

Lecture 34 Introduction

Lecture 35 Overview of transportation options for exports

Lecture 36 Overview of export insurance options

Lecture 37 Understanding customs clearance procedures

Lecture 38 Freight Forwarding and Freight Cost

Section 7: Pricing and Payment

Lecture 39 Understanding pricing strategies for exports

Lecture 40 Overview of Export Financing options

Lecture 41 Managing exchange rate risk

Lecture 42 Overview of export Payment options

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 43 Thank you

This course is designed to provide general information that will help exporters around the world contact and do business with importers in any country. It is sold with the understanding that this association is not a legal office, customs broker, or agent of any government. If expert assistance/legal advise in exporting is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought,Export managers or executives who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in export management,Students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in international trade or export management,Sales and marketing professionals who want to learn about export opportunities and strategies,Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to start exporting or improve their export performance

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Created by: Archana Singh

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