Adobe After Effects Complete Course from Novice to Expert

Adobe After Effects CC Create stunning Motion Graphics, VFX Visual Effects & VFX Compositing with 50+ practice projects.
Adobe After Effects Complete Course from Novice to Expert
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Louay Zambarakji


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Adobe After Effects Complete Course from Novice to Expert

What you’ll learn

How to use all of After Effects CC – in a dynamic, hands on approach.
Boost your creativity by completing 50+ Practice Activities and projects from simple to complex.
Create Motion Graphics to enhance your videos using a step by step, easy-to-use method.
Practice compositing techniques to achieve stunning video effects.
How to use specialized visual effects such Motion Tracking, Camera Tracking, Chromakeying, Rotoscoping, Stabilizing and many more…
Master Visual Time Effects on Videos and Motion Graphics.
Work in 3D space with Cameras, Lights and Shadows and practice your new skills with 3D Motion Graphics Projects.
How to Import and animate Illustrator Vector Graphics.
Create advanced Text Animation in 2D & 3D – cool stuff only in After Effects.
And much more for you to become an expert in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Compositing
Work with the latest Responsive Design Techniques

Adobe After Effects Complete Course from Novice to Expert


No Prior Knowledge of After Effects, Visual Effects or Motion Graphics Required
A working copy of preferably After Effects CC 2022 or CC 2023
All project files are available in After Effects CC 2020, CC 2019 and CC 2018


The Most Comprehensive, Bestselling  and Highest Rated After Effects Complete Course with over 460+ Lectures and 35+ hrs of easy to follow video tutorials.New Sections added periodically to give you the complete Adobe After Effects CC Course. The Ultimate Learning Experience with Hands On Practice Activities and Their Tutorials to cement and expand your learning. Some of the CC 2023 Upgrades have been implemented. After Effects CC: The Complete After Effects CC Course from Beginner to Advanced.Tsui Lau: “Great course covering so many areas and going into lots of detail. Louay was very descriptive and went through easy to follow, step-by-step stages which was very helpful as a complete AE beginner. Would recommend!”Drek Fite: “Louay is an excellent teacher. There is so much in this course, and there is no way that you can remember everything. However, I think it is the best overview of AE available. I’ve already come back to review certain portions of the course when working on various projects, and that is very helpful. Making good use of the Notes feature too for such a large course is helpful. Louay was extremely fast at responding to questions and viewing my work that I posted on YT. I would highly recommend this course.”Restructured, Repackaged to give you an Ultimate Learning Experience. Motion Graphics and Visual Effects are becoming increasingly valuable and important in any video created. Learning how to create these animations using Adobe After Effects has become essential. Talents to create these kind of animations and effects are more and more in demand. It is also an easy way to earn money as a freelancer or resell your packaged animations on hundreds of sites on the web. Learn and Master Motion Graphics and Visual Effects in After Effects in this Comprehensive Course: Understand the concepts behind Animation Techniques and Motion DesignLearn how to Design, Animate, and Sequence complete Motion Graphics ProjectsWork with all the transformations basic and beyondLearn easy, yet powerful, techniques to create the most complex animationsCreate Stunning Visual Effects using Build in Effects (no expensive third party plugins)Apply specialized effects such as Rotoscoping, Chromakeying, Camera Tracking and many more…Mastering After EffectsLearning the fundamentals and beyond of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects using Adobe After Effects is a very powerful tool at your fingertips. Motion Design: How to design attractive and realistic motion. Visual Effects: How to create stunning visual effects be it on graphics or videos.Compositing: How to create realistic attractive scenes while combining motion graphics, visual effects and videosYou will go through creating useful and practical animations and learn how to use simple and complex animation techniques. This is not the type of ‘Tips and Tricks’ here and there course. This Course is a serious learning experience where you get to actually create serious animations and genuinely learn how to use After Effects and become a top notch animator and a visual effects artist.Warren Bingham: “When I learn anything online, the first thing I have to like is the instructor’s voice. You’re going to be listening to this person for a long time so you want to feel comfortable with the way they talk. Louay is awesome. The entire time I spent learning (and it was little bits mostly every day) it was like you were in a proper class with one of your friends showing you how to do things. He’s got a great sense of humour and doesn’t go so fast it’s all a blur. I’m in no ways an expert on After Effects now, but I have a really good grounding to keep going. Highly Recommended!!! Thanks Louay. And if you’re ever in Brisbane, Australia. Ping me a message and I’ll take you out to dinner 🙂 “Contents and OverviewYou will start with a fast track to get familiar with After Effects and Create a Crash Animation. You will then learn all about the essential transformations using practical animations and useful examples. You will build Projects and Videos from scratch and practically learn more about numerous features and functions of After Effects.You will go through projects where you will learn how to create animation sequences and package a whole video.Essential manipulation of the many methods in After Effects are covered with emphasis on practical use and not just an overview of methods.Most importantly throughout the course the spirit of compositing, putting together Visual Effects and Motion Graphics is thoroughly covered. This experience is invaluable for you to master Visual Effects in After Effects.Sotiria Patra: “My experience was amazing and the course met my full expectations. It was absolutely complete to allow me to create and build my projects. I definitely recommend the course to all. Louay, you are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all the knowledge that you taught me.”Here are some of the techniques you will Learn:The latest Responsive Design Techniques.Create your First Motion Graphics Video.How to Design and Animate a full motion graphic project.How to create complex motion paths in After Effects.How to import pretty complex motion paths from vector files.How to use Spatial and Temporal Interpolation.How to create Reveal Techniques using Track Mattes and Masks.You’ll master Important Animation techniques to help you create better animation faster.Essential 3D Animation Techniques.Advanced 3D with Cameras, Lights and Shadows.3D Camera Orbit Null.Complex, Compound and Bezier Shapes.How to use the latest shape properties (2021)Per Character Text Animation and how to use text presetsHow to create the latest modern titles and lower thirdsHow to use the Puppet Tools in CC 2018 and CC 2019 and CC 2021How to Use Expressions – from simple linking to complex interpolationsHow to create Animated InfographicsHow to create Data Visualisation ChartsAnimation Presets – Using, Editing, Creating and Saving PresetsHow to Composite with Masks and EffectsMotion Graphics Time GamesVideos Time GamesMotion TrackingCamera TrackingGreen/Blue Screen Chroma keyingRotoscoping – Removing backgroundsImporting and Animating Vector Graphics from Adobe IllustratorBest Exports for YouTube, Vimeo and FacebookMotion Graphics Visual Effects Color Correction & Color GradingHow to use the all New Scripts to Animate Mask pointsUsing the Essential Graphics TemplatesLots of compositing exercises…. and so much more interesting and useful updates you will discover within the courseMost Importantly this course offers you the chance to understand, practice and develop your skills in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics and lots of compositing.Inger Wold: “I have learned so much. I have already sold and made several videos. But this is still just the beginning, and the course made me able to find even more cool stuff. Still learning”Abdulrazek Fawzy Abdulrazek: “It’s the Best Course In After Effects I have ever seen. Accurate + Fast + Smooth + Knowledgeable = Expert Instructor. Louay Makes you enjoy every bit he shows. Really if you want to Knock the real world of AE, come to Louay.”Elizabeth Yorick:  “This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting!! A course with an instructor that actually explains everything!! He is also very prompt in reviewing your work, leaving comments and answering questions!! I would give this 10 stars if I could!!! Thanks Louay!!”Prerana Golechha: “Super Amazing Course. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to get a good hold on the subject. Thank you sir, for explaining the concepts well and for being so patient in answering all our queries.”Your Happiness GuaranteeIf you aren’t happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. There’s  no reason to hesitate!Enroll now, and we’ll see you inside the course!Louay


Section 1: A Quick Start to Enable Your After Effects Skills

Lecture 1 How to Start Motion Graphics Now!

Lecture 2 Your first Animations & Visual Effects

Lecture 3 *Download your Resources: Assets/Graphics and Completed Project files

Lecture 4 Getting ready to start your first animation

Lecture 5 Dive in for beginners: Getting the Graphics

Lecture 6 Dive in for beginners: Create your first Motion Graphics

Lecture 7 CC 2023 : Render your work and upload to Social Media

Lecture 8 Assignment: Render your work and upload to Social Media

Lecture 9 VFX for beginners: Change colors in a defined video area

Section 2: Working in After Effects CC: An overview of the Interface and Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 10 After Effects Interface – Workspaces

Lecture 11 Frames & Seconds on the Timeline

Lecture 12 The Work Area: What is it for?

Lecture 13 Important Switches and more

Lecture 14 When the Footage goes Missing

Lecture 15 The Visual Keyboard Shortcuts’ Editor

Lecture 16 After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts – Documentation and Adobe Reference

Section 3: Animating Illustration in After Effects CC

Lecture 17 Animating Illustration in After Effects CC

Lecture 18 How to Animate: a 3-Step method

Lecture 19 Shopping Box Animation: Import into After Effects

Lecture 20 Shopping Box Animation: Animating the illustration

Lecture 21 Shopping Box Animation: Sequencing the animation

Lecture 22 How to set up the illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Lecture 23 Operating – Importing the Illustration

Lecture 24 Operating – Animate all layers

Lecture 25 Operating – Sequence layers, tweak and finalize

Lecture 26 Robot Animation – Importing, adding Audio & Setting up the animation

Lecture 27 Robot Animation – Breaking the Rule – Sequence & Animate

Lecture 28 Robot Animation – Complete the Animation

Lecture 29 Robot Ananimation – Adding Visual Effects

Section 4: Staring up with Speed Control

Lecture 30 How to Ease your animation on a Motion Path

Lecture 31 Controlling the speed on a motion path – Speed Graph

Lecture 32 Controlling the values for Scale – Value Graph

Lecture 33 Spinning the Wheel with rotation and the Value Graph

Lecture 34 Assignment: Practice with the Ease and the Graph

Section 5: Start animating Shapes and Type Layers

Lecture 35 Introduction to Shapes and Text Layers

Lecture 36 How to Create and Edit Text Layers

Lecture 37 How to Create and Edit Shape Layers

Lecture 38 Inside the Shape Layer – Animating Shapes Properties

Lecture 39 Our Project – Shape Explosion – with Logo animation

Lecture 40 How to create irregular shapes and lines with the pen tool

Lecture 41 How to create with Bezier Shapes

Lecture 42 Animating the stroke – Fading a shape away

Lecture 43 Create and animate the Trim Path

Lecture 44 Animate the Zig Zag

Lecture 45 How to create Concentric Repeats

Lecture 46 How to Animate Concentric Repeats

Lecture 47 Shape Explosion Animation – Part 1

Lecture 48 Shape Explosion Animation – Part 2

Lecture 49 Shape Explosion Animation – Part 3

Lecture 50 Shape Explosion Animation – Part 4

Lecture 51 Shape Explosion Animation – Part 5

Lecture 52 Logo Explosion Animation

Section 6: Create and Publish your Videos to Social Media

Lecture 53 Create and Publish your Videos to Social Media

Lecture 54 Create Pro Videos using the Adobe Media Encoder (Recommended)

Lecture 55 When Adobe Media Encoder does not Pop Up

Lecture 56 How to create a Pro transparent background Video

Lecture 57 How to reduce the Video file size

Lecture 58 How to create a Looping GIF

Section 7: Essential Reveal Techniques with Track Mattes and Pre-Comps

Lecture 59 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 60 Revealing Layers with Track Mattes

Lecture 61 How to use the Alpha Inverted Track Mattes

Lecture 62 How to use the Luma Track Mattes

Lecture 63 How to use the Luma Inverted Track Mattes

Lecture 64 Animating Track Mattes – Another way to reveal Layers

Lecture 65 Pre-Comp Techniques to Reveal Layers

Lecture 66 Create Track Matte from Pre-Comps

Lecture 67 Create Track Matte from Text Layers

Lecture 68 Practice Activity: The Luma Matte Challenge

Lecture 69 Practice Activity: The Luma Matte Challenge

Lecture 70 Practice Activity: Rabbit out of the Hat and The Magician Show

Lecture 71 Practice Activity Tutorial: Rabbit out of the Hat

Lecture 72 Practice Activity: The Magician Show

Lecture 73 Practice Activity Tutorial: The Magician Show

Lecture 74 Practice Activity : Jumping Fish

Lecture 75 Practice Activity Tutorial: Jumping Fish

Section 8: Introduction to Masks

Lecture 76 Introduction to Masks

Lecture 77 How to create Masks – Masking Videos

Lecture 78 How to Edit Masks

Lecture 79 Overview of Mask Properties

Lecture 80 The Rotobezier Mask

Section 9: Type Graphics: Type Animator – Animation & Effects

Lecture 81 Type Graphics: Type Animator – Animation & Effects

Lecture 82 Type (text) Layers – Overview and Styling

Lecture 83 How to work with the Source Text

Lecture 84 How to Create Per Character Animation

Lecture 85 How to combine & Animate Animator Properties

Lecture 86 How to Animate the Offset with the ‘Shape Properties’

Lecture 87 How to Create Ramp Up/Ramp Down Text Animation

Lecture 88 How to Animate Text on Path

Lecture 89 How to use Shape layer as Path

Lecture 90 Combining Animator with Path Options

Lecture 91 How to Create Paragraph with Animator

Lecture 92 Kinetic Typo: Practice Activities

Lecture 93 Practice Activities 1

Lecture 94 Practice Activities 2

Lecture 95 Practice Activities 3

Lecture 96 Practice Activities 4

Section 10: Motion Graphics with a purpose – Social Media Posts

Lecture 97 Instagram Post

Lecture 98 How to choose a color palette

Lecture 99 How to get appropriate fonts

Lecture 100 Animating your design – Backgrounds

Lecture 101 Animating your design – Text

Section 11: Parenting and Forward Kinetic

Lecture 102 Introduction to the Parent Method

Lecture 103 How to Parent Effectively

Lecture 104 Disconnecting from the Parent

Lecture 105 When and Where to Parent

Lecture 106 How to break parenting

Lecture 107 Grouping animations with Null Object

Lecture 108 Null Objects useful tips

Lecture 109 The FunFairy Practice Activity

Lecture 110 The FunFairy Practice Activity Tutorial

Lecture 111 At the Plant – First Forward Kinetics rigg

Lecture 112 At the Plant – Rigging the Robot

Lecture 113 At the Plant – Animating the Robot

Section 12: Animation & Visual Effects Projects – Scrolling messages

Lecture 114 The project you will create – Scrolling messages

Lecture 115 Setting up and animating the scene

Lecture 116 Overshoots and slants Animations

Lecture 117 Setting up and animating the first messages

Lecture 118 Adding the scroll message animation

Section 13: Earth Holiday Project – Animating with Masks and Parenting

Lecture 119 Earth Holiday Project – Animating with Masks and Parenting

Lecture 120 Animating with Masks – Background and Earth

Lecture 121 Animating the Monument & Balloon

Lecture 122 Rotating everything

Section 14: Complex, Compound and Bezier Shapes – Properties & Animation Techniques

Lecture 123 Complex, Compound and Bezier Shapes

Lecture 124 Shape layer structure

Lecture 125 How to Create Complex and Compound Shapes

Lecture 126 How to animate Groups

Lecture 127 The Magic of Fill Even/Odd and Reverse Path

Lecture 128 Animating Stroke & Fill Colors

Lecture 129 How to Create Complex Shapes with The Merge Path

Lecture 130 Animating & Morphing Bezier Shapes

Lecture 131 Offset Path: How to create and Animate Repeating Shapes

Lecture 132 Animating Stroke Dashes

Lecture 133 Animating the Taper

Lecture 134 Animating the Wave

Lecture 135 Playing with the Wiggle Path

Lecture 136 How to use the Wiggle Transform

Lecture 137 A Simple Practice Challenge

Lecture 138 How to get tracks on the tractor

Lecture 139 The Rocket Fire Challenge

Lecture 140 The Rocket Fire – Tutorial

Lecture 141 Launching the Rocket Challenge

Lecture 142 Launching the Rocket Challenge

Section 15: Motion Path Animation Techniques

Lecture 143 Motion Path Animation Techniques

Lecture 144 How to transform a Path into a Keyframe Motion Path

Lecture 145 How to Create Complex Position Motion Path Double Loops

Lecture 146 Creating a Trail with the Motion Path

Lecture 147 How to Import Motion Path from Illustrator

Lecture 148 How to Create a Bezier Trail from a Motion Path

Section 16: AE Type Engine – Awesome Presets

Lecture 149 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 150 The Blur Preset Animations

Lecture 151 Get your Text to Bounce Preset

Lecture 152 360 Loop Preset

Lecture 153 Multi-line Presets

Lecture 154 Animate In Presets

Lecture 155 Combining Presets Animate In/Out Presets

Lecture 156 Presets Practice Activity and Challenge Tutorial

Lecture 157 Presets Practice Activity and Challenge

Section 17: Solid Layers and Adjustment Layers with Visual Effects

Lecture 158 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 159 Solid Layer Overview and Settings

Lecture 160 Visual Effects on Solid Layers as composition’s backgrounds

Lecture 161 Masks and effects on Solid Layers

Lecture 162 Adjustment Layers Overview

Lecture 163 Adjustment Layers Motion Graphics with Effects

Lecture 164 Adjustment Layers with Shape Layers with Repeater

Section 18: Time Games with Motion Graphics

Lecture 165 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 166 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 167 Reversing Animation with Keyframe Assistant

Lecture 168 Reversing Animation with Time-Reverse Layer

Lecture 169 How to Slow, Speed up and Reverse an Animation with Time Remap

Lecture 170 How to Stretch (or Shrink) Layers duration – Time Stretch

Lecture 171 Practice Activity Challenge

Lecture 172 Practice Activity Tutorial – Remap

Lecture 173 Practice Activity Tutorial – Layer Reverse

Section 19: Visual Time Effects: Time Games with Videos

Lecture 174 Playing with Video Time from FPS to Stop and Run

Lecture 175 Downlaod your Project Files for this Section

Lecture 176 Time Games – Playing with Frames Per Seconds (FPS)

Lecture 177 TimeWarp Effects – Speed

Lecture 178 TimeWarp Effect – Back & Forth with Negative Speed & Motion Blur

Lecture 179 TimeWarp Effects – Source Frame

Lecture 180 Mixing Video Speeds – Time Remap

Lecture 181 Video Slow Motion or Fast Motion – Stretching

Lecture 182 Looping a Video for the Comp Duration

Section 20: Responsive Design – CC 2019/2022 Retiming animation using Protected Region

Lecture 183 Responsive Design

Lecture 184 How to Create a Protected Region using the WorkArea

Lecture 185 Removing and Changing the Protected Region

Lecture 186 How to Create Protected Regions with Markers

Lecture 187 Responsive Design with Motion Graphics

Lecture 188 Intro and Outro in Responsive Design with Motion Graphics

Lecture 189 Download the final projects

Section 21: Essential 3D in After Effects – Working in 3D Space and Animation Techniques

Lecture 190 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 191 Download Your Project file for this Section – 3D and Camera

Lecture 192 Intro and Setting up the workspace for 3D work

Lecture 193 The Local Axis Mode

Lecture 194 Animating the Position Property & Working with Motion Path in 3D

Lecture 195 Using the 3D in After Effects Rotation Property

Lecture 196 The Next 4 Animation Exercises

Lecture 197 Animating in 3D in After Effects Exercise – 1 – Using the Null Object in 3D

Lecture 198 Animating in 3D in After Effects Exercise – 2 – Beyond the Camera

Lecture 199 Animating in 3D in After Effects Exercise – 3 – Hiding Layers at 90 degrees

Lecture 200 Animating in 3D in After Effects Exercise – 4- Random with Orientation

Section 22: Advanced 3D – How to Create and Animate 3D Cameras

Lecture 201 Amazing Camera 3D

Lecture 202 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 203 How to create a Camera Layer – Properties and Presets

Lecture 204 How to use the Camera Tools – Camera Views and Transforms

Lecture 205 How to Move the Camera using it’s 3D Axis System

Lecture 206 How to Animate the Camera using it’s 3D Axis System

Lecture 207 How to Create and Animate an Orbit Null for the Camera

Section 23: Advanced 3D – Lights and Shadows

Lecture 208 What you can do with Lights and Shadows

Lecture 209 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 210 How to Create 3D Lights

Lecture 211 Working with Parallel Lights

Lecture 212 Working with Point Lights

Lecture 213 Working with Spot Lights

Lecture 214 Understanding the Spot Light Properties

Lecture 215 How to Create Shadows

Lecture 216 Exploring Shadows with Point Light

Lecture 217 Exploring Shadows with Spot Light

Lecture 218 How to get the best of Lights and Shadows

Section 24: Motion Graphics 3D projects – The Cube

Lecture 219 3D Project Overview

Lecture 220 Download the 3D Cube Project

Lecture 221 the Cube 3D Geometry

Lecture 222 3D Project Part 1 – Creating the Cube

Lecture 223 3D Project Part 2 – Animating the Cube

Lecture 224 3D Project Part 3 – Completing the Project

Lecture 225 Practice Activity and Challenge

Lecture 226 Practice Activity Tutorial

Section 25: Puppet Tools – CC 2018 – Distorting & Animating Objects/Images

Lecture 227 The Puppet Tools in CC 2018

Lecture 228 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 229 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 230 Setting a practical Workspace – How to use the Alpha Channel

Lecture 231 How to set the Pins, Mesh and Expansion

Lecture 232 How to Animate the Pins

Lecture 233 How to Animate using the Record Option

Lecture 234 How to Smooth and Reduce your Recorded Animation

Lecture 235 How to use the Mesh, Expansion and Density

Lecture 236 How to Adjust Overlaps

Lecture 237 How to Create Rigid Sections

Section 26: Puppet Tools – CC 2019/2020 – Distorting & Animating Objects/Images

Lecture 238 Puppet Pin in CC 2019/2020

Lecture 239 Download your Initial Project and PNGs

Lecture 240 Using the Alpha Channel

Lecture 241 The Concept of Pins – Position Pin

Lecture 242 How effective is the Bend Pin

Lecture 243 How to Use the Advanced Pin

Lecture 244 How to use the Mesh, Expansion and Density

Lecture 245 How to effectively use the Starch Pin

Lecture 246 How to use the Overlap Pin

Lecture 247 How to Animate the Advanced Pins

Section 27: The World of Expressions

Lecture 248 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 249 How to Create Expressions with the Pick-Whip

Lecture 250 How to add expressions manually – the loopOut() Expression

Lecture 251 Replacing Source Text with Expressions

Lecture 252 Interpolation : How to Transpose Property Values using Expressions

Lecture 253 The Wiggle Expression Demystified

Lecture 254 Interpolation: How to Transpose Rotation to Linear Position

Lecture 255 Using linear interpolation on Separated X/Y Position

Lecture 256 Application: How to create Pie Chart with Expression Controls Part 1

Lecture 257 Application: How to create Pie Chart with Expression Controls Part 2

Lecture 258 The Mystery Challenge

Lecture 259 The Mystery Challenge Solution

Section 28: Animation Presets – Using, Editing and Saving Your Presets

Lecture 260 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 261 Download your Project file for this Challenge

Lecture 262 Behaviors Preset – Drift Over time

Lecture 263 Presets: – Behaviors Preset – Rotate Over time

Lecture 264 How to Apply and Work with Fade Presets

Lecture 265 Image Creative Presets

Lecture 266 The Inset Presets

Lecture 267 How to Create and Save Your Animation Presets

Section 29: Compositing: A closer look at the essential Blending Modes & Compositing

Lecture 268 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 269 Download you Project Files for this Section

Lecture 270 The Effect of Blending Modes

Lecture 271 The Concept Behind Blending Modes

Lecture 272 The Different Categories of Blending Modes

Lecture 273 The Subtractive Category – Adding Darkness

Lecture 274 The Additive Category – Brighten them up

Lecture 275 The Complex Category – Shades of Grey

Lecture 276 The Difference Category – Enigmatic

Lecture 277 The Matte Category – Creating Matte with Modes

Section 30: A Ghost Project – Motion / VFX / Compositing

Lecture 278 A Ghost Project – Motion / VFX /Compositing

Lecture 279 Setting up the assets

Lecture 280 VFX for IN/Out Transitions

Lecture 281 Creating the Animation

Lecture 282 The Ghost Population

Lecture 283 Your Creative Practice Activity – Ghost VFX

Section 31: Specialized Effects: Motion Tracking

Lecture 284 Your Learning Take away from this Section

Lecture 285 Download you Project and footage files for this Section

Lecture 286 The Tracker Panel

Lecture 287 Create and Define a Track Point

Lecture 288 How to Track and Adjust

Lecture 289 How to Attach & Animate Shapes

Lecture 290 Create a Second Tracker and Attaching Composition

Lecture 291 How to Attach Effects

Lecture 292 Track and replace Video Areas – Perspective Corner Pin

Lecture 293 Practice Activity and Challenge – Dancing Bulbs

Lecture 294 Practice Activity Tutorial – Dancing Bulbs

Lecture 295 Practice Activity and Challenge – Screen Replacement Phone

Lecture 296 Practice Activity Tutorial – Screen Replacement Phone

Lecture 297 Practice creativity with Motion Tracking

Section 32: Specialized Effects: 3D Camera Tracker

Lecture 298 Camera Tracking – Your Learning Take Away from this Section

Lecture 299 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 300 When to use the 3D Camera Tracker Effect

Lecture 301 3D Camera Tracker Effect Workflow

Lecture 302 How to Create the Camera Track Points

Lecture 303 How to Work with the Target Plane: Attach Solid Layers

Lecture 304 How to Attach Solid Layers & Replace with Pre-Comp

Lecture 305 How to Attach Null Layers & Shift Parent

Lecture 306 Practice Activity Challenge – Camera Tracking

Lecture 307 Practice Activity Tutorial

Section 33: Specialized Effects: Color Correction with the Lumetri Scope

Lecture 308 In this Section…

Lecture 309 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 310 Color Corecting Tonality with the Waveform Scope

Lecture 311 Using the RGB Parade and RGB Curves

Lecture 312 How to use Hue Saturation Color Wheel in the RGB Curves ( Prior to CC 2019)

Lecture 313 Using the Color Wheels

Lecture 314 Secondary Color Correction with HSL Secondary

Lecture 315 Your Practice Activity Challenge for this Section

Lecture 316 Practice Activity Tutorial

Lecture 317 Color Correction Exercise

Lecture 318 Download the Final Project File

Section 34: Specialized Effects: Keying – Removing Background Green Screen

Lecture 319 Your Learning takeaway from this section

Lecture 320 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 321 Introduction to Keylight 1.2 – Key Cleaner – Advanced Spill Suppressor

Lecture 322 How to Select the Right Screen Color

Lecture 323 How to use the Keylight 1.2 Effect

Lecture 324 How use the Key Cleaner and Advanced Spill Suppressor Effects

Lecture 325 Complete Keying Example

Lecture 326 Blending with backgrounds – First Example

Lecture 327 Blending with backgrounds – Second Example

Lecture 328 Your Practice Activity and Challenge

Section 35: Specialized Effects: Separating Background / Foreground- Rotoscoping

Lecture 329 You Learning Take Away from this Section

Lecture 330 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 331 Selecting your Foreground – The Roto Brush Tool

Lecture 332 How to Refine the Edges – The Refine Edge Tool

Lecture 333 How to Propagate the Strokes

Lecture 334 How to adjust properties for the new Background

Lecture 335 For Fun: When the Green Screen / Chromakeying fails you

Lecture 336 Practice Activity and Challenge

Section 36: Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Project – The Globe Animation

Lecture 337 The Project You Will Create

Lecture 338 Download Your Porject Files

Lecture 339 How to use the CC Sphere Effect

Lecture 340 How to create the planet surface

Lecture 341 Using Effects to Create Surface Maps

Lecture 342 Adding More Effects for a Better Simulation

Lecture 343 How to use the Turbulent Displacement Effect

Lecture 344 Animating and Crushing the Background

Lecture 345 Your Practice Activity Challenge

Section 37: Visual Effects with Video Mattes

Lecture 346 What is Covered in this Section

Lecture 347 Download the Video Asset to follow

Lecture 348 Complex Mattes on Videos

Lecture 349 Animated Mattes on Videos

Lecture 350 How to Create Video Mattes

Lecture 351 Rendering and Applying Video Mattes

Lecture 352 Using Masks Opacity to Create Animated Mattes

Lecture 353 Download your Complete Project files for this Section

Section 38: Composition & Layers Markers: How to Easily Create Kinetic Typography

Lecture 354 Your Learning Take Away from this Section

Lecture 355 Download your Project File

Lecture 356 How to Set Markers

Lecture 357 A Kinetic Typo Project Made easy With Markers

Section 39: CC 2017/2018 – Create & Export Essential Graphics Templates

Lecture 358 For CC 2017 and 2018 Only

Lecture 359 The Essential Graphics Window

Lecture 360 Download the Start Up Project file & Footage

Lecture 361 Create a New Motion Graphics Template

Lecture 362 Motion Graphics Template at Work

Lecture 363 Exporting Your Motion Graphics Template

Lecture 364 Motion Graphics Template Standard Application in Premiere Pro CC 2017

Lecture 365 Advanced Techniques – Create New Properties

Lecture 366 Advanced Techniques – Adding Effects and Expression to the Graphics Template

Lecture 367 Download the final projects for this section

Section 40: CC 2019/2022 – Create & Export Essential Graphics Templates

Lecture 368 What is the Purpose of Essential Graphics Templates

Lecture 369 How to Create a Template and Add Properties

Lecture 370 How to Export – Where to find your Templates

Lecture 371 How to use Essential Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro

Lecture 372 How to Add Responsive Design to your Templates – What happens in Premiere Pro

Lecture 373 How to add Effects to your Templates

Section 41: Create and Animate Nulls from Path and Masks

Lecture 374 What does the Script Offer

Lecture 375 Download Startup Project File and Assests

Lecture 376 Path Points following Nulls – Powerful Line Graph Example

Lecture 377 Mask Points following Nulls – Area Graph Example

Lecture 378 Tracing Mask Path

Lecture 379 When the Nulls Follow a Tracked Mask Points

Lecture 380 Download Final Project File – Have a Closer Look

Section 42: Importing and Animating Vector files from Illustrator

Lecture 381 Download your vector Graphics Files

Lecture 382 The General Concept – Direct Import

Lecture 383 Creating Layer and Groups

Lecture 384 Structuring and Renaming Layers

Lecture 385 Complete Project – Step 1: Collecting in Layers

Lecture 386 Complete Project – Step 2: Organizing in AE

Lecture 387 Complete Project – Step 3: Animating in AE

Lecture 388 Download the final projects for this section

Section 43: Infographics projects

Lecture 389 Percentage Donut Pie

Lecture 390 Dashed Percentage Donut Pie

Lecture 391 Indicator Dashed Percentage Pie

Lecture 392 Follow through Shapes

Lecture 393 Rotating Arrow

Lecture 394 Full Pie Chart

Lecture 395 Interpolation Expressions

Lecture 396 Applying the Interpolation Expressions

Lecture 397 3-Slice Pie Chart

Lecture 398 Converting to a Donut Pie

Section 44: Your Complete Guide to the Audio Spectrum Effect – Create awesome Sound Waves

Lecture 399 Your Learning Takeaway from this Section

Lecture 400 Download your footage to follow along

Lecture 401 The Audio Spectrum Effect – Using the Polar Property

Lecture 402 The Audio Spectrum Effect – Overview and Controls

Lecture 403 The Audio Spectrum Effect – Controls Part 1

Lecture 404 The Audio Spectrum Effect – Controls Part 2

Lecture 405 How to use the Property Path

Lecture 406 How to add waves to Text

Lecture 407 Your Challenge and Practice Activities: Audio Spectrum Effect

Lecture 408 Practice Activities Tutorial: Audio Spectrum Effect

Section 45: Your Complete Guide to the Radio Wave Effect in its Multiple Wave Types

Lecture 409 Intro to the Radio Waves Effects

Lecture 410 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 411 How to use the Polygon Wave Type

Lecture 412 How to use the Wave Motion Controls

Lecture 413 The Stroke Controls with Polygon Wave Type

Lecture 414 How to use At Birth and Each Frame

Lecture 415 Practice Activity and Challenge Polygon Waves

Lecture 416 Practice Activity Tutorial – Polygon Waves

Lecture 417 Radio Waves with Mask Wave Type

Lecture 418 Practice Project – Radio Waves and CC Sphere

Section 46: Your Complete Guide to the CC Spotlight Effect – Create Spotlight for your Video

Lecture 419 What you will learn about CC Spotlight

Lecture 420 Download your Project and Footage Files for this section

Lecture 421 Working with CC Spotlight Effect

Lecture 422 How to create Light Only Spotlight

Lecture 423 Images and Videos with the Gel CC Spotlight Effect Property

Lecture 424 Graphics and Motion with the Gel CC Spotlight Effect Property

Section 47: Tips to Help You out Work Better or Faster

Lecture 425 About this Tips Section

Lecture 426 How to create Backup Copies of your Project

Lecture 427 Scaling your Comp Without any layer Change

Lecture 428 Moving the Anchor Point with Precision

Lecture 429 Keyframe Navigation

Lecture 430 How to use the Shy Switch

Lecture 431 Soloing a layer

Lecture 432 Layers Manipulation with Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 433 Work Area & The Preview Panel

Lecture 434 Colorizing Your Labels – Selecting and Grouping Layers

Lecture 435 Taking a Snapshot

Lecture 436 Moving on the Timeline and Work Area

Lecture 437 Replacing Images and Videos in The Comp without changing animation and Effects

Lecture 438 Improving Performance – Media and Disk Cache

Lecture 439 Extending Main Comp/ Pre-Comp / Layer Time

Section 48: Exporting Your Work from After Effects

Lecture 440 How to Create a Pro YouTube Videos: Adobe Media Encoder

Lecture 441 Exporting with Transparent Background

Lecture 442 Exporting your Composition as GIF

Lecture 443 Exporting a Comp to a New Project

Lecture 444 Importing a Project into another Project

Section 49: Not the End!

Lecture 445 Where to find fonts

Lecture 446 Conclusion

Section 50: Bonus and More

Lecture 447 Bonus: Your next step.

Beginners in After Effects who want to start Learning Compositing ,Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics,Intermediate After Effects Users who want to polish their skills and learn more techniques to create better videos,YouTube Publisher looking to add Motion Graphics, Titles, Lower Thirds and VFX to their Videos,Video Editors looking to implement Visual Effects and Motion Graphics in their videos,Motion graphics artists and graphic designers

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