Adobe Audition Noise Removal Masterclass

for voice actors, editors and content creators
Adobe Audition Noise Removal Masterclass
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Adobe Audition Noise Removal Masterclass

What you’ll learn

how to remove or reduce unwanted sounds like background hum, mouth clicks, plosives and sibilance on voice overs, podcasts or film dialogue
develop basic noise removal and sound engineering skills on Adobe Audition sound editing software
best practices for ‘fine tuning’ your audio before you export it
sound editing time-saving hacks

Adobe Audition Noise Removal Masterclass


This course jumps straight into tackling sound removal techniques and isn’t a complete walkthrough of how to use Adobe Audition. So, ideally, students should have some prior knowledge of how Adobe Audition works, as well as their own copy of Audition to work from.
Basic editing skills will be helpful , but are not compulsory.


7 simple ways to remove distracting noises and sounds using tools in Adobe Audition, for clean and professional voice overs, podcasts or film dialogue.By the end of this course, you’ll be able to remove or reduce:Background humMouth clicks and popsSibilancePlosivesEchoAs well as learning:Best practices for ‘fine tuning’ your audio before you export itTime-saving hacksLeft unchecked, distracting sound issues will take your listeners out of the story you’re telling, and could even irritate or annoy them. Learning how to deliver clean sound can also be the difference between a one-off gig and getting re-hired by impressed clients.Who is this course for?Actors and voice over artistsSound & video editors Content creatorsAnyone looking to improve the quality of their audio and learn how to correct sound mistakes as described aboveWhy should you learn from me?I’m a BAFTA-nominated filmmaker and actor with over 25 years experience in sound and picture editing. As a voice actor I’ve frequently used these tools to get myself out of some otherwise time-consuming and expensive re-recording. I like to make learning fun and simple so you’ll get as much value from learning from me as possible.Boost your learning with assignmentsUse your newly learnt skills to clean up your own voice overs or sound recordings. To start you off, you can download some of the raw, unedited sound I was working from during the class (and some others) and have a go at removing the various noises within them. Good luck and enjoy!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Trailer

Lecture 2 Workspace Tour

Section 2: Mouth sounds

Lecture 3 Mouth clicks (before and after speaking)

Lecture 4 Mouth clicks (during speaking)

Lecture 5 Plosives

Lecture 6 Sibilance

Section 3: Ambient sounds

Lecture 7 Echo

Lecture 8 Background hum (method #1)

Lecture 9 Background hum (method #2)

Section 4: Best practices for editing and exporting in Adobe Audition

Lecture 10 Exporting from Premiere to Audition

Lecture 11 Putting it all together

Section 5: Over to you

Lecture 12 Good luck

This course is perfect for voice over actors, sound and video editors, content producers and anyone looking to improve the quality of their post production audio and learn how to correct sound mistakes

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 0h 52m | 989.76 MB
Created by: Josh Alward

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