Adobe Captivate Focus on Demonstrations

Basic training tightly focused on creating software demonstrations using Adobe Captivate.
Adobe Captivate Focus on Demonstrations
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Adobe Captivate Focus on Demonstrations

What you’ll learn

Create effective demonstrations using Adobe Captivate 8
Understand the Adobe Captivate recording process
Understand and configure the Mouse, Highlight Box and Text Caption objects
Choose the correct output type based on their audience

Adobe Captivate Focus on Demonstrations


This course is designed for beginners with no experience in Adobe Captivate. However, you will need Adobe Captivate version 8 installed on your system and a basic understanding of your operating system. Microsoft Windows 7 is used for the videos. If you are using Windows 8 or a Mac, you will need to be able to translate what is shown for your specific operating system.


This course is designed for Captivate 8 users who want to create software demonstrations. You will learn how to effectively create, generate and distribute a complete and functional Adobe Captivate Demonstration. You will learn how Captivate records a software demonstration, how to configure Captivate to better work with your own Demonstrations, what objects are added by Captivate and how to configure the objects to suit you for your own desired look and feel. There are no additional supplemental materials provided as all you will need is a computer and Captvate 8. Many Captivate courses begin with introducing you to the application, pointing out this and that in the very beginning. This course takes a different approach. One more realistic in the way that typical authors actually USE and experience Adobe Captivate. It’s WORKFLOW based, and Captivate is gradually introduced to the learner. Along the journey, best practices and tips are offered to help you be more effective.


Section 1: Preparation

Lecture 1 Meet your tour guide

Lecture 2 View a final working demonstration

Lecture 3 Starting Adobe Captivate properly

Lecture 4 Fail to plan – Plan to fail

Section 2: Recording and Analysis

Lecture 5 Record your first Demonstration

Lecture 6 Preview the recorded Demonstration

Lecture 7 Analyze the result

Lecture 8 Configure the Recording Environment

Lecture 9 Explore Recording Settings

Lecture 10 The recording process

Lecture 11 Record a New Demonstration

Section 3: Objects and Timing

Lecture 12 Explore Highlight Boxes

Lecture 13 Explore Text Captions

Lecture 14 Explore Mouse Movements

Lecture 15 Explore Timing

Section 4: Creating Output

Lecture 16 Publish the Demonstration in SWF format

Lecture 17 Publish the Demonstration in HTML5 format

Lecture 18 Publish the Demonstration in EXE format

Lecture 19 Publish the Demonstration in MP4 format

Lecture 20 Configure Playback Controls

Lecture 21 Choose an Output Type

Lecture 22 Farewell

eLearning Professionals,Trainers,Teachers,Software Marketers,This course provides a very tightly focused guide to those that need to learn only about creating Software Demonstrations. It is NOT intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of all Adobe Captivate is capable of.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 48m | 2.12 GB
Created by: Rick Stone

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