Access 365 Intermediate Take Your DB to the Next Level

Delve deeper into queries, forms and reports with Action Queries, Sub Forms, SQL and creating Dialog Boxes.
Access 365 Intermediate Take Your DB to the Next Level
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Robin Solonenko


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Access 365 Intermediate Take Your DB to the Next Level

What you’ll learn

Importing / Exporting and Linking to External Data Sources.
Creating queries to find duplicates and unmatched records.
Learn to create and when to use Action Queries.
How to create and use sub forms.
Learn to create advanced form controls.
When to use popup / modal forms.
Use functions in your reports.
Using SQL to pull your reports.
Enhance your reports with adding emphasis at runtime, blank lines and columns.

Access 365 Intermediate Take Your DB to the Next Level


Must have taken my Access O365 Foundations course or equivelant database experience.
Having strong Excel skills in functions will greatly enhance your learning experience.
You must have MS Access installed on your system – subscription to O365 will be necessary.


After taking my Access 365 Foundations course you are now ready for the next level: Access 365 Intermediate. Continue your educational journey with up-to-date content on how to take your Access 365 Database to the next level by creating Action Queries, using Sub Forms, and creating Dialog Boxes for your users.Students will learn to connect to various data sources as well as linking to them. They will then look at the advanced features of Queries, Forms and Reports. Creating action queries, using wildcards in queries, and working with sub forms and popup modal forms are just some of the advanced skillsets they will acquire. Then they focus on report grouping techniques, using SQL to pull reports and how to add blank lines and creating columns in their reports.Build your ultimate Access 365 database with the skills you learn in this course and build the confidence to tackle even bigger databases in the industry. All databases in the world have the same logic when it comes to all the objects within such a database and this course will provide you with those skills and logic.This course is intended who want to build on their skill set of MS Access databases and start to take their data to the next level. This course will prep the student for the MS Access O365 Expert course.Your InstructorRobin Solonenko


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Course & Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 Support Notes for Students

Lecture 3 Course Resources & PDF Manual

Lecture 4 Contacting the Instructor

Lecture 5 Let’s Set Some Expectations

Lecture 6 PDF Manual & Video Correlation

Section 2: Import / Export with External Data

Lecture 7 Linking to External Data

Lecture 8 LInked Table Manager

Lecture 9 Importing & Exporting Data

Lecture 10 Appending a Data File

Lecture 11 Section 2 / Lesson 1 Exercise

Section 3: Advanced Query Techniques

Lecture 12 Creating Special Types of Queries

Lecture 13 Action Queries

Lecture 14 Using Wildcards in Queries

Lecture 15 Using Dates in Calculations

Lecture 16 Self Joining Queries

Lecture 17 Section 3 / Lesson 2 Exercise

Section 4: Advanced Form Techniques

Lecture 18 Working with Sub Forms

Lecture 19 Using Tab Controls

Lecture 20 Using Chart Controls

Lecture 21 Navigation Forms

Lecture 22 Code & Expression Builders

Lecture 23 Popup & Modal Forms

Lecture 24 Adding Navigation Buttons

Lecture 25 Passing Values – Forms & Queries

Lecture 26 Counting Records

Lecture 27 Auto Closing Forms

Lecture 28 Creating a Main Menu

Lecture 29 Section 4 / Lesson 3 Exercise

Section 5: Advanced Report Techniques

Lecture 30 Grouping Report Data

Lecture 31 Creating Report Totals

Lecture 32 Using SQL to Pull Reports

Lecture 33 Adding Emphasis at Runtime

Lecture 34 Adding Blank Lines

Lecture 35 Creating Report Columns

Lecture 36 Section 5 / Lesson 4 Exercise

Section 6: Next Steps

Lecture 37 Instructor Thankyou

Lecture 38 Access 365 Intermediate Project

Anyone who needs to create a database to hold all your data for your business.,Anyone who has outgrown using Excel to hold and collect your data.,Anyone who wants a better understanding of Relational Databases,Anyone who has learnt the basics of MS Access Databases and needs to go to the next level.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 10m | 2.54 GB
Created by: Robin Solonenko

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