ACCA Financial Management FM Business Valuations

Learn why valuation of businesses are required and the appropriate models for valuation of shares
ACCA Financial Management FM Business Valuations
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ACCA Financial Management FM Business Valuations

What you’ll learn

Gain a good understanding of the concept of business valuations tested in the ACCA Financial Management (FM) exam.

ACCA Financial Management FM Business Valuations


Basic knowledge of time value of money (present value), equity, debt


Reviews So Far:”Fantastic Experience.””The course is really good. I had problems with business valuations during the FM march 2019 exams, but I am finding it easier and I am understanding the concept better.””I learned a lot. Some of it was above my head at this point. I would have benefited from a little more explanation & 1 or 2 more opportunities to practice for each of the new concepts.””nice explanations, Thanks””Excellent””Good course. God bless you.””Good way of teaching””This is a good introduction course. Congratulations to anyone envolved.””very good concise content. instructor is very knowlegeable and able to summarize info rapidly””I am not a ACCA student so am not preparing for the exam. It is solely for my own interest. The training program did provide a clear explanations. Able to gain an understanding of the subject quickly. As for how realistic it is to the real world, I can’t comment as I have never worked in this field. Therefore it is a 4 star instead of 5 star.”————————————————————————————————————————————–This course covers the Business Valuations section of the ACCA Financial Management (FM) paper.The topics covered are:1. Nature and purpose of the valuation of business and financial assets.2. Models for the valuation of shares.3. The valuation of debt and other financial assets.4. Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and practical considerations in the valuation of shares.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Nature and Purpose of the Valuation of Business and Financial Assets

Lecture 2 Reasons for Valuing Businesses and Financial Assets

Section 3: Models for the Valuation of Shares

Lecture 3 Asset-based Valuation Models

Lecture 4 Income-based Valuation Models

Lecture 5 Cash Flow-based Valuation Models: Dividend Valuation Model

Lecture 6 Cash Flow-based Valuation Models: Dividend Growth Model

Lecture 7 Cash Flow-based Valuation Models: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Basis

Section 4: The Valuation of Debt and other Financial Assets

Lecture 8 Valuation Methods for Debt

Lecture 9 Valuation of Convertible Bonds

Lecture 10 Valuation Methods for Preference Shares

Section 5: Market Efficiency

Lecture 11 Market Efficiency

Lecture 12 Implications of Market Efficiency on Valuation of Shares

Section 6: More Examples

Lecture 13 Example 1

Those who are taking the ACCA Financial Management (FM) examination.,Those who are taking the ACCA Advanced Financial Management (AFM) examination but you want a quick refresher on Business Valuations in the FM paper.

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