Adobe RoboHelp HTML Fundamentals

Learn how to use this Industry Leading software to easily create and distribute information delivery systems.
Adobe RoboHelp HTML Fundamentals
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Adobe RoboHelp HTML Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Create, generate, distribute and maintain a RoboHelp HTML project.

Adobe RoboHelp HTML Fundamentals


A fairly recent version of RoboHelp HTML should be installed. A trial version should work just fine.
A basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows operating system and how to navigate the Windows File system.


In this course you will learn how to effectively create, modify, generate and distribute a complete and functional information delivery system; containing Images, working Hyperlinks, a Table of Contents, an Index and a Glossary. While this course demonstrates using Adobe RoboHelp HTML version 11, the student should be equally successful using earlier versions, such as 7, 8, 9 or 10. Different assets such as projects, an image and a text file are provided to help facilitate the process. There are over three hours of instructional video included that guide you from the ground up. From nothing but an idea to a polished output that you can actually use once finished.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Meet your instructor

Section 2: Background

Lecture 2 What does Adobe RoboHelp Do?

Lecture 3 What is HTML?

Lecture 4 The Process

Section 3: Introduction to the RoboHelp application

Lecture 5 Welcome to the kitchen

Lecture 6 Welcome to RoboHelp HTML

Lecture 7 Safety First!

Lecture 8 Create your first project

Lecture 9 Explore what was created

Lecture 10 Make a backup copy of the project

Section 4: Create and work with content

Lecture 11 Create Topics

Lecture 12 Basic Formatting

Lecture 13 Edit A CSS file

Lecture 14 Add a Bulleted List

Lecture 15 Add a Numbered List

Lecture 16 Add an Image

Lecture 17 Add a table

Lecture 18 Create folders and organize Topics

Section 5: Create Navigation

Lecture 19 Create a hyperlink to another topic

Lecture 20 Preview a topic

Lecture 21 Create and link to bookmarks

Lecture 22 Create a hyperlink to pop up another topic

Lecture 23 Create a hyperlink to open a web page

Lecture 24 Create a Book in the TOC

Lecture 25 Create a Page in the TOC

Lecture 26 Build a Table of Contents automatically

Lecture 27 Create and link Index terms

Lecture 28 Build an Index automatically

Lecture 29 Create a Glossary

Section 6: Create Output

Lecture 30 Run the Spell Checker

Lecture 31 Check for and repair any broken links

Lecture 32 How to choose an output type

Lecture 33 Working with the Single Source Layouts pod

Lecture 34 Generate CHM output

Lecture 35 Generate WebHelp output

Lecture 36 Generate MultiScreen output

Lecture 37 Generate Responsive HTML 5 output

Lecture 38 Distribute output

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 39 Farewell

This course is meant for someone new to using Adobe RoboHelp HTML or someone that has been away from RoboHelp for a while and may need a refresher.,If you already know the basics of using Adobe RoboHelp HTML and are looking for more advanced and in depth training, this course is not for you.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 3.90 GB
Created by: Rick Stone

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