A to Z Microsoft windows server 20192022 Administration

Official course of Windows Server 2019/2022 administration with industrial labs scenarios, slides, articles & questions.
A to Z Microsoft windows server 20192022 Administration
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A to Z Microsoft windows server 20192022 Administration

What you’ll learn

Learn the concepts and perform hands on activities needed to master Windows Server 2019/2022
Learn using hands on simulations how Windows Server 2019/2022 is administered!
Gain a tremendous amount of knowledge involving Windows Server 2019/2022 administrator
Learn how to set up your own test lab for practicing the concepts!

A to Z Microsoft windows server 20192022 Administration


Willingness to put in the time and practice the steps shown in the course


About this courseWelcome to the Windows Server 2019/2022 Administration course, which is part of a set of three courses that cover Windows Server administration and transitioning to cloud-only and hybrid models. This course focuses on Windows Server 2019/2022 administration, when servers are deployed on-premises. Course WS-012T: Windows Server 2019/2022 Hybrid and Azure IaaS covers the use of Microsoft Azure in managing server workloads in hybrid environments and helping secure virtual machines that are running on Windows Server 2019/2022. Course WS-013T: Azure Stack HCI covers the running of virtual workloads on Microsoft platforms at medium to large scale by using software-defined datacenters and hyperconverged principles.We really hope you’ll agree, this training is way more than the average course on Udemy!Have access to the following:Training from an instructor of over 25 years who has trained thousands of people and also a Microsoft Certified TrainerLecture that explains the concepts in an easy to learn method for someone that is just starting out with this materialInstructor led hands on and simulations to practice that can be followed even if you have little to no experienceCourse introduction . About this course . ■■Module 1 Windows Server administration . Overview of Windows Server administration principles and tools . Introducing Windows Server 2019 . Overview of Windows Server Core . Module 01 lab and review . ■■Module 2 Identity services in Windows Server . Overview of AD DS . Deploying Windows Server domain controllers .Overview of Azure AD . Implementing Group Policy . Overview of AD CS . Module 02 lab and review . ■■Module 3 Network infrastructure services in Windows Server . Deploying and managing DHCP . Deploying and managing DNS services . Deploying and managing IPAM . Module 03 lab and review .■■Module 4 File servers and storage management in Windows Server . Volumes and file systems in Windows Server . Implementing sharing in Windows Server . Implementing Storage Spaces in Windows Server . Implementing Data Deduplication .Implementing iSCSI . Deploying DFS . Module 04 lab and review . ■■Module 5 Hyper-V virtualization and containers in Windows Server . Hyper-V in Windows Server .Configuring VMs . Securing virtualization in Windows Server . Containers in Windows Server . Overview of Kubernetes .Module 05 lab and review . ■■Module 6 High availability in Windows Server .Planning for failover clustering implementation .Creating and configuring failover clusters . Overview of stretch clusters . High availability and disaster recovery solutions with Hyper-V VMs . Module 06 lab and review . ■■Module 7 Disaster recovery in Windows Server . Hyper-V Replica . Backup and restore infrastructure in Windows Server .Module 07 lab and review . ■■Module 8 Windows Server security . Credentials and privileged access protection in Windows Server . Hardening Windows Server . Just Enough Administration in Windows Server . Securing and analyzing SMB traffic . Windows Server Update Management . Module 08 lab and review .■■Module 9 RDS in Windows Server . Overview of RDS . Configuring a session-based desktop deployment . Overview of personal and pooled virtual desktops . Module 09 lab and review . ■■Module 10 Remote Access and web services in Windows Server .Overview of RAS in Windows Server .Implementing VPNs .Implementing NPS .Implementing Always On VPN . Implementing Web Server in Windows Server . Module 10 lab and review . ■■Module 11 Server and performance monitoring in Windows Server . Overview of Windows Server monitoring tools .Using Performance Monitor . Monitoring event logs for troubleshooting .Module 11 lab and review . ■■Module 12 Upgrade and migration in Windows Server . AD DS migration .Storage Migration Service . Windows Server Migration Tools . Module 12 lab and review .■■TOPICS COVERED INCLUDING HANDS ON LECTURE AND PRACTICE TUTORIALS:


Section 1: Module 0: Server 2019/2022

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About this course

Lecture 3 Topics

Lecture 4 Win 8.1, 10, 11 ISO Download

Lecture 5 Win 2019, 2022 ISO Download

Section 2: Build your network quick tips

Lecture 6 Quick tips & Topology download

Lecture 7 Server 2019 ISO

Lecture 8 Virtualization , Virtual switch concept

Lecture 9 Virtual Switch creation

Lecture 10 AD, DNS, DHCP brief

Lecture 11 1st DC

Lecture 12 DHCP

Lecture 13 FSMO

Lecture 14 Joining domain – 3 methods

Section 3: Module 1 Windows Server administration

Lecture 15 Topics

Lecture 16 Module 1 slides

Section 4: HD req, OS Licenses

Lecture 17 Hardware, OS and Licenses

Lecture 18 PC vs Server

Lecture 19 OS licenses and Hardware scenarios

Lecture 20 Bonus: PC and Server hardware build

Lecture 21 Bonus: SAN vs NAS and Simulators

Section 5: Domain and Forest function level, Global catalogue

Lecture 22 FFL, DFL

Lecture 23 GC

Section 6: MDT (Microsoft Deployment Tool)

Lecture 24 MDT Managing Deployment Tool preparation

Lecture 25 Deploying a Windows 10 image using MDT

Section 7: PowerShell administrating remote servers

Lecture 26 PowerShell remote limits

Lecture 27 PowerShell advance techniques

Section 8: WAC Windows Admin Center

Lecture 28 WAC concept

Lecture 29 WAC installation

Lecture 30 WAC troubleshooting

Section 9: Install and Configure Server Core

Lecture 31 ICT for Core server

Lecture 32 Performing remote management

Lecture 33 Core server as Domain controller

Section 10: Module 2 Identity services in Windows Server

Lecture 34 Topics

Lecture 35 Module 2 slides

Lecture 36 Module 2 review

Section 11: Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) & Domain Controllers (DCs)

Lecture 37 Overview of Labs

Lecture 38 Powershell to Remotely Promote a 2nd Domain Controller- PART 1

Lecture 39 Remotely Promoting a Second Domain Controller using PowerShell- PART 2

Lecture 40 Check Health and connectivity of Domain Controllers

Lecture 41 BPA – Best Practices Analyzer

Lecture 42 Impact of FSMO Roles

Lecture 43 Cloning a Domain Controller

Lecture 44 How to Demote Cloned Domain Controller

Lecture 45 Relegate/Demote Secondary Domain Controller

Section 12: AD DS Objects

Lecture 46 User Template and nested groups

Lecture 47 How to reset computer account

Lecture 48 Delegating administration for OUs – Part1

Lecture 49 Delegating administration for OUs – Part2

Lecture 50 PowerShell Scripts for creating AD DS objects

Section 13: ADDS Infrastructure Management

Lecture 51 Fix routing

Lecture 52 Trust relationship theory

Lecture 53 Conditional forwarders

Lecture 54 Implementing Forest trusts

Lecture 55 Multi sites vs Multi domains

Lecture 56 Creation of child domains in AD DS

Section 14: ADDS sites and replication

Lecture 57 Creating different sites and subnets

Lecture 58 Monitor Site replication using Powershell

Section 15: Implementing Group Policy

Lecture 59 Overview of GPO

Lecture 60 Your 1st GPO policy deployment

Lecture 61 Deploy Remote Management tools through GPO

Lecture 62 Order of Precedence

Lecture 63 Precedence – Another example

Lecture 64 Configure Loopback Processing

Lecture 65 Group Policy Modeling & Result (Concept building)

Lecture 66 Modeling and RSoP tools

Lecture 67 WMI Filter

Lecture 68 Examine Group policy Events

Section 16: Securing AD DS

Lecture 69 Introduction to security settings

Lecture 70 Implementing security using PSO

Lecture 71 Restricted Administrators on Member Servers

Lecture 72 Implement Administrative Auditing

Lecture 73 What is RODC ?

Lecture 74 Deploy and configure RODC

Lecture 75 Service Vs Process

Lecture 76 Create Service Account

Section 17: Microsoft Azure AD Sync with AD DS

Lecture 77 Overview of Labs in this section

Lecture 78 Create Office 365 & Azure Accounts

Lecture 79 Azure AD Connect- Connecting your Domain with Azure

Lecture 80 Directory synchronization to Azure AD

Lecture 81 Stop Notifications

Lecture 82 Office 365

Section 18: Active Directory Certification Services (AD CS)

Lecture 83 Introduction to Certification Authority

Lecture 84 Create checkpoint for this Lab

Lecture 85 Overview of Labs

Lecture 86 Install and configure AD CS

Lecture 87 Install and configure AD CS – Part II (Create new snapshots)

Lecture 88 Deploying an enterprise subordinate CA

Lecture 89 CRL

Section 19: Module 3 Network infrastructure services in Windows Server

Lecture 90 Topics

Lecture 91 Module 3 slides

Section 20: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Lecture 92 DHCP Failover

Lecture 93 DHCP Relay Agent

Section 21: Domain Name System (DNS)

Lecture 94 Overview of DNS server

Lecture 95 Working with Host file

Lecture 96 AD and DNS Integration

Lecture 97 Primary and secondary zones

Lecture 98 Adding child domains

Lecture 99 Forward Lookup Zones – Zone replication in DNS

Lecture 100 Reverse Lookup Zone

Lecture 101 Forwarders and CF

Lecture 102 Stub Zone

Lecture 103 PowerShell Commands

Lecture 104 Monitoring and Analyzing DNS – BPA

Lecture 105 Record types

Section 22: IPAM – IP Address Management

Lecture 106 Installing & Configuring IPAM server feature

Lecture 107 IP Address Block

Section 23: Module 4 File servers and storage management in Windows Server

Lecture 108 Topics

Lecture 109 Module 4 slides

Section 24: Configuring Local Storage

Lecture 110 Create and Manage Volumes using PowerShell and GUI

Lecture 111 Resizing volumes using Diskpart

Lecture 112 VHD Part I

Lecture 113 VHD Part II

Section 25: Enterprise Storage Solutions

Lecture 114 Creation of iSCSI Disks

Lecture 115 Configure MPIO

Lecture 116 SMB & NFS Share on iSCSI storage

Section 26: Creation of Storage Pool

Lecture 117 Storage Pool creation

Lecture 118 Troubleshooting a faulty HDD in Storage pool

Lecture 119 Storage Tiering

Lecture 120 Data Deduplication

Section 27: Implementing Networking, Distributed File System (DFS)

Lecture 121 Prepare your network

Lecture 122 DFS, Redirection , Troubleshoot Part – 1

Lecture 123 DFS, Redirection , Troubleshoot Part – 2

Lecture 124 Disk Quota

Lecture 125 Installing DFS

Lecture 126 DFS Namespace and replication

Lecture 127 Fix GPO redirection Policy

Lecture 128 FSRM

Section 28: Module 5 Hyper-V virtualization and containers in Windows Server

Lecture 129 Topics

Lecture 130 Module 5 slides

Section 29: Hyper-V

Lecture 131 Concept of nested virtualization

Lecture 132 Dockers & containers

Section 30: Module 6 High availability in Windows Server

Lecture 133 Topics

Lecture 134 Module 6 slides

Section 31: Failover Clustering

Lecture 135 Prepare your network

Lecture 136 Network Connectivity Test

Lecture 137 Install File server and Hyper-V role on cluster nodes

Lecture 138 Connect cluster nodes to iSCSI storage

Lecture 139 Install FOC feature

Lecture 140 Add the file-server role to Failover Cluster

Lecture 141 Testing the high availability

Section 32: Fail over Clustering for Hyper-V

Lecture 142 Prepare your network

Lecture 143 Hyper-V inside FOC & Live Migration

Lecture 144 Migrate Hyper-V to Fail over Cluster “Storage Migration”

Section 33: Module 7 Disaster recovery in Windows Server

Lecture 145 Topics

Lecture 146 Module 7 slides

Section 34: Advanced Hyper-V networking features- Nested Virtualization

Lecture 147 Installing Hyper-V inside VMware

Lecture 148 Create virtual switches

Lecture 149 Use Hyper-V and VMWare Virtual switches

Lecture 150 Prepare for Live Migration

Lecture 151 Performing Live Migration

Lecture 152 Live Migration using PowerShell

Lecture 153 Create Hyper- V Replica

Lecture 154 Hyper-V Replica – Planned Failover

Lecture 155 NIC Teaming

Section 35: Backup and Restore

Lecture 156 Backup in brief

Lecture 157 Windows backup

Lecture 158 AD, Certificate and DHCP backup

Section 36: Module 8 Windows Server security

Lecture 159 Topics

Lecture 160 Module 8 slides

Section 37: JEA (Just Enough Administration)

Lecture 161 What is JEA

Lecture 162 JEA – Prepare lab – creare JSA role file

Lecture 163 JEA, edit psrc file

Lecture 164 JEA, pssc file

Section 38: Windows System Update Services (WSUS)

Lecture 165 Install the WSUS server role and perform initial configuration

Lecture 166 Let us discuss WSUS options in detail

Lecture 167 WSUS-SSL

Lecture 168 SSL Trusted Self-Signed Certificate

Section 39: Module 9 RDS in Windows Server

Lecture 169 Topics

Lecture 170 Module 9 slides

Lecture 171 RDS in brief

Lecture 172 Implementing RDS – Installation and session configuration

Lecture 173 Implementing RDS – User profile disk configuration

Lecture 174 Implementing RDS – Fixing IIS

Lecture 175 Implementing RDS – RDP Session

Lecture 176 Implementing RDS – Configure RemoteApp collection settings

Section 40: RDS – Remote Access in Windows server 2019/2022

Lecture 177 Web Application Proxy – Prepare your Infrastructure

Lecture 178 Web Application Proxy – Add Certificates

Lecture 179 Web Application Proxy- ADFS

Lecture 180 Configure WAP

Lecture 181 Final Test

Section 41: Module 10 Remote Access and web services in Windows Server

Lecture 182 Topics

Lecture 183 Module 10 slides

Section 42: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Lecture 184 Installing VPN

Lecture 185 Configuring VPN

Lecture 186 NPS (Network Policy Server)

Lecture 187 Let us establish VPN connection

Lecture 188 CMAK

Lecture 189 Radius Server

Lecture 190 VPN Security – SSL Certificate

Lecture 191 SSL Connection

Section 43: Module 11 Server and performance monitoring in Windows Server

Lecture 192 Topics

Lecture 193 Module 11 slides

Lecture 194 Module 11 review

Section 44: Monitoring tools

Lecture 195 Sneak peek into Task Manager

Lecture 196 Event log, Computer management tools

Lecture 197 Data Collector Set

Section 45: Module 12 Upgrade and migration in Windows Server

Lecture 198 Topics

Lecture 199 Module 12 slides

Lecture 200 Upgrade Win Server 2016 –> 2019

Section 46: Modules practice test

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