Ableton Live Masterclass A Full Guide For Beginners

Learn Step-By-Step From An Industry Expert The Beginner Fundamentals Of Using Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation.
Ableton Live Masterclass A Full Guide For Beginners
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Ableton Live Masterclass A Full Guide For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn How To Use Ableton
Learn About The Audio Interface
Learn How To Create A Song
Learn About Workflow Tips

Ableton Live Masterclass A Full Guide For Beginners


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Ableton Live Masterclass – A Guide For BeginnersLearn Step-By-Step From An Industry Expert The Beginner Fundamentals Of Using Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation.In This Course We Will Cover:Setting Up, Authorising, Installing Ableton LiveAudio InterfaceAudio EffectsCreating A SongArrangementWorkflow TipsAfter Completing This Course We Will Cover Intermediate Topics:MIDI EffectsSession ViewCreating A Song Using MIDISound DesignMax4LiveIntermediate Workflow TipsAfter Completing The Intermediate Course You Will Enroll In The Expert Course:Mixing & MasteringExpert Music TheoryExpert Sound DesignVST’sMusic MarketingMusic DistributionSync Licencing DealsOpportunities For MusiciansExpert Workflow Tips+ MORE.This Course Includes:+ Templates+ Presets+ 5x E-books: Adding Emotion & Movement To Your Music, Mixing & Mastering, Max4Live Devices, Ableton Live Workflow Tutorial & Phrasing And Arrangement.+ Opportunity For Bespoke 1-To-1 Mentorship+ Opportunity To Release On A Record Label And Get Your Music Onto Spotify, Beatport, iTunes.+ MORE!Your Instructor:Omar Meho is an artist from the United Kingdom. He is a Label Owner, Music Production/ DJ Teacher, Mastering Engineer and International Resident in Ibiza, France, U.K & Dubai. He has played in some of the biggest clubs in the U.K Including Egg LDN, Fabric, The Arch, The Cause & Much more. He has played festivals in front of 12,500 people and has support on his tracks from some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including Marco Carola, East End Dubs, Chris Stussy, Jamie Jones, Adam Beyer And More.Music Workflow Academy provides a range of services for our customers, including music production lessons, mixing, mastering, sample packs, templates, racks, tutorials, stems, dj lessons and playlist placement. We have been operating for the last 10 years and our staff are highly qualified and experienced with relevant expertise. Read our reviews or give us a call/send message for a no-obligation quoteAt Music Workflow Academy we have 38,000+ students in 150+ countries. We have over 68 courses online which help people learn music production and DJ’ing around the world. We aim to help 100,000 people by the end of the year and at least 1,000,000 in total. We were only at 10,000 in September 2021, but a week later we went viral with one of our new courses and reached 20,000. Now in April we are at 38,000+. We deliver these courses to third world countries and some of our biggest audiences come from India and Africa. For the future, we want to make education fun, accessible, and enjoyable for the whole world with equal opportunities no matter where you are. Some of our success stories include a 10 year old from Canada, who we taught how to DJ. A 13 Year Old from Greece who we got his first DJ set because he can perform in clubs at that age. A 15 year old in Florida who is now earning 700$ a week by performing at weddings. A 25 year old who purchased one of our courses and is now throwing his own beach parties in San Francisco. The list goes on.Boost Your Music Production Skillset.Broaden Your Knowledge.Expand Your Musical Network.Enjoy Expert Tuition!Complete with a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy. 5-Star Reviews 1. RandyOmar has a lot of experience as a DJ and a good understanding of the music business side of things. He’s helpful in any regard and is practical when explaining ideas. Overall great session.2. BrettOmar knows his stuff – both as a DJ and producer!3. HarryOmar changed the way I see Ableton. Big recommends for anyone looking to expand their profile, up their work flow or master Ableton! Big up4. SamOmar was incredibly inspiring and helpful. I’m looking forward to continuing to progress towards a career in music with his direction.5. JamieA truly experienced professional in the music industry, knowledgeable in all areas from production to marketing and distribution. Each lesson I take away valuable information and advice that accelerates my career. Thank you Omar6. KyleOmar is an very experienced and well rounded DJ, with knowledge of a wide variety of genres. He has massively improved my mixing within a matter of weeks. Furthermore, I look forward to his coaching regarding music production and self promotion in the future. Overall, I have come on leaps and bounds under his guidance.7. DavidOmar is very knowledgeable about music production. More importantly he knows how to save a lot of time and time saves money and that’s a good thing. You’ll make his fees back because you’ll be able to produce much faster. Save your time and your money with Omar.8. ShannonOmar is a trustworthy tutor He taught me how to DJ from scratch and I now play on the radio He is an expert and very professional9. YasminOmar is a trustworthy tutor as he is always on time and very patient with his clients, he helped me start up on my producing and getting to grips with the software I use as well as some important tips and tricks.10. NicoleOmar is a fantastic tutor, a passionate dj who taught me how to start up on my decks, transitions and bpm through to producing my own records and signing to record labels. I recommend him 100%.Learn to become an expert with Music Production.Go ahead and click the enrol button, and I’ll see you in lesson 1!Thank you,Omar.


Section 1: Setting Up Ableton Live, Authorising & Installing + Audio Interface

Lecture 1 Introduction: Part 1 Of Our 3 Part Course Series! Enjoy.

Lecture 2 Setting Up/Authorising/Installing Ableton Live Suite

Lecture 3 Audio Interface Part 1

Lecture 4 Audio Interface Part 2: Collections

Lecture 5 Audio Interface Part 3: Sounds

Lecture 6 Audio Interface Part 4: Drums

Lecture 7 Audio Interface Part 5: Instruments

Lecture 8 Audio Interface Part 6: Audio Effects

Section 2: Audio Effects

Lecture 9 Audio Effects: Compressor & Sidechain Compressor

Lecture 10 Audio Effects: Glue Compressor

Lecture 11 Audio Effects: Saturator

Lecture 12 Audio Effects: Auto Filter

Lecture 13 Audio Effects Reverb

Lecture 14 Audio Effects: EQ Eight

Lecture 15 Audio Effects: Phaser Flanger

Section 3: Beginner Tips

Lecture 16 Importing A Sample Pack

Lecture 17 Templates & Default Sets

Lecture 18 Preferences

Lecture 19 Export Settings

Lecture 20 Ableton Note Cloud

Lecture 21 Mapping MIDI To Hardware

Section 4: Creating A Song

Lecture 22 Arrangement

Lecture 23 Making A House Beat From Scratch

Lecture 24 Making A 909 Track + Template

Lecture 25 Making A Tech House Track + Template

Lecture 26 Making A DNB Track + Template

Lecture 27 Making A Peak Time Driving Techno Track + Template (137 BPM + C Key)

Lecture 28 Making A Deep House Track + Template

Lecture 29 Making A Melodic Techno Acid Track + Samples + Template

Section 5: Creating A Track From Scratch

Lecture 30 Making A Melodic Techno Track From Scratch

Lecture 31 Making A Deep House Roller From Scratch

Lecture 32 Making A Jovial House Track From Scratch

Lecture 33 Making A Deep House Vocal Acid Track From Scratch

Lecture 34 Making A Garage House Track From Scratch

Lecture 35 Making A Track In 10 Minutes In Ableton Live

Lecture 36 Making A Disco Track Like Todd Terje

Lecture 37 Making A Hot Creations Tech House Track From Scratch

Lecture 38 Making A Sample Pack In Ableton Live

Lecture 39 Making A Minimal House Track From Scratch

Lecture 40 Making A Techno Track From Scratch

Lecture 41 Making A MIDI Track From Scratch

Lecture 42 Making A Toolroom Tech House Track From Scratch

Lecture 43 Making A Track Like Harry Romero In Ableton Live

Section 6: Congratulations!

Lecture 44 Congratulations – Thank You!

Ableton Beginners,Aspiring Music Producers,DJ’s Looking To Become Music Producers

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Udemy | English | 8h 37m | 7.42 GB
Created by: Omar Meho

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