Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT ACCREDITED CERT

Psychology & Counselling Approaches, Emotions and Behaviour Strategies, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Positive Thinking
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT ACCREDITED CERT
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Elmira Strange, MPhil, Dip


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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT ACCREDITED CERT

What you’ll learn

Theoretical & practical knowledge of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
What psychotherapy & counselling sessions involve
How to practice ‘acceptance’ & mindfulness in daily life
How to identify values and enhance own life!

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT ACCREDITED CERT


Your interest in Psychology & Therapy
You have a general idea about psychotherapy, counselling
You are eager to learn about Acceptance & Commitment Therapy!


Are you interested in learning about ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’?Perhaps you have heard that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a very effective tool for treating depression, anxiety, and many other psychological disorders. Did you know that ACT is also a great tool for managing our own thoughts and behaviours, improving our emotions and moods on daily basis?In this course you will take 34 informative lectures taught by UK Research Psychologist and international lecturer on Psychology & Counselling – Elmira Strange, MPhil. In this course you will find out about many interesting ACT aspects (such as ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Identifying Your Values’) that you will be able to use for yourself and when working with other people.In this course you will learn for example, what ‘Psychological Flexibility’ is and why you have to develop this skill if you want to feel more satisfied with your life. You will also learn how to practice ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Acceptance’ in your daily life so that your cognitive state became more balanced over time. You will also find out why ‘chasing happiness’ is not such a good idea after all and what you can do about it.You will also understand how to use ‘metaphors’ for managing your own thoughts and emotions so that you could regain control of what you think and how you feel on daily basis.At the end of the course you will have access to 2 BONUS Lectures: “Stress & Anxiety Management” and “Psychology of Alcohol and Drug Addictions”P.S. This course is now fully accredited by the IAOTH – International Association of Therapists!P.P.S. At the end of the course you will see the instructions on how to obtain your certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 About the Tutor

Lecture 2 About the Course

Section 2: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 3 What is ACT?

Lecture 4 Steven C.Hayes and ACT

Section 3: The Principles of ACT

Lecture 5 Relational Frame Theory (RFT)

Lecture 6 Foundations of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Lecture 7 The Model of ACT

Lecture 8 Why ‘stuck’ but ‘not broken’?

Lecture 9 What is ‘Psychological Flexibility’ and why it’s Important?

Lecture 10 The Therapeutic Relationship in ACT

Section 4: Core Processes in ACT

Lecture 11 Acceptance

Lecture 12 Cognitive Defusion

Lecture 13 Contacting the Present Moment (Being Present)

Lecture 14 The Observing Self (‘Self as Context’)

Lecture 15 Values (Understanding your values)

Lecture 16 Committed Action

Section 5: Positive Psychology and The Happiness Trap

Lecture 17 ‘The Happiness Trap’

Lecture 18 Getting ‘Unstuck’

Lecture 19 The Issues with Thoughts

Lecture 20 Why ‘Suppressing Thoughts’ is not always helpful

Lecture 21 Experiential Avoidance

Lecture 22 Acceptance Vs Letting Go

Section 6: When Emotions Don’t Want to Disappear..

Lecture 23 Why self-doubt is a ‘normal’ phenomena

Lecture 24 Why Emotional Pain is so persistent

Lecture 25 Normalising clients’ struggles with their emotions

Lecture 26 Dealing with feelings from ‘the past’

Section 7: ACT in Practice

Lecture 27 The ‘Passengers on The Bus’ Exercise

Lecture 28 ‘The Struggle Switch’ Exercise

Lecture 29 ‘Thanking Your Mind’ Exercise

Lecture 30 Positive Thinking and Cognitive Restructuring

Lecture 31 ACT for Mental Health Disorders

Section 8: Bonus Section :

Lecture 32 BONUS 1: Stress- and Anxiety Management

Lecture 33 BONUS 2: Psychology of Alcohol & Drug Addictions

Section 9: 34 Thank You and Good Bye!

Lecture 34 34 Thank You and Good Bye!

Section 10: Final Quiz

Lecture 35 Obtaining your certificate

Everyone who is interested in learning new psychology & therapy related topics,Students who want to work as therapists, psychologists, or coaches,Professionals working in helping (caring) spheres or mental health settings,Anyone who genuinely want to transform their thinking into more positive one!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 38m | 5.66 GB
Created by: Elmira Strange, MPhil, Dip

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