Adobe Muse CC Course Design and Launch Websites

Design and build responsive websites without having to know code. Learn web design with Adobe Muse Creative Cloud.
Adobe Muse CC Course Design and Launch Websites
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Chad Neuman, Ph.D.


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Adobe Muse CC Course Design and Launch Websites

What you’ll learn

Design and launch aesthetically pleasing websites without having to know any code!
Use effective color, type, master pages, navigation, and HTML interactivity in websites, using Adobe Muse.
Design and launch websites that feature responsive design, using Adobe Muse.
Build web pages and websites without having to know code!

Adobe Muse CC Course Design and Launch Websites


Students will need access to Adobe Muse, preferably through Creative Cloud for all the most recent options, but earlier versions will work for overall functions.


Learn how to design and launch websites in Adobe Muse, the premiere software program for easily designing responsive websites, without having to know any code! Use the amazing power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud to apply effective color and responsive design. Design your own portfolio website for design websites for clients. Support files included in this course!
In this course, you’ll learn about
formatting and optimizing imagescolor themes in website designusing consistent paragraph stylesadding interactivitycreating responsive navigation barsand much more!
Learn from Chad Neuman, Ph.D., who has worked as internet development director at an advertising design firm, webmaster at a regional newspaper and library system, and managing editor of two graphic design magazines. He has also designed and coded websites for clients, including photographers, non-profit organizations, and businesses such as a surf and skate shop and a golf course. He has also taught classes such as Web Page Design for the last nine years at the university level.
Enroll now and let’s get started having fun designing websites!


Section 1: Introduction to Adobe Muse and Website Design

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Downloading and Using the Support Files

Lecture 3 How to Get Adobe Muse

Lecture 4 Adobe Muse Installation Update

Lecture 5 Getting Used to the Workspace and a Quick Exercise

Lecture 6 Join Our Facebook Group and Community for Design Feedback and Critique!

Section 2: Getting Started Designing Websites

Lecture 7 Creating a New Website

Lecture 8 Adding Pages and Planning the Website

Section 3: Master Pages and Site Properties

Lecture 9 Using Master Pages for Common Elements

Lecture 10 Changing Background Properties of All Pages or One Page

Lecture 11 Adjusting Site Properties

Section 4: Adding Images and Content to Your Website

Lecture 12 Using Layers for Organization and Ordering

Lecture 13 Setting Up Element Areas for Organization and Aesthetics

Lecture 14 Adding Images to Your Website

Lecture 15 Adjusting and Using Assets

Lecture 16 Cropping and Resizing Photos for Consistency in Photoshop

Lecture 17 Adding Images Using CC Libraries and Duplication

Lecture 18 Creating and Adding Transparent PNG Images

Section 5: Effective Color in Website Design Using Libraries and Color Harmony

Lecture 19 Color Harmony in Web Design

Lecture 20 Applying Color Themes in Muse Using CC Libraries

Lecture 21 Other Ways to Create Color Themes for Websites

Lecture 22 Using Gradients and Other Effects

Section 6: Adding Text to Your Website

Lecture 23 Adding Text to Your Website

Lecture 24 Formatting Text in Your Website

Lecture 25 Changing Fonts and Adding Web Fonts

Lecture 26 Using Styles for Consistency and Ease

Lecture 27 Adding and Customizing Lists

Lecture 28 Wrapping Text Around Images

Lecture 29 Using Spell Check Effectively

Section 7: Navigation

Lecture 30 Adding Hyperlinks to Internal Pages, External Sites or Pages, and Anchors

Lecture 31 How to Select Content Effectively, Adding State Buttons, and Aligning Objects

Lecture 32 Adding Top Navigation and Manual Navigation

Lecture 33 Styling and Customizing Navigation

Section 8: Adding More Interactive Content

Lecture 34 Adding Embedded HTML Content

Lecture 35 Adding a Contact Form

Section 9: Responsive

Lecture 36 Adding Breakpoints for Master Page Responsiveness

Lecture 37 Resizing and Re-positioning for Responsive Design

Lecture 38 Adding More Responsive Design, Testing, and Problem Solving

Lecture 39 Adding a Separate Mobile Menu Using Responsive Design

Section 10: Finishing Touches Before Publishing

Lecture 40 Designing and Adding a Favicon Image

Lecture 41 Checking for Consistency, Ease of Use, and Adding Titles

Section 11: Publishing

Lecture 42 Adobe Business Catalyst Upload

Lecture 43 Exporting HTML and CSS Locally for Upload and Using FTP

Lecture 44 Conclusion

Lecture 45 Free Additional Resources and Web Hosting / Registration Further Explanation

Lecture 46 Bonus Lecture: Learn Even More!

Students who are new to Adobe Muse or want to learn more about it.,People who want to design and launch websites without having to learn code.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 51m | 2.00 GB
Created by: Chad Neuman, Ph.D.

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