Active Listening The Complete Guide

Improve your listening skills, communication, listen to influence, leadership, evolution & professional career
Active Listening The Complete Guide
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Jamal Lazaar


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Active Listening The Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

Master the basics of active listening
Improve your relationships through better communication
Resolve conflicts and avoid misunderstandings
Improve your productivity
Ask better questions
Become a better leader in your organization

Active Listening The Complete Guide


Be open-minded and ready to take action.


Complete program on active listeningThis training contains everything you need to know to improve your listening and communication skills. During this training, I share with you effective strategies to better listen and memorize what has just been said, give better answers and ask better questions.Here are some testimonials from my course participants:” Jamal Lazaar is very competent in his training, he provides clear working methods to be successful. I recommend this course for those who question themselves. Excellent course! “. Landry” You can’t help but be motivated and have confidence in yourself after this course. Thank you Jamal “. L. Naraine” Simple, concise and concrete. Thanks ! ” Dave_________________________________________Why join this training on active listening?Would you like to learn the basics of active listening?Would you like to learn how to listen better in order to best meet the needs of your interlocutors?Or would you like to influence and develop your leadership?This training is for you.Most people do not realize the importance of listening in our lives. We listen to get information, to manage conflicts, to learn, etc.Except that research shows that humans only remember between 25 and 50% of what they hear. This can cause misunderstandings, create conflict or impact your career.Without knowing these techniques, you can miss certain key information communicated by people like your customers or your manager, which can limit you in your professional development.In this training, I share with you techniques to overcome all these challenges. Because there are techniques that exist and that you can put in place.You don’t have to guess, in this training I share with you techniques to…Master the basics of active listeningImprove your relationships through better communicationResolve conflicts and avoid misunderstandingsImprove your productivityAsk better questionsBecome a better leader in your organizationThis is not a theoretical course, the techniques that I share with you, you can immediately apply them and see results. These are the same techniques that I have applied in my professional life and that I have shared with my clients in coaching, and that you can apply too.What are you waiting for? Click “Buy Now” and join me inside the training.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The importance of active listening

Section 2: The basics of active listening

Lecture 3 Discover your listening style

Lecture 4 [Exercise] Discover your listening style

Lecture 5 Set the stage for effective listening

Lecture 6 Your attention to details

Lecture 7 [Exercise] Your attention to details

Lecture 8 How to deduce the overall idea

Lecture 9 Listen to make a decision

Lecture 10 [Exercise] Listen to make a decision

Lecture 11 How to react if you are not listened to

Lecture 12 Your empathy towards your interlocutor

Lecture 13 Your engagement in the conversation

Section 3: Difficulties for effective listening

Lecture 14 Introduction things to avoid or barriers to active listening

Lecture 15 Your degree of concentration

Lecture 16 [Exercise] Internal and external noises

Lecture 17 Cognitive biases

Lecture 18 Multitasking

Lecture 19 Your relationship with the interlocutor

Lecture 20 Interruptions

Section 4: Active listening techniques

Lecture 21 Introduction to active listening techniques

Lecture 22 The 6 types of questions

Lecture 23 The role of silence

Lecture 24 Clarify expectations

Lecture 25 Rephrasing

Lecture 26 Differentiate between need and request

Section 5: [EXTRA] Non-verbal signals

Lecture 27 How to correctly interpret hand movements

Lecture 28 How to detect a lie

Lecture 29 How to spot the signs of nervousness

Lecture 30 Ideal positions during meetings

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 31 A final word

Lecture 32 Contact

Lecture 33 Bonus

Lecture 34 Your certificate

This training is for you if you want to improve your listening and communication skills.,If you want to improve your relationship through better communication.,If you want to develop your leadership and professional career.,Whether you are a manager, employee or entrepreneur, you will find techniques to help you in this training.

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Udemy | English | 1h 40m | 1.89 GB
Created by: Jamal Lazaar

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