A Proven Plan The Complete Wealth Creation Bootcamp

CEO, Joe Correa, teaches you how to automate wealth by using his personal wealth creation formula
A Proven Plan The Complete Wealth Creation Bootcamp
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Joe Correa


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A Proven Plan The Complete Wealth Creation Bootcamp

What you’ll learn

Learn a proven plan to build wealth like the wealthy do
Learn how to get paid to own stocks
Learn how the wealthy reduce their tax liability through corporations
Become more knowledgeable when it comes to your net worth
You will learn how to make your assets grow
Boost your passive income to create time wealth
You will learn how the wealthy use the power of compound interest
You will learn how to track your money over time

A Proven Plan The Complete Wealth Creation Bootcamp


The desire to increase wealth and improve your life


Making the decision to develop wealth and increase your income is a brilliant and practical decision that can change your financial life for good. Anyone can create wealth if they learn the wealth creation formula in this course!In this practical course, you’ll learn the fundamental skills necessary to become wealthy and be able to use these skills to trade knowledge for money, instead of time for money. From how to create passive income to increasing the key ingredient that boosts wealth faster than anything else “your net worth”, these lectures are designed for any one who’s interested in following a proven plan to building wealth and changing their lives. With real world examples demonstrating exactly how anyone can start with very little and create a fortune, you’ll learn why the middle class will never be rich if they keep doing what they do and why the wealthy will only get wealthier by sticking to what works.Main benefits of this course and of becoming wealthy:- You’ll learn how to use compound interest to make over $1,000,000. Learn how to own stocks for free without investing any money.- Have more options to invest in (including Peer-to-peer lending, Selling cash covered puts, Tax lien certificates, REIT’s, etc.).- Learn how to use different types of wealth calculators.- You’ll learn how to make 17%+ returns.- How investing as a corporation actually increases profits and reduces tax implications.- Why wealthy people track their net worth constantly and how you can do the same.- Benefit from my “Personal Wealth Creation Formula”.- Have more time and financial freedom to do what you want when you want.This course was created for people who want to invest little to no money and for people who have money to invest and want to use it to generate passive income on a monthly or on an annual basis. If you’re ready for change and want to learn how successful people create wealth, get started with this course. If you want to have more, you need to become more. You need to know the best ways to pay off debt, increase your income, and invest in things that really bring profits and future success. The first section of this course will take you through three increasingly important elements of wealth creation: how the middle class tries to create wealth vs how the wealthy create wealth, how money should flow to benefit your financial life, and how to become a millionaire working part-time. Besides that, you’ll learn how this course will pay for itself in a matter of days and how different types of financial calculators can show you how to go from middle class to making a fortune.At the end of it all, you’ll have the knowledge and tools the wealthy have to make the best financial decisions and start building lasting wealth for you and your future generations to enjoy.Your instructorJoseph Correa is the founder and CEO of several top corporations in the U.S., having been a licensed investment advisor and owned an investment advisory firm in the past, he knows how wealth is created and what fundamental steps need to be taken to get there.



Lecture 1 Your instructor and what you will learn

Lecture 2 Why should you start this course?

Lecture 3 Who is this course for?

Lecture 4 Benefits of taking this course

Lecture 5 How this course is organized

Lecture 6 Why I use all types of financial calculators to explain how wealth is created

Lecture 7 How this course can and will pay for itself

Lecture 8 How money should flow to benefit your financial life

Lecture 9 What’s the difference between being rich and being wealthy?

Lecture 10 Middle class blueprint to wealth and the blueprint to lasting wealth

Lecture 11 What are assets and how can I own them in order to increase my wealth?

Lecture 12 What is cash flow and what are liabilities?

Lecture 13 The end goal when choosing to become wealthy

Lecture 14 How to become a millionaire by working part-time on your wealth

Lecture 15 How to become a billionaire by working part-time on your wealth

Lecture 16 How to become a trillionaire by working part-time on your wealth

Lecture 17 What are absolute and relative income?

Lecture 18 Disclaimer


Lecture 19 Can anyone become wealthy?

Lecture 20 Who are the wealthy?

Lecture 21 What do the wealthy focus on doing everyday?

Lecture 22 To have more you need to become more

Lecture 23 Do you need to be financially smarter?

Lecture 24 Characteristics and financial skills of the wealthy

Lecture 25 A quick interruption

Lecture 26 Wealthy people vs the middle class

Lecture 27 Who saves more, wealthy people or the middle class?

Lecture 28 The law of spending

Lecture 29 Why wealthy people don’t carry credit card balances?

Lecture 30 Living off passive income vs living off a salary

Lecture 31 Wealthy people own their home and why some governments promote home ownership

Lecture 32 Renting vs owning

Lecture 33 Rent vs buy calculator overview

Lecture 34 Important website links to remember


Lecture 35 The #1 secret to becoming wealthy

Lecture 36 What are examples of assets and liabilities?

Lecture 37 Ways to start building your net worth right now

Lecture 38 Increasing your net worth through real estate

Lecture 39 Increasing your net worth by getting paid to own stocks

Lecture 40 Increasing your net worth by increasing your income

Lecture 41 Increasing your net worth through your savings

Lecture 42 Increasing your net worth by reducing your costs

Lecture 43 Owning a business to increase your net worth

Lecture 44 Increasing your net worth by receiving dividends

Lecture 45 Ways to start building your net worth right now

Lecture 46 Why is keep track of your net worth so important?

Lecture 47 Tracking your net worth every month and using examples to follow

Lecture 48 The process of tracking your net worth

Lecture 49 Calculating your cash flow


Lecture 50 Saving vs paying off debts

Lecture 51 Learning to budget and the 50/30/20 rule

Lecture 52 The 28/36 rule and the 50/50 rule

Lecture 53 The snowball method, the avalanche method, and the debt lasso method

Lecture 54 Debt consolidation loans and mortgage debt consolidation

Lecture 55 Pay down your debt to make a 20% return and how credit card companies double up

Lecture 56 Using a debt payoff calculator to pay off your debts

Lecture 57 Making additional payments to debt goes a long way

Lecture 58 Should you switch to a debit card once you pay off your debts

Lecture 59 Is your car a good investment?

Lecture 60 Debt payoff calculator


Lecture 61 What are MSI’s?

Lecture 62 Multiple sources of income that wealthy people commonly receive

Lecture 63 What is earned income and what is interest income?

Lecture 64 What is dividend income and what are capital gains?

Lecture 65 What is profit income and what is rental income?

Lecture 66 What is passive or residual income?

Lecture 67 Profitable passive income investments that are often overlooked

Lecture 68 Tax lien certificates: Uncommon income sources

Lecture 69 Investing as a person or as a corporation

Lecture 70 Tax lien certificate website

Lecture 71 Selling cash secured puts and how it works

Lecture 72 Getting paid to own stocks: Risks and benefits

Lecture 73 Saving on fees with Robinhood Financial and getting free stocks

Lecture 74 Starting a corporation to make investments in the stock market

Lecture 75 Creating an account with Robinhood Financial

Lecture 76 Diversyfund REIT investment overview

Lecture 77 Prosper.com overview


Lecture 78 Automating your savings to increase your net worth

Lecture 79 Automating your expenses

Lecture 80 Pay off debts by automating the process

Lecture 81 Automating your investments

Lecture 82 Automating your inheritance

Lecture 83 Updating your automation process as you go

Lecture 84 Never stop improving


Lecture 85 Living below your pay check

Lecture 86 Eliminating unnecessary expenses

Lecture 87 What are some of the best ways to eliminate expenses?

Lecture 88 The one thing you should be spending as much as possible on

Lecture 89 Increase your savings and investments to reduce spending

Lecture 90 Changing your mindset on spending

Lecture 91 Amortization calculator


Lecture 92 How I measure wealth

Lecture 93 How I measure wealth and how to start creating more time wealth

Lecture 94 My personal wealth creation formula

Lecture 95 My personal wealth creation formula Income distribution

Lecture 96 Make adjustments as you go

Lecture 97 Why a portion of my income goes towards investing instead of saving

Lecture 98 Why I invest heavily in passive income

Lecture 99 Deciding to invest or not invest

Lecture 100 What if you don’t know what to invest in?

Lecture 101 Investing in small increments to reduce risk

Lecture 102 Be flexible

Lecture 103 Trust your gut feeling


Lecture 104 Why is it important to diversify your assets?

Lecture 105 Is it true you should never put all your eggs in one basket

Lecture 106 Types of investments to reduce risk: Investment homes

Lecture 107 Investing in gold and silver as an asset

Lecture 108 Investing in stocks and bonds as an asset

Lecture 109 Investing in commercial real estate as an asset

Lecture 110 Is there a perfect investment?

Section 10: CASH IS KING

Lecture 111 Why is cash important?

Lecture 112 Why do banks and lenders ask for your liquid investments

Lecture 113 What are liquid assets and cash equivalents and the benefits of having cash?

Lecture 114 When is it a bad time to have cash?


Lecture 115 What is passive income and why is it so valuable?

Lecture 116 How can I make passive income and types of passive income?

Lecture 117 The importance of prioritizing

Lecture 118 Interest income from a savings account

Lecture 119 Interest income from a CD

Lecture 120 Interest income from a money market account and from an annuity

Lecture 121 Residential and commercial real estate rental income

Lecture 122 Income from business profits, online income, and investing in yourself

Lecture 123 Passive income should be one of your main goals


Lecture 124 Becoming wealthy by keeping more of what you make

Lecture 125 Employee vs being the business owner

Lecture 126 W2 employee vs 1099 employee

Lecture 127 The importance of incorporating your business and how businesses are taxed

Lecture 128 Do I have to start a business and be successful?

Lecture 129 What types of business entities exist and S-corps vs C-corps?

Lecture 130 Planning your business expenses and reinvesting business profits


Lecture 131 What is compound interest?

Lecture 132 Let me help you with the numbers and numbers don’t lie

Lecture 133 Why we’ll use a compound interest calculator and how compound interest works

Lecture 134 What do all these calculations mean to you?

Lecture 135 What if I only have $100 to invest and how to get to $1,000,000?

Lecture 136 How to compensate for a lower interest rate

Lecture 137 Do all compound interest calculators have the same result?

Lecture 138 Why do some people pay compound interest and is it a form of passive income?

Lecture 139 Is it better if interest compounds daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?

Lecture 140 How to calculate compound interest on a savings account and a CD

Lecture 141 What’s the minimum interest rate I need to double my money in 30 years?

Lecture 142 With $30 per month, what interest rate do I need to make 10x’s my investment?

Lecture 143 With only $1,000 to invest, how fast can I double my money?

Lecture 144 Start early and savings on debt paid off at 20%

Lecture 145 In conclusion

Lecture 146 Compound interest calculator overview

Beginner investors that want to learn more about alternative investments,Anyone who wants to change their financial life,Investors who have little or no cash to invest,Any age group who wants to learn more about how the wealth make and keep their money,Anyone who is in debt and wants to turn their finances around,Anyone who wants to become financially independent,Anyone who is committed to acquiring the knowledge needed to become wealthy

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Udemy | English | 3h 7m | 2.54 GB
Created by: Joe Correa

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