Adobe Aero Create an Augmented Reality experience in 10mins

Learn how to create Augmented Reality experiences in Adobe Aero
Adobe Aero Create an Augmented Reality experience in 10mins
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Adobe Aero Create an Augmented Reality experience in 10mins

What you’ll learn

How to create an Augmented Reality Experience
What is Augmented Reality
How to use Adobe Aero
How to create virtual characters

Adobe Aero Create an Augmented Reality experience in 10mins


No programming skills required. You just need a computer and a mobile device compatible with Adobe Aero


Augmented reality is an enhanced, interactive version of a real-world environment achieved through digital visual elements, sounds, and other sensory stimuli via holographic technology. AR incorporates three features: a combination of digital and physical worlds, interactions made in real time, and accurate 3D identification of virtual and real objects. Since 2015, the importance of new technologies in business, such as Augmented Reality, is constantly increasing. This training course will instruct you from the very beginning of opening the software, it will explain the many different panel windows of the user interface, and how to create augmented reality experiences. You will also learn how to import your own 3D models and see them in AR.Adobe Aero is the most intuitive way to build, view, and share robust immersive storytelling experiences in mobile AR. Available on iOS and as a public beta for desktop on macOS and Windows. The Aero system is connected through Creative Cloud so you can author your work on the desktop app for macOS or Windows and then test, interact, and experience your work on your own iOS device. It also makes importing assets from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance 3D, or third-party apps seamless.Course Outline:- What is Adobe Aero- System Requirements- Where to download it- User Interface- Create your first AR experience: Use Aero default assets- Create your second AR experience: Use your own 3D model


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 2 What is Adobe Aero

Lecture 3 Requirements

Lecture 4 Download Adobe Aero

Lecture 5 Home Screen of Adobe Aero

Lecture 6 User Interface

Lecture 7 Getting ready to create an AR experience

Section 3: Create your first AR experience

Lecture 8 Adobe Aero default assets

Lecture 9 Use a default asset

Lecture 10 Configure a default asset

Lecture 11 Getting ready for the augmentation

Lecture 12 Augmentation

Section 4: Create your second AR experience

Lecture 13 Where to get a 3D model

Lecture 14 Import your own 3D model

Lecture 15 Configure the 3D model

Lecture 16 Augmentation

Section 5: Create your third AR experience: A character

Lecture 17 Select a default asset character in Aero

Lecture 18 Configure the character and setup behaviours

Lecture 19 Augmentation

Lecture 20 Behaviours

Section 6: Create a fourth AR experience: Multiple assets and behaviours

Lecture 21 Name the AR experience

Lecture 22 Build the experience

Lecture 23 Augmentation

Section 7: Do you want to know more about 3D, VR, AR technologies?

Lecture 24 Follow me on other social media


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