Active Directory Group Policy Lab

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Active Directory Group Policy Lab
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Active Directory Group Policy Lab

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use Active Directory Users and Computers
Understand what Group Policy is, how it works, and how to use it in your domain
Finally understand GPO (Group Policy Object) precedence!
Write Powershell scripts to automate redundant tasks and save yourself from endless hours of repetitive work!
Learn how to create test OUs (organizational units) to safely test your new GPOs
Manage domain workstations and servers with Group Policy and Active Directory
Configure domain user desktop backgrounds and MUCH more!
Deploy Software to specific users or computers with Group Policy
Use Group Policy Management to secure your domain
Learn how to troubleshoot your Group Policy issues!
Apply GPOs to target OUs, users and/or computers
Create & Secure Network Share Drives and publish them to Active Directory Users and Computers

Active Directory Group Policy Lab


Have a computer with Internet
Be ready to learn awesome Active Directory and Group Policy stuff =)
Prepare to gain on-the-job like experience with Active Directory and Group Policy
(Optional) have access to a Domain Controller


This course will is geared to give you the skills you need to level up your career and get a high-paying job! To move up in your career you need to have solid experience that you can qualify when asked about. You need to know what you’re talking about and that is what this course is all about.
The topics covered in this course dive deep into Active Directory and Group Policy and will have you up to speed on what you need to know in no time! I do not fluff courses with pointless timefillers. Everything is designed to get you the information you need as quickly as possible.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction

Section 2: (Optional) Setting Up a Lab Environment

Lecture 2 Course Lab Setup – Section Overview

Lecture 3 Downloading Windows Server 2016 from Evaluation Center

Lecture 4 Downloading Windows Server 2016

Lecture 5 Downloading and Installing VirtualBox

Lecture 6 Notice of VirtualBox UI Changes

Lecture 7 Creating a Virtual Network with VirtualBox

Lecture 8 Creating a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox

Lecture 9 Configuring the Virtual Machine

Lecture 10 Installing Windows Server 2016

Lecture 11 Basic Server Configuration

Lecture 12 Adding the Active Directory Domain Services

Lecture 13 Installing Windows 10

Lecture 14 Joining a Windows 10 Computer to a AD Domain

Section 3: Introduction to Active Directory Users & Computers

Lecture 15 What is Active Directory Users & Computers

Lecture 16 Understanding Organizational Units and Containers

Lecture 17 Note about logging into Domain Controllers with new AD Users

Lecture 18 Creating User Accounts with AD

Lecture 19 Searching for Objects in Active Directory

Lecture 20 Resetting User Passwords in Active Directory Users and Computers

Lecture 21 Understanding Groups and Memberships

Lecture 22 Disabling and Deleting User Accounts with Active Directory

Section 4: Introduction to Group Policy Management

Lecture 23 What is Group Policy

Lecture 24 Creating and Linking Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Lecture 25 Group Policy Precedence

Lecture 26 Editing GPOs (Group Policy Objects)

Section 5: Group Policy Troubleshooting

Lecture 27 Troubleshooting Group Policy with MMC (RSOP.msc – Resultant Set of Policy)

Lecture 28 Troubleshooting Group Policy with Command Prompt (GPResult /r)

Lecture 29 Creating Non-Inheriting Organizational Units for GPO Testing / Troubleshooting

Section 6: Manage Your Workstations

Lecture 30 Deploying a Desktop Background to your domain with a GPO (Group Policy Object)

Lecture 31 Setting up an Logon Banner (Interactive Logon)

Lecture 32 Deploying Software with Group Policy

Lecture 33 Configuring Roaming Profiles for User Accounts

Lecture 34 How to automatically map network share drives with Group Policy

Section 7: Securing your Domain

Lecture 35 Configuring Domain Password and Account Lockout Policies with Group Policy

Lecture 36 Deploying Fine Grained Password Policies (PSOs)

Lecture 37 Configuring Windows Firewall with Group Policy

Lecture 38 Configuring Windows Registry Settings with Group Policy (GPOs)

Section 8: How to use Powershell with Active Directory

Lecture 39 Enabling Script Execution for Powershell

Lecture 40 Powershell Basics

Lecture 41 Listing AD Users with Powershell

Lecture 42 Configure User Roaming Profile Path with Powershell

Lecture 43 Creating User Accounts with Powershell

Lecture 44 Creating User Accounts from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) File

Lecture 45 Move All Disabled Users to “Disabled Users OU” with Powershell

Lecture 46 How to create AD accounts with duplicate names

Section 9: Active Directory Backups

Lecture 47 Creating an Active Directory System State Backup

Lecture 48 Restoring an Active Directory Backup

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 49 How to Get Your Certificate of Completion

Lecture 50 Bonus Lecture

Section 11: Course Graveyard (Replaced Lectures)

Lecture 51 Course Rebuild in Progress

Lecture 52 Instructor Introduction & Course Overview

Lecture 53 What is Active Directory?

Lecture 54 Organizational Units

Lecture 55 Containers & Builtin Object Types

Lecture 56 Creating User Accounts

Lecture 57 Searching for Objects in Active Directory Users & Computers

Lecture 58 Resetting User Passwords

Lecture 59 Managing User Account Memberships

Lecture 60 Disabling / Deleting User Accounts

Lecture 61 What is Group Policy?

Lecture 62 Creating & Linking a Group Policy Object

Lecture 63 Editing Group Policy Objects

Lecture 64 Creating Non-inheriting OUs

Lecture 65 Troubleshooting Group Policy

Lecture 66 Create a Logon Banner

Lecture 67 Preventing Users from Accessing Certain Websites on ALL browsers

Lecture 68 Setting up Roaming Profiles

Lecture 69 Deploy Adobe Flash with Group Policy

Lecture 70 Deploy Java with Group Policy

Lecture 71 Deploy The Dreaded Adobe Reader with Group Policy

Lecture 72 Configure Domain Password Requirements & Account Lockout

Lecture 73 Configuring Windows Firewall with Group Policy

Lecture 74 Setting Registry Keys with Group Policy

Lecture 75 Creating the User Groups

Lecture 76 Create Share Folders

Lecture 77 Automatically Map The Drive for Each Group

Lecture 78 Verify folders are secure

Take this course if you want to earn a high paying job in the IT field,Take this course if you want to become more skillful in the IT field

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Created by: Paul Hill

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