Ableton Live 11 A Comprehensive Course for Music Producers

Learn Audio and MIDI Recording, Song Creation, Vocal Recording, Mixing and Mastering with Ableton Live 11
Ableton Live 11 A Comprehensive Course for Music Producers
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Ableton Live 11 A Comprehensive Course for Music Producers

What you’ll learn

You will feel confident and stress-free navigating though Ableton Live 11, choosing the particular features to use for your music
You will learn to create professional quality electronic music that you can be proud of
Learn basic songwriting skills and record vocals (we have an amazing tutorial with the invited singer)
Discover why Ableton Live is the best DAW
Choose your perfect Ableton Live version
Setup your Audio Interface, MIDI controller and microphone
Learn Ableton’s most important features and functions
Learn how program, edit and record MIDI
Learn Ableton’s synths
Learn how to record, warp and edit audio
Learn Ableton’s audio and MIDI effects
Get workflow with tips and top shortcuts
Learn the basics of mixing and mastering
Improve your music production skills

Ableton Live 11 A Comprehensive Course for Music Producers


Ableton Live 11 software (preferably Ableton Live Suite)
A working laptop or PC
Good pair of headphones (optional but recommended)
Mic and Audio Interface (optional but recommended)


Welcome to the ultimate Ableton Live 11 course! If you’ve been struggling with the overwhelming features of Ableton Live or sifting through countless TikTok and YouTube tutorials, then this course is for you. With the guidance of Craig Lowe, a music production lecturer from top London universities, you’ll become an advanced Ableton Live 11 user in no time.This comprehensive course covers every aspect of music production, from technical basics to creative techniques. With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to produce, record, and perform your own music.Why choose this course:Unlike many other courses, our video lessons were recorded in a professional music studio, providing a unique and immersive Ableton Live 11 tutorial experience with your teacher Craig. With over 140 university-level lectures and 15+ hours of tuition, our content is organized into mostly bite-sized videos for easy navigation, offering outstanding value. We’ve also invited a professional singer to participate in our Vocals section of the course, giving you the opportunity to learn from a seasoned pro.Course contents:As a music production expert who understands the struggles students face when learning Ableton Live, Craig covers everything you need to know in this course, including which Ableton Live version to use, initial setup, recording and editing techniques, all audio effects and software instruments, writing and recording your own tracks, vocals recording and mixing, and how to master to a professional standard ready for release.Don’t miss this chance to take your music production skills to the next level. Enrol now and experience a unique and real-time Ableton Live 11 tutorial. See you in class!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 An Introduction to The Course

Section 2: Set Up And Installation

Lecture 2 Ableton Live 11 Set Up and Installation

Lecture 3 System Requirements

Lecture 4 Which Version of Ableton Live to Buy

Lecture 5 Download and Install Your Chosen Version of Ableton

Lecture 6 How to Get Ableton Live for Free

Lecture 7 Connections

Lecture 8 Initial Audio/MIDI Preferences Set Up

Lecture 9 Preferences Overview

Lecture 10 Initial Interface Overview

Lecture 11 Installing VSTs in Ableton Live

Lecture 12 Saving in Ableton Live

Lecture 13 Installing Packs

Section 3: Interface Overview

Lecture 14 An Introduction to Interface Overview

Lecture 15 Session and Arrange Views

Lecture 16 Transport Controls

Lecture 17 Clips and Scenes

Lecture 18 Launch Modes

Lecture 19 Warping

Lecture 20 Tracks

Lecture 21 Track Controls

Lecture 22 Sends and Returns

Lecture 23 Drop Down Menu

Lecture 24 Arrange View

Section 4: MIDI

Lecture 25 What is MIDI?

Lecture 26 Drawing in MIDI

Lecture 27 Programming MIDI in Arrange View

Lecture 28 Recording MIDI in Session View

Lecture 29 Recording MIDI in Arrange View

Lecture 30 Detailed Clip Overview

Lecture 31 Groove Pool

Lecture 32 Mapping

Section 5: Instruments

Lecture 33 Analog

Lecture 34 Collision

Lecture 35 Drum Rack

Lecture 36 Electric

Lecture 37 External Instrument

Lecture 38 Impulse

Lecture 39 Instrument Rack

Lecture 40 Operator

Lecture 41 Sampler

Lecture 42 Saving Sampler

Lecture 43 Simpler

Lecture 44 Tension

Lecture 45 Wavetable

Lecture 46 Learn Any Synth and Basic Sound Design

Section 6: MIDI Effects

Lecture 47 Chords

Lecture 48 MIDI Effects Rack

Lecture 49 Note Length

Lecture 50 Pitch

Lecture 51 Random

Lecture 52 Scale

Lecture 53 Velocity

Section 7: Recording Audio

Lecture 54 Audio Preferences

Lecture 55 Gain Staging

Lecture 56 Set Up

Lecture 57 Direct Monitoring

Lecture 58 Recording Audio in Session View

Lecture 59 Editing Timing with Warp

Lecture 60 Recording Audio in Arrange View

Lecture 61 Editing Audio

Lecture 62 Linked Tracks

Lecture 63 Punch In

Section 8: Audio Effects

Lecture 64 Audio Effects in Ableton Live 11

Lecture 65 Beat Repeat

Lecture 66 Delay

Lecture 67 Echo

Lecture 68 Filter Delay

Lecture 69 Grain Delay

Lecture 70 Looper

Lecture 71 Spectral Time

Lecture 72 Amp

Lecture 73 Cabinet

Lecture 74 Drum Bus

Lecture 75 Dynamic Tube

Lecture 76 Erosion

Lecture 77 Overdrive

Lecture 78 Pedal

Lecture 79 Redux

Lecture 80 Saturator

Lecture 81 Vinyl Distortion

Lecture 82 Understanding Compression

Lecture 83 Compressor

Lecture 84 Gate

Lecture 85 Glue Compressor

Lecture 86 Limiter

Lecture 87 Multiband Dynamics

Lecture 88 Auto Filter

Lecture 89 Channel EQ

Lecture 90 Understanding EQ

Lecture 91 EQ Eight

Lecture 92 EQ Three

Lecture 93 Auto Pan

Lecture 94 Chorus-Ensemble

Lecture 95 Phaser-Flanger

Lecture 96 Shifter

Lecture 97 Corpus

Lecture 98 Hybrid Reverb

Lecture 99 Resonators

Lecture 100 Reverb

Lecture 101 Spectral Resonator

Lecture 102 Vocoda

Lecture 103 Audio Effects Rack

Lecture 104 External Audio Effects

Lecture 105 Spectrum

Lecture 106 Tunner

Lecture 107 Utility

Section 9: Automation

Lecture 108 An Introduction to Automation

Lecture 109 Automation in Arrange View

Lecture 110 Automation in Session View

Lecture 111 Dummy Clip Automation

Lecture 112 Modulation

Section 10: Max For Live

Lecture 113 Max For Live Overview

Lecture 114 Max For Live Effects and Installation

Lecture 115 Modulators

Lecture 116 Drum Synth

Section 11: Song Creation

Lecture 117 Song Creation Overview

Lecture 118 Billie Eilish Song Analysis

Lecture 119 Song Creation Part 1

Lecture 120 Song Creation Part 2

Section 12: Vocal Recording Session

Lecture 121 An Introduction to Vocal Recording, Meet Our Singer

Lecture 122 Chorus Layer

Lecture 123 Chorus Vocals

Lecture 124 Lead Vocals

Section 13: Vocal Editing and Production

Lecture 125 An Introduction to Vocal Editing

Lecture 126 Vocal Editing

Lecture 127 Part 1. Vocal Production – Set Up and EQ

Lecture 128 Part 2. Vocal Production – Compression

Lecture 129 Part 3. Vocal Production – OTT

Lecture 130 Part 4. Vocal Production – De-esser

Lecture 131 Part 5. Vocal Production – 2nd Compressor

Lecture 132 Part 6. Vocal Production – Send and Returns

Lecture 133 Part 7. Vocal Production – Chorus Vocal

Lecture 134 Part 8. Vocal Production – Backing vocals

Section 14: Mixing

Lecture 135 How to Start Mixing a Song

Lecture 136 Preparation

Lecture 137 Gain Staging and Setting Levels

Lecture 138 Grouping and Rooting Audio

Lecture 139 Send and Return Tracks

Lecture 140 EQ

Lecture 141 Glue Compression

Lecture 142 Saturation

Lecture 143 Final Level Adjustments

Section 15: Mastering

Lecture 144 What is Mastering?

Lecture 145 Let’s Get to Mastering

Lecture 146 Saving and Exporting

Section 16: Final Thoughts

Lecture 147 An Advice for Your Future Development

Section 17: Your Assignment

Beginner music producers with no prior knowledge,Somebody with basic music production knowledge looking to improve their skills,People interested in creating their own music,Experienced Ableton Live users who want to deepen their knowledge of this software,Anyone interested in switching to Ableton Live from another DAW,DJs who want to make their own track,Songwriters who want to learn how to record their ideas,Electronic music producers ready to take their tracks to the next level

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