Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing Ultimate Guide

Learn How to Edit Photos as we Learn all the Tools in Photoshop and then Finish out the Course with 3 Fun Projects
Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing Ultimate Guide
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Josh Werner


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Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing Ultimate Guide

What you’ll learn

Edit 3 Projects from Scratch
Edit Thumbnails
Edit Wallpapers
Photo Touchup on my Udemy Profile Picture
Learn Photoshop 2022 Tools
Move Tool
Rectangle Marquee Tool
Lasso Tool
Object Selection Tool
Crop Tool
Frame Tool
Eye Dropper Tool
Spot Healing Brush
Brush Tool
Clone Stamp Tool
History Brush Tool
Eraser Tool
Gradient Tool
Blur Tool
Dodge Tool
Pen Tool
Type Tool
Path Selection Tool
Custom Shape Tool
Hand Tool
Zoom Tool
Wallpaper Project
Thumbnail Project
Profile Picture Project
Have Fun Learning Photoshop 2022

Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing Ultimate Guide


Willingness to Have Fun and Learn!
Setup Creative Cloud Account with 7 day free trial with a paid version after the trial & Download Creative Cloud App
Have Access to Photoshop 2022


Have you always wanted to learn how to Design but don’t know where to start?Would you like to make amazing Photos and bring your ideas to life?Then Adobe Photoshop 2022 Photo Editing is for you!Hi, I’m your instructor Josh Werner and I’ll be leading you through this course.Photo Editing is an in-demand skill in 2022. The course begins with the basics.  I’ll take you through everything you need to know to start Editing Photos like an expert with Adobe Photoshop 2022.You’ll learn all the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop 2022. This is great for students starting or for Designers that need a refresher course on Adobe Photoshop 2022.There are no requirements necessary to enroll I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learnFeel Free to look through the course description and checkout some of my preview videosThe course is packed with over 4 hours of hands-on tutorialsHere is what you will Learn:01. Introduction  001. Overview02. Adobe Creative Cloud 2022  002. Overview  003. Setup Account  004. Download Creative Cloud App  005. Install Creative Cloud App  006. Summary03. Adobe Photoshop 2022   007. Overview  008. Install Adobe Photoshop 2022  009. Summary04. Welcome Page  010. Overview  011. Home  012. Learn  013. Lightroom Photos  014. Cloud Documents  015. Shared with You  016. Deleted  017. Create New  018. Open  019. Recent  020. What’s New  021. Summary05. Main Menu  022. Overview  023. File  024. Edit  025. Image  026. Layer  027. Type  028. Select  029. Filter  030. 3D  031. View  032. Plugins  033. Window  034. Help  035. Summary06. Tools  036. Overview  037. Move Tool   038. Rectangle Marquee Tool  039. Lasso Tool  040. Object Selection Tool  041. Crop Tool  042. Frame Tool  043. Eyedropper Tool  044. Spot Healing Brush Tool  045. Brush Tool  046. Clone Stamp Tool  047. History Brush Tool  048. Eraser Tool  049. Gradient Tool  050. Blur Tool  051. Dodge Tool  052. Pen Tool  053. Horizontal Type Tool  054. Path Selection Tool  055. Rectangle Tool  056. Hand Tool  057. Zoom Tool  058. Summary07. Conclusion  059. Summary So what are you waiting for? I look forward to going through course with you I’ll see you inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Section 2: Adobe Creative Cloud 2022

Lecture 2 Overview

Lecture 3 Setup Account

Lecture 4 Download Creative Cloud App

Lecture 5 Install Creative Cloud App

Lecture 6 Summary

Section 3: Adobe Photoshop 2022 Setup

Lecture 7 Overview

Lecture 8 Install Adobe Photoshop 2021

Lecture 9 Summary

Section 4: Welcome Page

Lecture 10 Overview

Lecture 11 Home

Lecture 12 Learn

Lecture 13 Lightroom Photos

Lecture 14 Cloud Documents

Lecture 15 Shared with You

Lecture 16 Deleted

Lecture 17 Create New

Lecture 18 Open

Lecture 19 Recent

Lecture 20 What’s New

Lecture 21 Summary

Section 5: Main Menu

Lecture 22 Overview

Lecture 23 File

Lecture 24 Edit

Lecture 25 Image

Lecture 26 Layer

Lecture 27 Type

Lecture 28 Select

Lecture 29 Filter

Lecture 30 3D

Lecture 31 View

Lecture 32 Plugins

Lecture 33 Window

Lecture 34 Help

Lecture 35 Summary

Section 6: Tools

Lecture 36 Overview

Lecture 37 Move Tool

Lecture 38 Rectangle Marquee Tool

Lecture 39 Lasso Tool

Lecture 40 Object Selection Tool

Lecture 41 Crop Tool

Lecture 42 Frame Tool

Lecture 43 Eyedropper Tool

Lecture 44 Spot Healing Brush Tool

Lecture 45 Brush Tool

Lecture 46 Clone Stamp Tool

Lecture 47 History Brush Tool

Lecture 48 Eraser Tool

Lecture 49 Gradient Tool

Lecture 50 Blur Tool

Lecture 51 Dodge Tool

Lecture 52 Pen Tool

Lecture 53 Horizontal Type Tool

Lecture 54 Path Selection Tool

Lecture 55 Rectangle Tool

Lecture 56 Hand Tool

Lecture 57 Zoom Tool

Lecture 58 Summary

Section 7: Tools with Project

Lecture 59 Move Tool

Lecture 60 Rectangle Marquee Tool

Lecture 61 Lasso Tool

Lecture 62 Object Selection Tool

Lecture 63 Crop Tool

Lecture 64 Frame Tool

Lecture 65 Eye Dropper Tool

Lecture 66 Spot Healing Brush

Lecture 67 Brush Tool

Lecture 68 Clone Stamp Tool

Lecture 69 History Brush Tool

Lecture 70 Eraser Tool

Lecture 71 Gradient Tool

Lecture 72 Blur Tool

Lecture 73 Dodge Tool

Lecture 74 Pen Tool

Lecture 75 Type Tool

Lecture 76 Path Selection Tool

Lecture 77 Custom Shape Tool

Lecture 78 Hand Tool

Lecture 79 Zoom Tool

Section 8: Wallpaper Project

Lecture 80 Overview

Lecture 81 Setup Project Files

Lecture 82 Setup Document

Lecture 83 Create Background

Lecture 84 Add Logo

Lecture 85 Add Effects

Lecture 86 Project Summary

Section 9: Thumbnail Project

Lecture 87 Overview

Lecture 88 Setup Project Files

Lecture 89 Setup Document

Lecture 90 Create Background

Lecture 91 Add Text

Lecture 92 Add Effects

Lecture 93 Project Summary

Section 10: Profile Picture Project

Lecture 94 Overview

Lecture 95 Setup Project Files

Lecture 96 Setup Document

Lecture 97 Add Source Image

Lecture 98 Crop Image

Lecture 99 Add Effects

Lecture 100 Save for Web

Lecture 101 Project Summary

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 102 Thank You

Beginner to Advanced Students wanting to Learn Photo Editing with Photoshop 2022

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 15m | 2.29 GB
Created by: Josh Werner

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