A Practical Guide on Marketing with ChatGPT

Use the power of ChatGPT for marketing. Analyze, create and become a more efficient marketer!
A Practical Guide on Marketing with ChatGPT
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A Practical Guide on Marketing with ChatGPT

What you’ll learn

Optimize the performance efficiency of a content marketer
Increase the speed of content creation without losing the authenticity and quality
Generate an almost infinite amount of content ideas
Use the world of content marketing knowledge to your content’s advantage and make it stand out from the crowd

A Practical Guide on Marketing with ChatGPT


A basic knowledge in marketing and content marketing is desired
Open AI account for Chat GPT
Google Chrome browser installed
Intention to use AI ethically


Ever found yourself constantly guessing what content will resonate with your target audience? Struggling to keep up with the demands of creating unique and relevant content across multiple channels? Having trouble staying current with the latest technology developments in marketing?As a full-time marketing specialist, I can relate. And let’s face it, there’s rarely time to take lengthy courses or go through endless LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, and lists of 1000 prompts. All too often, we end up testing a few random ideas and continuing the guesswork. That’s exactly where this Practical Guide on Marketing using ChatGPT and Generative AI comes into play.CHATGPT ISN’T CLUBHOUSE (APOLOGIES, FANS). IT’S A TOOL THAT WILL LIKELY EVOLVE THROUGHOUT OUR MARKETING CAREERS.As GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 continue to advance, early adoption is essential for staying ahead in your marketing career or business. This practical guide will provide you with a clear vision and action plan for using ChatGPT to optimize your marketing efforts and become a more efficient, modern marketer.IN THIS COURSE, WE’LL FOCUS ON SOLVING THE MOST PRESSING CONTENT MARKETING PROBLEMS, INCLUDING:Creating content across multiple channels that is relevant to your audience, unique, and consistent with your brand’s tone of voiceDeveloping strategies on low or zero budgets within tight timelinesOptimizing marketing performance in an era of economic uncertainty, which means doing more with lessNavigating the seemingly endless possibilities of ChatGPTA practical and task-focused approach to overcoming these challenges and producing exceptional content.COURSE CONTENT:Introduction to ChatGPT for MarketingChatGPT for Rapid Marketing Strategy DevelopmentOvercome Idea Generation Hurdles with ChatGPTChatGPT for Copywriting (10 use cases, do and don’ts, matching tone of voice)3 Game-Changing Free GPT-based Tools to Optimize Performance and ResourcesWHY CHOOSE THIS COURSE?Instead of covering every possible use case, we focus on the most common marketing tasks, such as:Micro and Macro Market ResearchAudience SegmentationContent MixIdea GenerationCopywriting (primarily short-form)StyleThis practical guide zeroes in on the most prevalent marketing tasks to make you a more efficient and creative marketer. By incorporating Generative AI technology, you’ll learn how to create a wealth of engaging content without coming across as spammy or repetitive. We’re NOT focusing on building spam machines. BY ENROLLING YOU’LL RECEIVE:Practical, task-focused content suitable for all skill levelsDownloadable prompts and templates to help you put your learning into practiceLifetime access to course materials, including future updatesTHIS PRACTICAL GUIDE ON CHATGPT WOULD BE IDEAL FOR:overworked marketers,budget-conscious startups,non-technical marketers, content creators,  international marketers of all levelsCHECK OUT THE COURSE CONTENTS AND ENROLL TODAYif that’s your thingLet’s make friends with AI, so that when it takes over the world it doesn’t eat its friendsDisclaimers:The instructor isn’t affiliated with any of the products or companies mentioned throughout the course. All mentions are made for the educational purpose.  This course doesn’t include coding and focuses purely on marketing use cases with an emphasis on content marketing. And at the same time, it doesn’t teach to create tons of generic content on autopilot. On contrary, it’s goal is to add GPT to the list of marketers’ skillset.Not calling myself a guru of AI. Just an early adopter, who’s absolutely excited about becoming more efficient marketer.



Lecture 1 Who is this course for?

Lecture 2 Understanding AI, and the most popular generative AI tool – ChatGPT

Lecture 3 What is a prompt and what makes a good prompt?

Lecture 4 Utilizing Prompt Sequences for Efficient Marketing Tasks

Lecture 5 Feeding Relevant Data into GPT for Better Results

Lecture 6 Let’s get acquainted

Section 2: ChatGPT for Rapid Marketing Strategy Development

Lecture 7 Strategy workflow with GPT

Lecture 8 ChatGPT for In-Depth Marketing Landscape Analysis [Macro]

Lecture 9 Identifying Target Audience, Segments, and User Personas

Lecture 10 AI-Powered Competitive Research and Analysis

Lecture 11 Strategic Positioning for Audience Segments

Lecture 12 Create a Marketing Mix with ChatGPT

Lecture 13 Crafting a Comprehensive Content Mix with AI

Lecture 14 What’s Next: Strategy Summary

Lecture 15 1 Bonus Time Saving [Not really about GPT]

Lecture 16 Bonus: Ready-to-Use Marketing Strategy Prompts


Lecture 17 Introduction: Unleashing AI for Creative Idea Generation

Lecture 18 Generating Content Ideas with ChatGPT

Lecture 19 Scripting Video Scenarios using ChatGPT

Lecture 20 Content Repurposing Made Easy with GPT

Lecture 21 Quick workflow: Write Like Pros

Lecture 22 Download: Essential ChatGPT Prompts for Idea Generation


Lecture 23 Reasons NOT to use GPT for copywriting

Lecture 24 Reasons to Use GPT for Copywriting

Lecture 25 10 Powerful ChatGPT Copywriting Use Cases [WITH GUIDES]

Lecture 26 Ensuring Brand Tone Consistency with ChatGPT

Lecture 27 Incorporating Stylistic Devices for Creative and Engaging Copywriting with GPT-4

Lecture 28 Download: Proven Copywriting Prompts


Lecture 29 Tools Overview: Making the Most of ChatGPT

Lecture 30 Integrating ChatGPT into Google Search

Lecture 31 AIPRM – One of the fastest growing community-based tools

Lecture 32 Free Document Summarization Tool

Section 6: Final thoughts

Lecture 33 Course Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Content marketers facing challenges in generating ideas for content that will resonate with their target audience.,Overworked marketers who need to optimize their resource and time completing common marketing tasks,Digital marketing specialists who need to catch up with the latest trends and technologies in content marketing.,Business owners who want to optimize their resources and improve their content marketing performance.,Social media managers who are balancing the need for high-quality content with the need for quick production and scalability.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 9m | 2.26 GB
Created by: Leo Pavlovsky

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