Adobe Audition CC The Beginners Guide to Adobe Audition

Learn how to record, edit and mix audio in Adobe Audition CC with these easy-to-follow audio editing tutorials.
Adobe Audition CC The Beginners Guide to Adobe Audition
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Adobe Audition CC The Beginners Guide to Adobe Audition

What you’ll learn

You will know how to make your audio sound better
Reduce background noise & improve vocals
Create an Audition project from beginning to end
Mix and master a project to sound perfect for online viewing
Save and export high quality audio files
Know proper workflow for podcasting, music production, and general audio editing
Create DJ Drops in Adobe Audition
Know how to master music
and so much more!

Adobe Audition CC The Beginners Guide to Adobe Audition


You should have Adobe Audition installed on your computer (Mac or PC is fine). We’ll be using the CC version of Audition, and we recommend that one to easily follow along with.
No prior experience in audio production or editing is required.


Make your audio sound amazing with Adobe Audition CC!
If you are looking for an audio editing application that will allow you to record, edit and mix audio like the pros, Adobe Audition is the best answer.Audio Audition is used by musicians, podcasters, video creators, editors, audio engineers, and professionals around the world!This complete course is the best way to jump right in and start editing your own audio.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?Get comfortable with the Audition CC interfaceStart new projectsRecord audio with AuditionAdjust volumeEdit audio tracks togetherAdd background musicApply and adjust effectsRemove background noiseMake audio better with EQ, amplitude, and compressionStretch time and shift audio pitchAdd delay and echo effectsMake vocals sound betterRemove vocals from audioEdit music in AuditionAdd and adjust singing vocalsCreate a looping songMake a DJ DropEdit a podcast in AuditionMix and master your audioSave and export high quality filesand so much more!
Practice recording and editing while you learn. This course includes practice audio files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing.
We’ll be teaching the course using the creative cloud (CC) version of Adobe Audition, but if you have a previous version (CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 – Mac or PC), you can still learn to edit like a pro.
What makes us qualified to teach you?
Nader Nadernejad, the lead instructor, is a professional multimedia producer and DJ with years of experience using Adobe Audition. Phil Ebiner, the course producer has created dozens of best-selling courses with over 500,000 happy students around the world.We promise to help you become a better audio engineer with this course!
We’ll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.
Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in lesson 1!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 2 Download the Project Files | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 3 Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience | Adobe Audition Course

Section 2: Getting Started with Audition

Lecture 4 Understanding the Interface | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 5 Starting a New Project | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 6 Setting Your Input and Output | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 7 How to Import Audio Files | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 8 How to Record Audio | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 9 How to Name Tracks | Adobe Audition Course

Section 3: Basic Audio Editing

Lecture 10 Adjusting Volume | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 11 Fading Audio | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 12 Splitting and Editing Together Audio | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 13 Copying, Cutting and Pasting Audio | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 14 Adding Background Music and Other Media Files | Adobe Audition Course

Section 4: Audio Effects and Adjustments

Lecture 15 How to Use Sound Effects | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 16 Working With the Effects Rack | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 17 Amplitude | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 18 Compression | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 19 Time Stretching | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 20 Shifting Pitch | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 21 Delay and Echo | Adobe Audition Course

Section 5: Noise Reduction and Vocal Improvements

Lecture 22 Edit Out Breaths, Clicks and Pops | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 23 Make Vocals Sound Better with EQ | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 24 Reducing Background Noise | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 25 Spectral Editing | Adobe Audition Course

Section 6: Advanced Techniques & Effects

Lecture 26 Adobe Audition Vocal Remove | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 27 Reversing Audio | Adobe Audition Course

Section 7: Music Production

Lecture 28 Setting Up a Music Project | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 29 BPMs | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 30 How to Edit Singing Vocals | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 31 Mixing Vocals with Music | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 32 How to Make a Looping Song | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 33 How to Make a DJ Drop | Adobe Audition Course

Section 8: Podcast Production

Lecture 34 Creating a Template | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 35 Make Audio Sound Good for a Podcast | Adobe Audition Course

Section 9: Mixing and Mastering

Lecture 36 Using the Multitrack Mixer | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 37 Mastering Audio for the Internet | Adobe Audition Course

Section 10: Exporting

Lecture 38 Saving Your Project | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 39 Exporting Audio | Adobe Audition Course

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 40 Thank You! | Adobe Audition Course

Lecture 41 Bonus Lecture: Learn More from Phil + Video School | Adobe Audition Course

Audio engineers, producers and editors,Musicians,Podcasters,Video creators,Online teachers, YouTubers, content creators,Anybody who wants to learn audio editing like the pros!

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Udemy | English | 2h 18m | 844.77 MB
Created by: Video School

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