Adobe After Effects Liquid Text Animation in After Effects

Learn Adobe After Effects. Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects, working with Text Animation and Motion Graphics
Adobe After Effects Liquid Text Animation in After Effects
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Adobe After Effects Liquid Text Animation in After Effects

What you’ll learn

Create on-trend motion graphic animations
Use After Effects for basic and advanced logo reveal animations
Work with Paths, Shape Layers, Keyframes, Pen Tool and more
Use shortcuts to make your After Effects workflow more efficient
Using Effects, precomposing and other useful After Effects techniques

Adobe After Effects Liquid Text Animation in After Effects


A working copy of Adobe After Effects (CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC or CC2015 – you can get a 30-day Trial)
Wanting to improve yourself as a creative person or future designer
Basic After Effects knowledge is not mandatory, but welcome
All techniques and things will be covered with the course


This course will teach you how to create animated motion graphic elements on any logo, object or vector item! Master Adobe After Effects while having fun. Watch the above
promo video for detailed explanation and a preview of what’s inside and what animation you are going to prepare!.
Learn on-trend After Effects motion graphic animation!
In this class I want to show you a quick and effective workflow allowing you to make an amazing looking liquidy-displaced text animation with After Effects CC. You could compare it to a paint bucket which would be spilled over text with random colors and made it complete. This animation can be great for any kind of youtube video, text animation, logo intro and more! During the class you will learn essential After Effects techniques as well as advanced tricks on how to top-up and make any animation a little more interesting. You will work with Track Mattes, Outlining, Shape Layers, the Pen Tool, Effects, Keyframes…so it’s action-packed material!
The class doesn’t require any prior Adobe After Effects CC knowledge and will let you dive straight into motion graphic design and teach you valuable skills and keyboard shortcuts along the way!
Some of the amazing fun stuff we will touch on:
On-Trend design animationsWorking with shape layersAfter Effects keyboard shortcutsUsing keyframes for animation build-ups.Working with several effects on our layers and compositionsHow to utilize precomposing for design, grouping and sorting…and many many more!
I’m ready if you are – let’s dive intro Adobe After Effects and start the work…Enroll now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Warm-Up

Lecture 3 Select Font & Color

Section 2: Design: Create the Liquid Text Animation!

Lecture 4 Outline & Separate Shapes

Lecture 5 STEP 1. Create the Mask Composition

Lecture 6 STEP 2. Work with the Stroke

Lecture 7 STEP 3. Add the Adjustment Layer

Lecture 8 See It One More Time

Lecture 9 Precompose for Better Results

Lecture 10 Fine Touch at the End

Section 3: Liquid Pouring Animation

Lecture 11 What are we creating

Lecture 12 Creating Icon

Lecture 13 Theory – Effects we use

Lecture 14 Wave

Lecture 15 Keyframes and Ripple

Lecture 16 Water Pouring

Lecture 17 Final Touch

Section 4: BONUS: Design an outstanding Stroke Animation

Lecture 18 Select Font and Create Outlines

Lecture 19 Prepare and pre-compose Layers

Lecture 20 Applying Effects

Lecture 21 Select Color and Fill the Letter

Lecture 22 Watch another letter from beginning

Lecture 23 Workflow Tips

Lecture 24 Finalizing and polishing the project

Section 5: BONUS SECTION: Course Updates & Little Design Challenges for Curious Users!

Lecture 25 Bonus: Creating a pattern over another object with Repeater

Lecture 26 Simple One Line Title Animation

Lecture 27 Crop Composition to any size with Region of Interest

Lecture 28 The Power of Puppet Pin Tool!

Lecture 29 Animated Speech Bubble in After Effects

Lecture 30 Change amount of edges in shapes

Lecture 31 Dividing, multiplying and adding values

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 32 Showcase a ready GIF / Screenshot

Lecture 33 Thank you!

Lecture 34 Bonus lecture

Anyone who wants to master fast, simple and powerful techniques to create motion graphics,Adobe suite users wanting to expand their knowledge in VFX & Motion Graphics,Online course creators, video editors, animations, youtubers etc.,Motion Graphic enthusiasts wanting to learn After Effects,Anyone who wants to learn how to animate text, logos and similar elements

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 3m | 795.52 MB
Created by: Andrew Pach

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