Adobe Audition CC Audio Production Course Basics to Expert

Learn Adobe Audition audio editing tips, tricks and audio production secrets with Mike Russell in a complete A-Z course.
Adobe Audition CC Audio Production Course Basics to Expert
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Adobe Audition CC Audio Production Course Basics to Expert

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course you will be able to edit audio in Adobe Audition.
In this course you will learn audio production tricks that the pros apply to jingles and voices.

Adobe Audition CC Audio Production Course Basics to Expert


Adobe Audition audio editing software and a passion for audio is all that is required.


Adobe Audition tutorial course with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. Starting with the basics that will help you to set up your audio input and output, import and record audio, edit audio, use the multitrack and add effects to audio. Learn to edit radio jingles, DJ drops, podcasts, music and more. Discover hidden secrets and tips and tricks of the audio production trade with master radio producer Mike Russell.


Section 1: Adobe Audition Basics Tutorial

Lecture 1 Adobe Audition Introductory Overview

Lecture 2 Setting Up Your Audio Input & Output

Lecture 3 How To Import Audio Files & Record Audio

Lecture 4 Editing Audio In The Waveform View

Lecture 5 Audio Editing In The Multitrack

Lecture 6 Getting Started With The Effects Rack

Lecture 7 Fades & Crossfades in Adobe Audition

Lecture 8 Recording For A Set Time

Lecture 9 Converting And Reducing Audio Size

Lecture 10 CD Ripping in Adobe Audition

Section 2: Noise Reduction Techniques (Editing, Cleaning & Repairing)

Lecture 11 How to Edit Breaths, Clicks and Pops

Lecture 12 How to Edit Voice Overs Like a Pro

Lecture 13 How to Censor Audio Using Tones

Lecture 14 Adobe Audition Noise Reduction Basics

Lecture 15 How To Repair Distorted Audio

Lecture 16 How to Remove Background Noises

Lecture 17 Clean Noises Using Paintbrush Tools

Lecture 18 Using Adobe Audition Vocal Remove

Lecture 19 How To Brighten Up A Voicemail Message

Section 3: Pitch Shift And Time Stretching Audio

Lecture 20 Time Stretching Audio To Fit

Lecture 21 Amazing Time Stretch Vocal Effect

Lecture 22 Pitch Shifting Echo Up And Down

Lecture 23 Sliding Pitch Shift Effect Tutorial

Section 4: Podcast Editing Tutorial

Lecture 24 Making Podcast Intro Templates

Lecture 25 Adding Markers in Adobe Audition

Lecture 26 Record & Mix Skype Interviews

Lecture 27 How To Make A Podcast Jingle

Section 5: How To Make DJ Drops

Lecture 28 Mixing Sung Acapellas for DJs

Lecture 29 Creating Voice Drops for DJs

Lecture 30 Scratching Voice Overs Like Vinyl

Section 6: How To Make Your Voice Sound Better

Lecture 31 Settings To Make Voice Overs Great

Lecture 32 How To Make Your Voice Sound Stronger

Lecture 33 How To Make Your Voice Deeper

Lecture 34 Sounding Epic In Radio Sweepers

Lecture 35 Voice Over Presets For Radio Imaging

Section 7: Vocal Sound Effect Presets In Adobe Audition

Lecture 36 Adding Effective Echo To Voice Overs

Lecture 37 Scary Halloween Effects For Voices

Lecture 38 Creating A Vocal Rewind Sound Effect

Lecture 39 Warrior Voice Effect (like Spartan)

Lecture 40 Panned Stereo Stutter Vocal Effect

Lecture 41 Pitch Shift Stutter Vocal Effect

Lecture 42 Easy Stereo Effect For Voice Overs

Lecture 43 Vintage Voice Over Effect

Lecture 44 Robot Voice Effect (Portal Voice)

Lecture 45 Chipmunk Voice Changer Effect

Lecture 46 Underwater Effect For Voice Overs

Lecture 47 Tinny Voice Over Effect

Lecture 48 Game Show Voice Over Effect

Lecture 49 Hypnotic Effects For The Voice

Lecture 50 Christmas Voice Over Effects

Section 8: Music Production

Lecture 51 Adobe Audition Metronome Tutorial

Lecture 52 Finding Song BPMs in Adobe Audition

Lecture 53 Changing and Matching BPMs

Lecture 54 Mixing Vocals with Music (Power Intros)

Lecture 55 Making A Sung Radio Jingle

Lecture 56 How To Make A Music Bed Loop

Lecture 57 Sliding EQ Change Over Time

Section 9: Reverb, Echo And Delay In Adobe Audition

Lecture 58 How To Use Reverb On Voices

Lecture 59 Reverse Reverb Effect Tutorial

Lecture 60 Fading Echo For Voice Overs

Section 10: Adobe Audition Plugins

Lecture 61 Plugins To Make Your Voice Sing

Lecture 62 Sound Like T-Pain (Autotune Plugin)

Lecture 63 Jingle Bells (Using Autotune Plugin)

Lecture 64 Using An iPad Control Surface

Lecture 65 Scratch Like A DJ Using iPad

Section 11: Mixing & Mastering Audio In Adobe Audition

Lecture 66 Using The Multitrack Mixer

Lecture 67 How To Duck Music For Voice Over

Lecture 68 Mastering Audio For The Internet

Section 12: Audio Editing Quick Tips

Lecture 69 How To Get The Volume Back

Lecture 70 How To Get Pan Knobs Back

Lecture 71 How To Store & Backup Audio

Lecture 72 Adobe Audition Concluding Lecture

Lecture 73 Learn More with My New Audio Production Courses

This course is for anyone interested in editing audio. Beginners are welcome right the way to producers looking to up their game.,Podcasters looking to get more comfortable with editing audio inside Adobe Audition

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 10m | 1.74 GB
Created by: Mike Russell

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