Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile Editing iPhone Android Tablet

Discover how to use Lightroom’s free app to create amazing edits on your smartphone and/or tablet. iPhone + Android
Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile Editing iPhone Android Tablet
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Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile Editing iPhone Android Tablet

What you’ll learn

How to edit like a pro using Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile for smartphones + tablets
How to move photos from your {DSLR} camera to your iPhone or similar device
Pro editing tips to fulfill your creative vision
How to edit RAW and JPG files in Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile
Tips on finding your own unique and creative editing style
How to retouch your images on your smartphone and/or table (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)
Common editing mistakes all beginners make and how to overcome them

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile Editing iPhone Android Tablet


A smartphone that can run apps; iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.
Free: Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile editing app


Do you want to edit your photos to look amazing while on the go?The Lightroom mobile app lets you craft and share pro-quality images from your smartphone or tablet using simple yet powerful tools built with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom technology. Make the most of your photos with the power of Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile.Beyond the basic exposure & color adjustments, cropping and exporting, you can perfect your shots in a tap with more than 40 presets. Experiment with color, adjust clarity and add vignettes. Make focused adjustments using subject masks, radial filters and linear gradients.Get instant access to:Easy-to-watch professional tutorialsDownloadable practice photos to follow along with100+ of FREE Lightroom presets to use on your own photosLifetime updates to course updatesPremium support if you ever get stuck or have a questionWhat will you learn in this Lightroom Mobile course:Start by importing & organizing your photos. Get comfortable quickly adding photos from your phone or camera into the Lightroom mobile app. Jump into editing with our real world photo editing challenges. Each challenge tackles a specific photo editing issue and skill such as fixing underexposed or overexposed photos, removing haze, making sunsets pop, adjusting specific colors in a photograph, and much more.You’ll learn how to develop your photography style with photo editing. You’ll learn all of the advanced photo editing techniques right within Lightroom mobile, including: Curve AdjustmentsWhite Balance AdjustmentsColor GradingEffects, Optics, Geometry adjustmentsPortrait RetouchingEditing with Masksand much more.Learn how to use Presets to make your photos look amazing with one tap. You even get access to dozens of free Lightroom presets (worth hundreds of $$) included with your course enrollment.Finally, you’ll learn some pro editing tips to round out your photo editing education.Who teaches this Lightroom Mobile course?This course is a partnership between Video School, one of the most popular and top-rated photography course creators on Udemy, and Chris Parker, a professional photographer and photo editor. Watch a free preview of the course to get a sense of our teaching style, and to make sure this is the right course for you.Start editing your photos like a pro today!Now is the time to learn Lightroom Mobile, an app that will help you become a better and more efficient editor. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just editing photos for fun, this is a great skill to have.Enroll now and we’ll see you inside!


Section 1: Welcome to the Lightroom Mobile Course

Lecture 1 Welcome! What is this Lightroom Mobile Course?

Lecture 2 Join the Student Community!

Section 2: Lightroom CC Mobile Basics

Lecture 3 Lightroom Mobile Overview

Lecture 4 Free vs Premium

Lecture 5 Import Photos

Lecture 6 Get Organized

Lecture 7 Editing Tools Overview

Section 3: Photo Editing Challenges

Lecture 8 Intro

Lecture 9 Spectacular Editing Starts With Amazing Photos!

Lecture 10 Download + Install Images

Lecture 11 Image 1: Fix an Extremely Underexposed Photo in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 12 Image 2: Fix Blown-Out Highlights in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 13 Image 3: Fix Underexposure + Add Light in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 14 Image 4: Remove Haze in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 15 Image 5: Enhance Sunset Colors in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 16 Image 6: Create a Mystical Masterpiece in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 17 Image 7: Fix Poor Depth-of-Field in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 18 Image 8: Fix an Overexposed Image in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 19 Image 9: Target Specific Colors in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 20 Image 10: Fix Underexposed Portrait in Lightroom Mobile

Section 4: Develop Your Editing Style

Lecture 21 Intro

Lecture 22 Step 1

Lecture 23 Step 2

Lecture 24 Step 3

Lecture 25 Step 4

Section 5: Lightroom CC Mobile Deep Dive

Lecture 26 Intro

Lecture 27 Auto Edits in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 28 Light | Tonal Range Edits in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 29 Curve Adjustments in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 30 Color | White Balance in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 31 White Balance Deep Dive in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 32 Color Mix in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 33 Color Grading in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 34 Effects in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 35 Detail {Sharpening} in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 36 Optics in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 37 Geometry in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 38 Profile It! in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 39 Adobe Profiles Deep Dive

Lecture 40 Discover Versions in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 41 Previous + Reset in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 42 Retouching With the Heal Tool in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 43 Advanced Editing with Masks in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 44 Crop It in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 45 Share! via Lightroom Mobile

Section 6: Using & Creating Lightroom Presets

Lecture 46 Intro

Lecture 47 The Power of Lightroom Presets in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 48 50 Free Presets + How To Install in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 49 How To Create Your Own Presets in Lightroom Mobile

Lecture 50 Free Presets from Phil + Video School

Lecture 51 Flat Matte Preset Pack

Lecture 52 Street Grunge Style Preset Pack

Lecture 53 Bold Contrast Preset Pack

Lecture 54 Light & Airy Preset Pack

Lecture 55 Black & White Preset Pack

Lecture 56 Desaturated Colors Pack

Section 7: Pro Editing Tips

Lecture 57 Intro

Lecture 58 Where To Start Your Editing

Lecture 59 5 Common Editing Mistakes Beginners Make

Lecture 60 RAW vs JPG

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 61 Thank You & Congrats!

Photographers of all levels,Photographers who desire to elevate their editing skills,Anyone that wants to master Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile,Photographers that want to edit their photos on the go, lounging at home or a coffee shop,Photographers who have no desire to own a Desktop or Laptop,Anyone that wants to break the chain of being stuck behind a Desktop or Laptop all day

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Udemy | English | 3h 10m | 4.98 GB
Created by: Chris Parker

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