Adobe Captivate Fundamentals 2019

Master Adobe Captivate 2019 to create mobile responsive eLearning courses.
Adobe Captivate Fundamentals 2019
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Adobe Captivate Fundamentals 2019

What you’ll learn

Adobe Captivate Fundamentals
How to create software simulations
How to create trackable learning
How to publish and track Captivate courses

Adobe Captivate Fundamentals 2019


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Captivate 2019 is Adobe’s latest edition to its powerful eLearning authoring tool. Captivate makes it easy to create responsive eLearning content and software simulations. In this course we will cover everything you need to know to get started with Captivate 2019 and along the way we will be building a fully featured sample course that you can use to demo your Captivate skills.First we will start out getting to know the usr interface and how create pages within our Captivate project. We will then talk about different types of layouts we can create in Captivate and different designs, followed by working with external media which includes video, audio and your own images. Then we will get into responsive page layouts and how to design for mobile and desktop at the same time. We will also cover all the animation capabilities in Captivate, quizzes, making content interactive and then get into more of the advance content like variables, conditions and loops. Finally we wrap up by talking about virtual reality projects and publishing your course to a learning management system. In this Captivate master class, we cover everything you need to know to get the most out of Adobe Captivate 2019.


Section 1: Introduction to Captivate 2019

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Quick Overview of the Interface

Lecture 3 Creating a New Project & Project Types

Lecture 4 Creating Pages

Lecture 5 Naming Your Pages

Lecture 6 Module Conclusion

Section 2: Creating Basic Page Layouts

Lecture 7 Module Introduction

Lecture 8 Text Captions

Lecture 9 Smart Shapes

Lecture 10 Images

Lecture 11 Sample Files

Lecture 12 Skin Editor Modifications

Lecture 13 Default Objects

Lecture 14 Interactions

Lecture 15 Learning Interactions

Lecture 16 Module Conclusion

Section 3: Working with External Media

Lecture 17 Module Introduction

Lecture 18 Asset Library

Lecture 19 Editing Images

Lecture 20 Working with Audio

Lecture 21 Working with Video

Lecture 22 Captivate Characters

Lecture 23 Captivate Media Library

Lecture 24 Module Conclusion

Section 4: Responsive Page Layouts

Lecture 25 Module Introduction

Lecture 26 Creating a Responsive Project

Lecture 27 Fluid Boxes

Lecture 28 When to use Responsive

Lecture 29 Converting to a Responsive Project

Lecture 30 Adjusting the Page to Fluid Boxes

Lecture 31 Background Images

Lecture 32 Adjusting the Flow and Wrap

Lecture 33 Hiding Objects at Smaller Sizes

Lecture 34 Layout Examples

Lecture 35 Module Conclusion

Section 5: Animating Your Pages

Lecture 36 Module Introduction

Lecture 37 Animating Along the Timeline

Lecture 38 Adjusting Timing Properties

Lecture 39 Adding Basic Transitions

Lecture 40 Adding Specific Effects

Lecture 41 Working with Motion Paths

Lecture 42 Module Conclusion

Section 6: Creating Quizzes

Lecture 43 Module Introduction

Lecture 44 Multiple Choice

Lecture 45 True/False

Lecture 46 Fill in the Blank

Lecture 47 Matching

Lecture 48 Hotspot

Lecture 49 Drag and Drop

Lecture 50 Module Conclusion

Section 7: Making Your Content Interactive

Lecture 51 Module Introduction

Lecture 52 Adding and Removing Actions

Lecture 53 Page Navigation Trigg

Lecture 54 Open URL or File

Lecture 55 Hide/Show Objects

Lecture 56 Hide/Show Player Elements

Lecture 57 Execute JavaScript

Lecture 58 Module Conclusion

Section 8: Using Variables, Conditions and Loops to Enhance Your Interactivity

Lecture 59 Module Introduction

Lecture 60 Creating an Advanced Action

Lecture 61 Updating an Advanced Action

Lecture 62 Variables

Lecture 63 Variables in Action

Lecture 64 Sectioning Your Advanced Action with Decisions

Lecture 65 If/Else Conditions

Lecture 66 While Loops

Lecture 67 Adv Actions in Tab Interaction

Lecture 68 Condition in Tab Interaction

Lecture 69 Module Conclusion

Section 9: Other Types of Captivate Projects

Lecture 70 Module Introduction

Lecture 71 Video Demo

Lecture 72 Interactive Video

Lecture 73 Virtual Reality Project

Lecture 74 Module Conclusion

Section 10: Publishing Your Course

Lecture 75 Module Introduction

Lecture 76 Publishing Your Course

Lecture 77 Publishing to an LMS

Lecture 78 Gestures and Geolocation

Lecture 79 Updating Your Project Later

Lecture 80 Module Conclusion

Section 11: Captivate in Action: Building a Tabs Interaction

Lecture 81 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 82 The Tab Interaction

Lecture 83 The Image Files

Lecture 84 Creating a New Project

Lecture 85 Creating the Background

Lecture 86 Fluid Boxes

Lecture 87 Title Text

Lecture 88 Course Logo

Lecture 89 Fixing Some Issues

Lecture 90 Creating the Tabs

Lecture 91 Tab States

Lecture 92 Main Text Area

Lecture 93 Creating Tab States

Lecture 94 Naming Your Objects

Lecture 95 Creating Tab Actions

Lecture 96 Hiding the Playbar

Lecture 97 Creating the Next Button

Lecture 98 On Enter Actions

Lecture 99 Creating Tab Variables

Lecture 100 Creating Our First Advanced Actions

Lecture 101 Reusing Advanced Actions

Lecture 102 Adding Conditionals to Advanced Actions

Lecture 103 Revisiting What We Have Learned

Lecture 104 Conclusion

Lecture 105 Finished Template

Instructional Designers,eLearning Developers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 1m | 3.25 GB
Created by: Jeff Batt

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