Academic Writing Skills Crash Course

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Academic Writing Skills Crash Course
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Academic Writing Skills Crash Course

What you’ll learn

Understand the nature of academic writing
Be able to work with essay/assignment topics or prompts
Brainstorm and mind map an essay/assignment topic
Write an effective introduction
Write great body paragraphs
Write a memorable conclusion
Be able to paraphrase, integrate and synthesise information from various sources
Be able to reference the sources you have used in your writing

Academic Writing Skills Crash Course


No academic writing experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.


Are you someone who appreciates good writing, but views the ability to produce a well-structured and engaging text as a rare talent or skill that you’ve not blessed with? Does your heart immediately sink into your shoes when given a writing assignment? More importantly, do you wish you could write something that would enable you to get the grades you want or the recognition you deserve?   Then look no further! This Academic Writing Skills Crash Course will give you all the practical tips, tools and strategies you need to develop your academic writing abilities and achieve outstanding results. Moreover, let me assure you that writing an excellent academic paper is not as elusive as you might think! So, whether you’re a learner who wants to impress your teachers and improve your grades, a college or university student wanting to excel in your academic essays or assignments, a teacher in need of a refresher or who wants to teach your students how to write better, or an academic scholar working to improve the quality of your writing, this course is for you! Writing is a superpower that can be easily honed and refined, and the best part is that this is something that is well within your reach once you know how. This course offers you a step-by-step guide on how to produce top-quality writing. To do this, it unpacks the nature of academic writing and shows you how to:work with topics or promptsbrainstorm and mind map a topicwrite an effective introductionwrite great body paragraphswrite a memorable conclusionparaphrasereference your sources.So, I hope you’ll enjoy this course and that it’ll help you to feel more empowered on your academic writing journey. Happy writing!


Section 1: Introduction to the course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Welcome!

Section 2: The nature of academic writing

Lecture 3 Overview of Section 2

Lecture 4 What is academic writing?

Lecture 5 The purpose or function of academic writing

Lecture 6 The difference between an academic essay and assignment

Lecture 7 The importance of good presentation

Section 3: Working with topics or prompts

Lecture 8 Overview of Section 3

Lecture 9 How to choose a topic

Section 4: Brainstorming and mind mapping the topic

Lecture 10 Overview of Section 4

Lecture 11 What is brainstorming?

Lecture 12 What is mind mapping?

Section 5: How to write an effective introduction

Lecture 13 Overview of Section 5

Lecture 14 The importance of a great introduction

Lecture 15 The key aspects of a great introduction

Lecture 16 The hook

Lecture 17 The context or background information

Lecture 18 The main argument or thesis statement

Lecture 19 The outline or directional statement

Lecture 20 The overall structure of the introduction

Section 6: How to write great body paragraphs

Lecture 21 Overview of Section 6

Lecture 22 Moving from the general to the specific

Lecture 23 The value of a well-structured paragraph

Lecture 24 Sticking to one idea per paragraph

Lecture 25 How to structure body paragraphs

Lecture 26 Topic sentences

Lecture 27 Supporting sentences

Lecture 28 Concluding sentences

Lecture 29 Transitions

Section 7: How to write a memorable conclusion

Lecture 30 Overview of Section 7

Lecture 31 The importance of a memorable conclusion

Lecture 32 The key aspects of a memorable conclusion

Lecture 33 Rephrasing the thesis statement

Lecture 34 Summarising the key points

Lecture 35 Explaining why your argument is important

Section 8: How to paraphrase

Lecture 36 Overview of Section 8

Lecture 37 The nature of paraphrasing and why it is important

Lecture 38 Strategies for paraphrasing effectively

Section 9: How to reference sources

Lecture 39 Overview of Section 9

Lecture 40 Harvard referencing – in-text citations

Lecture 41 Harvard referencing – reference list

Lecture 42 APA referencing – in-text citations

Lecture 43 APA referencing – reference list

School, college and university students and tutors who wish to improve their academic writing skills skills

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Created by: Wendy Stone

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